C++ Developer

Program-Ace is looking for a C++ Developer with 2+ years of experience

Clutch AR/VR
Clutch B2B
Unity Certified
  • Has experience with C++ plugin development for Unity or Unreal and a good understanding of the considerations for key platforms (iOS/mac, Android, Windows);
  • Has worked with the guts of media player technologies such as exoplayer, AVFoundation, WMF or has experience in similar technologies at a similar low level (e.g. writing Vulkan renderers). This aptitude is the strongest requirement for the work.
  • The core work to be done is to extend or replace existing custom video players for Unity and Unreal to support a synchronization signal driven from another media stream or a timecode. This is to be used to synchronize multiple audio and video streams which may be loaded from different media container files at different times.
About Program-Ace

Program-Ace is an international company with an exceptional mixture of technological excellence and artistic talents capable of developing custom software products. We combine innovations in technology with a friendly atmosphere and extended possibilities for our team members.

Valeriia Karasenly

Head of HR Contacts