Who you can connect with at ITEC

Oleg Fonarov
CEO & Founder
A veteran of Ukrainian software development industry who is fascinated by technologies and possibilities offered by them. He is in charge of one of the first companies in Western Europe that started developing virtual trainings, serious games and simulations for the needs of armed forces and academia. He advocates for highly professional, ISO-certified development services that comprehend with client and industry requirements.
Denis Potapenko
As a CTO and technology evangelist, Denis is responsible for the company's R&D future. He has been acting in the area of innovative virtual and augmented reality solutions for military training and educational simulations. He also focuses on how to improve existing virtual environments with mixed reality and make them more realistic and effective. He will also present a speech at the “AUGMENTED-MIXED-VIRTUAL REALITY” panel on the topic of mixed reality and the innovations it brings to the military training.
Marina Babich
An experienced and knowledgeable professional who helps military facilities to develop a solid stack of requirements to a virtual environment to conduct a training or mission rehearsal. Deep understanding of military and academic markets' needs and principles, along with technical skills and comprehensive knowledge of existing technological solutions makes her a perfect person to discuss your future training.
Igor Grachev
An "old school" technician, architect and manager who knows everything about fundamental computer-based training, e-learning and educational simulations. He is also an extremely technologically advanced guy and can develop a layout plan for future training in 15 minutes by analysing the needs, requirements and search for a solution.
Denis Potapenko is also a SPEAKER at ITEC in “Augmented-Mixed-Virtual Reality” Panel
ITEC seminar program
14:00 - 14:20
Mixed Reality: How HoloLens Reshapes the Concept of Training
This paper addresses mixed reality technology with a special attention to its "main star" - Microsoft HoloLens. In the paper, Denis will define how mixed reality essentially differs from augmented and virtual reality. He will also focus on effective use cases of HoloLens in the military sector. Denis will pay attention to the value of mixed reality technology and demonstrate how it can be applied across multiple types of military simulations and educational trainings.

Scope of Technical Expertise

Mixed Reality
Exploiting the extensive capabilities of mixed reality, Program-Ace designs mixed reality environments, covering every level of armed forces training requirements.
Augmented Reality
AR is a cost-effective solution in cases where others are powerless. We deliver IETMs, VMTs and IETDs for aviation, medicine, navy, technicians, etc.
Virtual Reality
Creation of fully-immersive virtual simulation environments that are both highly realistic and practically effective for training purposes.
Serious Games

Comprehensive experience in serious gaming allows for giving training and simulation gamification features to increase their efficiency.
Computer-based Procedural Training
Development of a computer software necessary for the acquisition of procedural skills to fulfill the goal of training broad-spectrum specialists.
E-learning & Virtual Education

Establishment of effective interaction between humans and machines by designing software to educate recruits and trainees.

Mixed Reality ACE

What Is MR.ACE?
MR.ACE is an innovative SaaS platform based on mixed and augmented reality technologies to easily develop and deploy trainings and simulations.
- 5 times faster time to market
- 2 to 10 times more cost-effective than other solutions available (the degree depends on training)
- no coding or 3D modeling knowledge required for standard training
Key Features
- no-coding environment
- user-friendly drag and drop editor
- assets for most popular objects and actions
- ability to import existing training software
- customization possibilities
- 3D object recognition

About Program-ace

Program-Ace, an innovation-oriented R&D company, provides highly realistic training solutions for military and education. The company is focused on the full-cycle development of augmented, virtual and mixed reality simulations and trainings. Program-Ace, a featured member of ETSA, is ranked among The Global Outsourcing 100 and welcomes you to stand 19A.
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