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In a fast-moving competitive tech environment, a trusted, reliable relationships are important as never before, only then the real synergy is achieved. Program-Ace always strives to build long-term relationship with customers, and also develops few forms of partnerships - technological, channel, strategic alliances. Our wide technological expertise and flexible production capacity provide great advantages and new business opportunities for our partners.


For companies who decide to integrate new technology in their organization or product, and need the right partner to initiate and implement new solutions.

Why we are the right Technology Partner for you:

  •    Expertize. You decide to implement innovate technologies. We work on their edge.
  •    Best practices. You need an effective solution to your needs. We have a defined methodology and refined our approach in hundreds of projects.
  •    Stability. You need a stable partner, who will still be here tomorrow. We are stable and successful company with cohezive team working together for you.
  •    Invest in you success. You need the partner interested in your result. We look at your success a measure of our own and ready to invest in it.
  •    Open to collaboration. Your partner must be flexible and collaborative. We are ready to adapt to the specifics of your organization's needs and work with your other vendors and partners.
  •    Reliable and supportive. You must be sure you will get the support you need when you need it. We provide support from the very beginning and when your project goes live, as you needs change over time.

For companies that whant to launch a new profitable business on the top of our IT services and solutions or monetise their traffic and client base. There are several levels of the program with different requirements and benefits.

Reseller program advantages:

  •    Quick start. Opportunity to quickly enter and grow the business in IT.
  •    High profitability. A highly beneficial comission structure.
  •    High status. A co-brending opportunity with a recognizable global IT brand.
  •    Scalability. You can sale multiple projects without thinking about execution.
  •    No risks. We carry all financial and development risks, you can concentrate on sales only.
  •    High demand services. Access to a huge set of services and technologies for resale.
  •    Support. Strong resellers support system.

For individuals - consultants, sales professionals and those coming across IT referral opportunities. It allows to monetize your networking, realise occasional opportunities, even make it a personal business.

Referral program advantages:

  •    Simple. Easy way to monetize your personal connections and random opportunities.
  •    Profitable. Profitable commission model, allowing you to earn solid money.
  •    Business. Opportunity to build a sustainable personal business in IT.

We are opened for value-creating strategic aliances with OEM's, consulting companies, accelerators and other companies, who are interested in an innovation and long-term win-win benefits.

Our aliances core principles:

  •    Mutual benefits & synergy.
  •    Access to knowledge and expertise.
  •    Shared expenses and shared risk.
  •    Little immediate financial commitment.
  •    Quiet retreat - if a venture not work out as hoped.

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TOP-6 Reasons To Partner with Program-Ace

  • 1A globally recognized IT brand with a 25-year success history
  • 2Broad range of IT services, technologies and solutions
  • 3World-class project management
  • 4Highly competitive pricing while high quality development standards
  • 5Advanced terms for every Partnership program
  • 6A strong partner support system
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