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Interactive High-End Architectural 3D Visualization

Architectural 3D Visualization


Program-Ace achieved new accomplishment in the field of architectural visualization. Thanks to our advanced Ace3D Engine we provide our customer with an interactive 3D tour with photorealistic visual quality as previously was possible only with pre-rendered 3D stills or animations.


Main challenge we faced during the development of this visualization was to present the unique interactive 3D architectural visualization of a resort area with high level of visual quality in fully interactive mode.


The main goal of this project was to develop a system with a top-level combination of interactivity and visual quality. Our ambition to apply quality of top-level 3D games to industrial 3D projects has finally come true, and we are happy to present photo-realistic fully-interactive architectural visualization.


This High-end Interactive Architectural 3D Visualization allows the users to dive into the atmosphere of beautiful architecture in the measure never given before. Visual quality, level of detailing, and advanced functionality give the users life-like experience and even more:

  • Photorealistic quality of all the objects supplemented with special effects and high refinement create a splendid atmosphere to highlight all the advantages of the architectural object.
  • Complete interactivity, an opportunity to interact with objects, dynamic content (characters, additional objects – trees, birds) allows the user to be fully dipped in the virtual world created by us.
  • User-friendly interface and convenient navigation allow easy travelling from one part of the building to another, helping the user to see what really interests him.
  • Possibility to change lighting, time of the day and even weather conditionsmake it real for the client to review all the advantages of architecture in different states, and select conditions inherent to your specific region.
  • Our visualizations can be created in full HD, which in addition to ability to adaptour visualizations to almost any kind of demonstration systems, makes them a perfect option for exhibitions and high-level presentations.
  • Business functionality (such as search by parameters, booking and much more) that can be optionally added to interactive visualization will change demonstration application into a comprehensive business tool.

Target Audience

  • architects presenting new projects and preparing demonstrations for their clients;
  • design studios and advertising agencies extending the range of their services;
  • real estate owners who wish to stand out from their competitors on any exhibition and use interactive architectural tour as an effective sales tool.


Program-Ace team opens up new vistas to promote, represent, and sell architecture and we are glad to move forward in the development of industrial 3D technologies.

We are interested in any kind of partnership and will be glad to answer all your questions and offers. Please contact us to receive a sample demonstration application or any additional information.

Download Demo (370Mb)

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