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MoMEDx is a mobile app designed for the use in the healthcare system by both patients and doctors. Its main functionality includes creation and management of patient surveys.


The main purpose of developing the MoMEDx app was to reduce time patients spend on initial consultation by a medical specialist and allow them answer doctor’s questions on the run.


Our client, а medical company, was looking for a trusted vendor able to design and develop a cross-platform/mobile application for creating and managing patient surveys that would be available on multiple devices and could be used on the go.


Program-Ace team utilized the power of the most advanced tools and technologies (HTML5, PhoneGap, XCode, MonoTouch ) to developed the MoMEDx project that consists of three apps:

  1. Patient’s app supported by iOS, Android
  2. Doctor’s app – protocol editor supported by iOS6+
  3. Server for patient data and protocol storage

App Logic

Doctor can create surveys with answer options using a doctor’s MoMEDx app (2). These surveys are stored on the server (3) and are assigned to a certain patient, who instead of going to doctor can answer initial questions using his/her mobile device with help of a patient’s MoMEDx app (1). The answers are stored on the server (3) and on their basis the doctor can make a decision regarding further treatment.

The cross-platform nature of MoMEDx app allowed us to use a single codebases to develop one app that runs successfully on multiple platforms.


Program-Ace’s mobile/cross-platform development department has more than 7 years’ experience in mobile development and can design powerful apps for iOS, Android, WinPhone as well as other platforms using the most up-to-date tools like Unity3D engine, Xamarin tools, HTML5, PhoneGap, XCode, and other.

URL: http://www.momedx.com

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