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Wizzard Race

Wizzard Race


Wizzard Race is a mobile 3D runner game set in a magic fantasy world. The story of the game takes place on the race track near an old castle where wizards are competing with opponents in a magic race on broomsticks.


Wizzard Race has two different game modes: single player and multiplayer. In single player mode one user has to run over the lap with three lanes overcoming obstacles and collecting coins. Multiplayer mode means competing with five other bots and can be played in two different locations. In that mode, map is generated randomly and cannot be predicted. The player can cast magic spells to damage or even kill opponents. This mode also has obstacles to overcome. The main goal is to prevent rivals from reaching the finish before the player by casting magic spells and avoiding curses that opponents cast.

In general, the game has a big inventory of different spells, broomsticks, coin and life packs. The game offers in-app purchases as well.

Wizzard Race 1
Wizzard Race 2
Wizzard Race 3


The key feature of this runner game is user's ability to cast various magic spells to injure the opponents. For example, the player can shoot fireballs to damage the rival or strike him to knock out of the broom. Program-Ace main aim was to build an addictive race game with its own magic history and environment. Our qualified game artists created a unique surroundings using Unity game engine where anyone feels like his or her own destiny depends on that Wizzard Race. This game is available for iOS and Android platforms.


Program-Ace was asked to create an addictive race game in a short period of time that will be fascinating for a long-lasting playing. Furthermore, the game should be equally engaging, obsessive and good-looking across multiple platforms. Unity was the best choice for solving these tasks for a number of reasons:

  • Program-Ace has one of the biggest Unity development teams in Eastern Europe;
  • Unity provides great capabilities to create graphics of marvelous quality;
  • Thanks to its cross-platform capabilities, Unity game engine allows development and deployment across a wide range of platforms.

In addition, by choosing this game engine, we have found a concession between rich and multifunction gameplay and fast implementation.


Program-Ace developers and designers have many years of experience in the field of game development. Wizzard Race was a perfect opportunity to improve our skills and gain more experience in building addictive games. Our team of 3D artists and Unity developers is ready to provide a wide range of services including assets creation, programming, and support of different 3D games.

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