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Five Tips How to Sell a Game

Thursday, 12 Nov 2015
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Humanity has long entered the era of amazing games. There are approximately 500 games for iOS launches per day and the same for Android and PCs. It gives us thousands of adventures born every day, and most of them aren't worth anyone's attention. The main question that any game development company or single developer should answer is how your game differs from any other similar on the market. Program-Ace decided to get to the truth of why some games are sold while others go into oblivion along with their creators and developed a few tips to help readers create a profitable and addictive game.

The Crux of The Matter

Before you even consider the creation of an adventure you have to understand what it inherently is. In simple words, a game is an offer to spend their free time playing. Once you release the game, this is exactly what you will be selling - the way of entertainment. If you want to gain users' trust, everything should be perfect - the graphics, the controls, the sound, the logic. To be honest people already have a lot of other alternatives to fill their spare time. You have to be extremely diligent in order to get users' attention. However, nothing is impossible and to reach this goal you need to keep in mind tips listed below.


Give People What They Want

First, do not forget that you make a game not for your own entertainment but your target audience. Identify your typical client. It's a huge mistake to think that everyone is your target audience because they are not. That's why you need to find a segment of the market where your game could bring the best profit.

Second, study the competitors in order to discover advantages and disadvantages of their best-selling games. Ask your folks to play games you liked the most and give you feedback. Record their opinion carefully, find out as more details as possible and then make a comprehensive judgment about every adventure.

Finally, it's time to implement all gathered information. Use the benefits you've found and eliminate the flaws to create the game that players will certainly like and buy. However, remember that you should not copy already existing game. Your aim is to create a unique and never-to-be-forgotten adventure based on the previous experience of the creators of top games.


Make Double Sure The Game Is Worth Candles

Basically, if your target is to earn million dollars, you should create the game that can make you that much money. However, money is something you can make, but time is a bit different thing. Whatever you do you cannot bring it back. In game development you need to realize this: «Do not waste player's time." There is nothing more dreadful than a pointless game. After such experience, these people will never be your users again. Moreover, you will waste your time on something so awful that no one will even want to try. So before starting any development double-check you are going to create something worthwhile indeed.


Do Not Expect Much From Reviews

For the past couple years IT society made sure that a review does not have so much influence it had before when the price for one game was much higher. So it's quite a big mistake to rely on possible sales that can come from a positive review because there will be not many purchasing.

On the other hand, game industry users act as a group. It refers to the herd instinct - if many people choose it, it must be good. So despite the fact that the review itself does not have much value it's important to earn a good reputation among players. To do this, use advertising and articles. Unfortunately, humans want to buy something only if they think it's their own idea.


Make Users Gossip

It has already been mentioned in this article that you need to create a unique game. In addition, this game should contain something special. Something that will force gamers to gossip about this adventure and it will go viral as a result. Does not matter what kind of a feature it will be you have to include it in the release. Remember, you won't be paid for nothing.


Convince User To Purchase

You have already studied your audience, so do not hesitate to give them what they expect. Do they want scary monsters? Make your monsters terrifying as hell. Do people want unicorn and rainbows? Give them that fairytale! Do whatever it takes to keep them interested and ready to say goodbye to their money. Conduct a research, imagine it in your head and do not forget to put the things you target audience likes in the game. This is the thing that can convince an individual to have your game instead of the money it costs.

Why Program-Ace

Many games launched every day were made by teenagers or people who did them for the sake of the experiment. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of incredible games with amazing graphics, sound effects and gameplay, and your game needs to have all these features to be in the Top. Program-Ace has a long-standing experience in developing mobile, desktop and console games of different complexity. Our Team will help you to implement your wildest ideas and can advise a better solution in the game project throughout the period of development. Contact our manager and experience the world of addictive games. We will make your dream come true!

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