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Interactive Training is a New Way of Improvement

Wednesday, 16 Jul 2014

Interactive training

Nowadays companies desire effective training for competitive ability and their services level improvement. This critical business component can provide customer services level increase, enlarge the number of clients, improve the staff skills and expand your possibilities. Today computer technology world has instantly changed over the last several years and these changes brought new opportunities and achievements.

Today we have an alternative to expensive traditional training programs performed in a real classroom. This alternative is interactive 3D trainings and simulations. These new simulated training abilities offer increased training capacity, increased training capability, increased usability, increased training effectiveness and lower overall training costs. Interactive 3D trainings and simulations represent the new method of safe, efficient and true-to-life trainings. Interactive 3D trainings and simulations software are used for many industries as an integral tool in their training programs due to their ability to create existing or potential models, situations and environments for the specific job functions training which are supposed to be performed in the real-world.

Interactive Trainings Benefits

  • Cost and time effective solution for staff training:
    • Cost effective because to practice there is no need to use expensive equipment, to reproduce dangerous situations, to hire professional trainers, etc.
    • Time effective sue to its simple access to the simulator for a large number of students simultaneously 24/7
  • Staff practical skills improvement due to simulation and animation providing excellent multisensory learning in areas where there is no way to perform training in real conditions or it is very expensive (medical, military training related to the accident management, dangerous repair work, etc.)
  • Increased interest to the learning  process of due to the interactive information delivery using teaching aids (animation, 3D modeling) which intensify the training
  • Higher rate of learning due to effective approaches and standards use, which improves knowledge comprehension and preservation:
    • Self regulated training speed when users can move through the lessons at their own pace, reviewing forgotten or unclear material.
    • Self-directed training allowing students to choose content correlating with their interests, needs, and skill levels
  • Ability to provide remote training for staff or customers;
  • Ability to perform testing/scoring for learning of material degree checking;
  • Easy distribution to a wide audience via CD/DVD, Internet, LAN
  • Possibility to be reused and updated for new products and situations
  • Low cost once the initial development is completed

Virtual training and simulator usually consist of:

  1. Virtual overview – these interactive courses provide brief overview of features or situations, followed by the demonstration with operations description (voice, text, video);
  2. Tutorial is an interactive document providing detailed instruction related to the selected features or situations. Tutorials provide a step-by-step description of the operations (structure of the sample, order of disassembly / assembly, list of works on regulatory and/ or emergency repairs, etc.).
  3. Practical exercises represent a list of operations or situations covered during Virtual overview and Tutorial. Practice exercises are useful for practicing the steps of real-time using the equipment or behavior in situations.
  4. Testing allows to check material learning using test situations or tasks.

Training Simulation Areas

  • Industrial & corporate trainings
    With the help of training simulators company’s executives, managers, administrative staff and other employees become proficient in compliance, process, procedures and techniques. It is also a good way to teach your clients the methods and techniques to work with your equipment or product.
  • Military and firearms training
    The Military Simulation and Virtual Training Market growth is provided by the pressure on militaries aimed to cut training costs. That is why the global military simulation and virtual training market amounted to more than $8.4 billion in 2010.
  • Immersive Learning Simulations and E-learning software for improvement
    People learn best from their experience and computer based simulations provide the learners with these experiential learning tools. Training simulation software gives them virtual experience to learn real-world concepts and skills.
  • Traveling and recreation trainings (for hotels, cites, health resort, etc.)
    These types of trainings provide an effective staff training. It also allows attracting visitors through visual advertising and recreating realistic environment that is often a decisive factor for the visit.
  • Aviation training simulation (airplane, helicopter)
    This industry is a leader in the development of 3D training simulation software. The industry is mostly known for flight training simulators, aerospace and aviation companies and it also develops 3D training-based simulators for many airport maintenance ground support equipment operators.
  • Driving vehicle training simulator (truck, train, tank, )
    Any type of this training simulator improves mastery of the technique and allows you to get experience to the typical and extreme situations. Usually it includes infrastructure, vehicles, and operations.
  • Medicine & Healthcare training (any surgical procedures )
    Medical simulations allow students to practice their diagnostic and clinical skills without putting patients at risk and provide realistic virtual environments for health care providers to train for medical procedures in a safe and risk-free environment.
  • Sport simulations (golf, bowling, motorcycle and auto racing, slalom, snowboarding, etc.)
    Sports simulators are very popular both among professionals and juniors wishing to increase their sporting achievements.
  • Police training simulators
    This realistic training simulators complex includes firearms training, situation awareness training and driving training to increase capacity and decrease time for decision-making.
  • Emergency simulators (for Police, Fire and Rescue, Ambulance)
    Public security provision and crime decrease, firefighting to prevent property destruction, preparing ambulances and health workers for emergencies – all of this requires highly effective emergency services training simulation software.
  • Educational games training
    Educational games are able to develop the skills of cooperation, teamwork and situational approach in relaxed atmosphere.

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