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The Most Effective Ways of Marketing on the Internet

Friday, 18 Jul 2014

There are hundreds of ways to affect potential customers. Bright pictures, emotional TV advertising, numerous billboards day by day induce us to do various necessary and unnecessary purchases. These ways become more and more creative. But in our era of electronic technology and Internet all traditional marketing practices lose their effectiveness for benefit of online marketing and online social PR via social media channels – blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr etc. That is why the term “social” today equals to “online” and vice versa.

What do you do when you want to find anything (video, photo, products, services, jobs, entertainments, etc.) in the Internet? Of course, you will use search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) or ask your friends around the world via Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace, Quora, etc.

Today any business owner will tell you that Internet marketing and public’s opinion about your company, your brand and your product is critical to growth and success in today’s business world. Many organizations spend lots of time and money trying to create favorable public opinion and company’s popularity. But in fact it’s much easier if you know how to do it.  

What can online marketing do for our business?

  • Build reputation on appropriately positioned brand and products on the Internet;
  • Increase the number of visits to the company’s web site;
  • Attract new clients and establish new partnerships from all over the world;
  • Organize advertising budget expense efficiently.

Online Marketing Benefits

The Internet is a perspective market for sales volume increase. The reasons of online advertising efficiency are the following:

  • Wide target audience is the first reason. According to the statistics research (25 to 45 years old people), 56% of Internet users possess high purchasing capacity, 34% estimate their financial position as “above average”. It means these people can become (or already are) entrepreneurs easily. 98% of them use the Internet both at home and at work, and 2% at work only.
  • Immediate extension and viral advertising. Today the total number of Internet users around the globe is more than 2 milliards, and the number of mobile subscribers is around 5 milliards. Each of them can find your advertisement. If the visitors like your advertising they will recommend it to their friends and thus it will be viral.
  • Low cost. There are many ways of online marketing and many of them are completely free. So you can choose the method on your taste.
  • 24/7. Your advertisement works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • It’s easy and accessible.

Online Marketing Strategies

Here are some strategies you can use to expand your internet marketing and to promote your internet business in efficient way.

  1. SEO - this is, perhaps, the primary and the most difficult component of Internet marketing. The process of SEO (search engine optimization) is also very important because it includes system of activities aimed on search engine optimization (finding your website on top positions in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, etc.) and increasing your website popularity. First of all, keyword optimization is necessary for any site. It adds more effective positioning of your website in the search engines. Sometimes this is a quick way to the best SEO efforts performance. But of course SEO is not limited to the keywords optimization.
  2. Contextual advertising - this dynamic ad appears on the website, which content is close to your advertisement. This is very effective and quick way to perform online marketing. To find necessary goods or services on your website the users will do only single click! But it is not cheap. There are many contextual advertising services like Google AdWords, Yahoo! Publisher Network, Microsoft adCenter, Advertising.com, Begun, Yandex.Direct.
    Benefits of contextual advertising:
    • Easier interface to build and deploy ads makes advertising.
    • Create locally-targeted ads that drive customers to your website.
    • Pay only when someone clicks on your contextual ad.
    • Ability to set a budget and to control the cost of attracting customers
  3. Social games and social network - this type of marketing has received popularity during last years due to huge audience of social networks facilitating effective advertisement and social PR. Only Facebook has more than 800 million active users. In social networks you can create different thematic groups and invite friends to create your community. Or you can create any simple online game which provides your brand promotion. Also you should create a LinkedIn and Facebook сompany’s profile and integrate your social network profile into your website (Like buttons, login with social network accounts, news feed, etc.)
  4. Е-mail marketing - is based on Internet mailing lists. You are creating a mailing list on your website and put subscription form on the website. People interested in your services and goods should leave you their e-mail addresses. Thus you build a base of subscribers and potential customers with whom you can repeatedly contact, build trusting relationship and offer them your products again and again.
  5. Viral marketing – spreads a network from one user to another very quickly and independently. But there is nothing harmful and pernicious. Opposite, it is one of the most popular and widely used methods of marketing, because it requires minimal time and minimal cost. But it requires a portion of creativity to create smart content (videos, funny pictures, games, etc.) that the visitors will like. There are many tools for viral marketing:
    • Distribution of useful and free images, games, videos, e-books with links inside, leading to your site;
    • Script recommendation for social networks (e.g. Facebook – Like), for your friends by e-mail (when there is a form for entering the e-mail addresses of your friends and send them letter of recommendation), etc.
  6. Blog marketing – this is great option which provides opportunity to promote yourself and interact with visitors to get their feedback. A blog also requires adding attractive and regular fresh content. This is important since search engines love fresh content and you in your turn will love both exposure and traffic you will receive as a result.
  7. Internet forums marketing - This method of marketing is quite old and a little effective, although it is very time-consuming. But the initial promotion of the website can be very effective. It is necessary to communicate in discussion forums, register in thematic directories with putting in your signature link to your website.
  8. Submit Articles – it is great way to build valuable back links to your site. Most directories have high page ranks and when they publish your article they also link to your website. This happens because you have placed a link to your site in the signature of the article you submitted. The more interesting and topical article is the more visitors it will attract to your website.
  9. Video marketing - today Internet users usually prefer material in video format. So you can make a cool video-clip advertising your products with a link to the website, and place this movie on video portals (eg, YouTube). The main thing is if the video is interesting or funny, people put it on their websites and blogs, share with friends, etc. And for you it is important cause it will be distributed in the network independently and bring you new interested visitors to the site. So you should optimize YouTube videos and insert targeted keywords for your business in the video title and description.
  10. Free Giveaways - you can offer free giveaways (free books, wallpapers, ringtones, games, etc.) on your blog, article or mailing lists. Of course the 'gift' you offer once again will be linked to your business site and you will also want to encourage others to share the gift with their friends.
  11. Signature File - as you navigate around online and get involved in social sites, forums, sending emails or even blog commenting, - always leave your signature. This simply reflects your name, company name and of course your website link. This is your calling card and you want to leave it everywhere when the opportunity presents itself.

We have not listed all Internet marketing methods. Actually many new marketing methods appear in the Internet daily. Online marketing effectiveness depends in many ways on innovation and originality of used approaches.

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