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Saturday, 19 Jul 2014

Your perfect website design is your real Klondike which helps you to gain the maximum advantages. We have already discussed this in the previous article. But now we would like to talk about the tricks which will help you to create your own unique design which is supposed to be creative in every tiny detail.

Every element on your website is very important and has its own dedication and performed functions:

  1. Main menu helps you to navigate the site efficiently
  2. Tabs help you to arrange the content in the right way
  3. Logo serves for website identification
  4. Tag cloud serves for word search
  5. Site search serves for more efficient search on the site
  6. Contact form helps your customers to contact you easily
  7. News on site serves for site activity
  8. Login page provides possibility to register users
  9. Slideshow will help you to visualize the pictures beautifully
  10. Other interactive elements are very convenient while surfing your site.

This is the main element of the whole site scheme due to which the website navigation will be more convenient and clear. Main menu should become a guide for the users and direct them over the website. That is why it should be simple, clear and user-friendly. But this doesn’t mean that the main menu should be boring.

There are several types of the menu. The most often used menu types are tab type and drop list type. There are following main menu trends and samples:

Classical simple menu

The menu is mainly dedicated for provision of more efficient dialogue with the user and that is why the designers prefer to describe all possible design types and what should the visitor expect from following correspondent link.

Website menu example Website menu example

Menu with visually appealing icons

For more effective way, designers often make use of appealing icons on the menu items. In such cases it’s important to make sure that the icon is easily recognizable, clearly reflects the message and corresponds to the link it stands for. Attractive icons are of course always preferred to the boring ones.

Icon menu Icon menu

Dropdown menu

Drop-down menu can make your site more structured and provides user-friendly navigation. This is an excellent solution for removal of long categories list (and on some sites, it is really great), and free the space on the screen

Useful Items for Site

Tabbed menu

Tabbed menu is the most elegant and favorite designer’s way to organize web content. Tabs can be vertical or horizontal. Together with AJAX bookmarks they allow you to open corresponding content without reloading the entire page.

Tabbet menu Tabbet menu

Vertical menu

The vertical menu is usually used for a list of categories, a list of topics, or it may fulfill the function of the main menu. In any case it allows efficient use of the site space.

Vertical menu Vertical menu Vertical menu Vertical menu

Ribbon menu

Ribbon menu has become more and more popular in recent years. This is a combination of tabs and drop-down visual items of submenu with graphical representation of user options. In fact ribbon menu is mega drop-down menu with big panels providing no scrolling idea (everything visible at once)

Ribon menu Ribon menu

Creative menu

Creative menu is the best way to make your site more attractive. It's a way to express yourself. There are many variants of menu in the form of photographs and drawings, Bird’s-eye view, in shape of the microcosm, with the typography, etc.

Creative menu Creative menu Creative menu Creative menu

One of the first things new visitors will notice upon arriving at your website is your header. Some sites are able to make a perfect first impression by using a creative header. It is important that the main idea of the website was provided on the header of the web site. It brings more attractiveness and uniqueness to your website.

Website banner Website banner Website banner

The logotype will help you to reflect different aspects of your business. It can represent the idea, openness and immensity of your business. Professionally created logotype is a bright visiting card which marks the company out of the ruck.

Website logoWebsite logoWebsite logoWebsite logo
Website logoWebsite logoWebsite logo 

Tag Cloud

Tag cloud is an interesting variant of the word cloud which can be used to visualize the most frequently-used words in form of the links. It represents user experience report which displays keywords of the site. At the same time the most popular word is the biggest.

Website tag

Site search functionality is extremely important for websites, especially for e-commerce. The visitors should be able to find quickly what they are looking for as efficiently as possible. Some site search provides help for the visitors with suggesting search terms (like Google) that will help them to get the results. The visitor starts typing and the suggestions give them better chance of using the right term or phrase that will get results. Usually the site search box is located on the top of the site and near the main menu.

Website searchWebsite search
Website search

Contact form

Contact form helps you to maintain relationships with your customers. The contact forms, e-mail, phone and chats are the perfect for the website because they respond various user needs: they keep customers in touch with the company and help to share with you their proposal or request.

So it is an easy way to keep in touch with your visitors. Why not create a unique and friendly approach for your contact form?

Website contact page Website contact page

News on the site

This is one of the elements of the site reflecting the site activity. That's why it's important to update news on the site for customers constantly. News keeps customers informed and in touch with the company. News on the websites should create intriguing element of promotion. It displays a huge amount of content on the home page. They may be in the form of the following items:

  • chronological list of the topic headers
  • chronological list of the pictures with description
  • tabbed content areas
  • header and sidebar banners, etc.

Website news page Website news page Website news page

Footer design became very popular during last few years. Many web site footers contain some elements of the site map. Usually they duplicate or extend main navigation in order to help the visitors as they surf the site. But footer can also be used for following information placement:

  • site map
  • legal links and copyright information
  • contact information
  • newsletter signup form
  • search form
  • social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • awards and accolades, etc.

Website footer Website footer

Login Page

This section of your website can convert occasional visitors into registered users, so it should be attractive enough to make them register. A login page should be simple and clear in terms of steps or instructions.

Website login Website login Website login

404 Error Page

Sometimes when you explore the web the famous message 404 Error – Page Not Found appears. If there is nothing grabbing visitors’ attention, they will leave the page and never come back. So it’s good to consider customizing the 404 page and prevent the users leaving your website.

Website error page Website error page

Back To Top Links

More and more designers follow interesting trend of placing back to top link in their work. This is very useful for long sites (blogs, websites with comments or articles)

Website footer Website footer

Typography fonts

Typography is a trend which constantly changes due to the designers focusing more and more on usability. Instead of using standard fonts on the site the creative design is more concentrated on uncluttered designs with fancy fonts and at the same time easy to read. Taking into consideration increase of mobile users number who enter the websites the strong fonts usage is also recommended for easy reading.

Website typography Website typography


Slide show is very important when it comes to making your site more convenient and attractive. This is the perfect solution to combine all the images into one spectacular slide-show.

Website slideshow Website slideshow

Other interactive items of design

Any detail of the site is also important. And any detail (such as tables, maps, date pickers) can bring more attractiveness to your site.


Tables are very important parts of user interfaces but often missed. They are perfect to be used on the site for displaying tabular data. Their purpose is to make that data readable, scannable and easily comparable. One of the most common places to find tables online is on application’s pricing pages, web shop, etc.

Website tables


Interactive maps on the Internet are most effective for the user when they represent geo-location. Three main areas seem to represent the majority of tasks:

  1. Navigation and directions;
  2. Showing geographical information
  3. Interactive plans and microcosm

Website map Website map

Date Pickers

The calendar is always useful. Whether you schedule your next event, manage your appointments or simply want to enter a date to get things done in time you need a clear, simple and user-friendly date picker.

Website date

What we offer

Our creative company has wide and extensive knowledge and great experience of website design and offers the following:

  • To create amazing and original website design for you (see our Web solutions page)
  • To design creative backgrounds, headers, menus and fonts
  • To create any animations for the website

All copyrights of the images used in the article are property of their owners

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Stuart Lewis-Smith

GSN Games is completely satisfied with Program-Ace's technical expertise and the quality of services they provide. We look forward to collaborating with Program-Ace again...

Stuart Lewis-Smith, Senior VP and General Manager, GSN Games
Scott Zerby

Program-Ace has completely dispelled my concerns. The online project management system is one of the best I have seen...

– Scott Zerby, Vice President at ValuSoft
Tim Ransom

If you're looking for a professional, dedicated, digital development partner, I highly recommend Program-Ace...

– Tim Ransom, President at Visual Thunder Media
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