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Web Design Tricks

Monday, 21 Jul 2014

Interface design is a crucial part of any website or application that requires attractive look. All websites have design, but only most famous have great design. Interface design guarantees your site to be more attractive for the visitors; it will be not only useful but please the eye. This is the best way for your site to become top visited.

Best web design skills are something that comes with experience and great desire to help the client to realize their idea. That is why to choose professionals for web design is the best option.

Design can be minimalist, steeply interactive or highly-creative, but it should correspond to your business and should be as easy for customers as possible. The huge amount of web design companies has created a lot of unoriginal and uninspiring website designs. Don’t let them do it again. Insist on creation of original and memorable website design and then you will enter into the history.

There are lots of original methods of making your site design memorable and unique. We discuss the most popular. Anyway the original design main method is development of your own new and outstanding design.

The original background

An appropriate and original background of web site is prime importance for three main reasons:

  • to emphasize your site;
  • to reflect the correct context in the picture;
  • to display the best layout

The correct background allows your visitors to understand the unique theme and the idea of the site.

We can see some original backgrounds in the following images:

Website backgroundWebsite background

Original Top Banner

It is important that the main idea of the website or presentation (animation) were provided on the banner of the web site. It brings more attractiveness and uniqueness to your site. And if top banner is animation, it would be the best. It is something that animates your site and makes it more interactive. The animation is often made with the help of Flash technology, but it is possible to use JavaScript.

Website bannerWebsite banner

Animations everywhere

“Alive” web design elements (such as prompts, banners, buttons, etc) make the visitors excited. They are created with the help of flash, javascript, DHTML, 3D web engines (such as Unity3D, Ace3DEngine), etc.

Laughing characters

It’s much more pleasant to deal with kind and smiling person. The design of your site and the type of the pictures in it should reveal your website pleasantness. This will attract nice clients.

Web design tricks

Bird’s-eye website view

One of the popular and new trends of design is use of bird’s-eye view to show your website. All the items can be viewed from a height and can be interactive. A growing number of ambitious designers use this technique. This will make your website ultramodern. 

Web design tricks

“Microcosm” in the website

Many designers prefer to represent mini-world on a website. This allows you to create impression of comprehensiveness and latitude of the site.

Web design tricks


Another trend is use of various non-standard fonts illustrating the main points. This allows to make the correct accents and brings originality. The form of a newspaper or book with relevant fonts and backgrounds is a variety of this website design.

Website typographyWebsite typography


Use of humor on the site shows fineness of intellect and knowledge of business subtleties. It always attracts people.

Grid style

Almost all websites are based on column content placement. It may be two, three or four column structure, which is used to describe the services, products, etc. This structure allows you to organize site elements.

Web design tricks

Photo gallery

Photo gallery is a way of organizing your photos on the site, which allows the cyclical view photos. Thus the site becomes continuous wall of photos that follow each other with special effects. Photo galleries are usually used for websites of photographers or designers.

Web design tricks

3D modeling

3D modeling allows to create an exact 3D model of the object (car, cameras, phones, etc.), which allows visitors to interactively learn the benefits of the goods. This can be done with the help of Flash technology or 3D web engines (such as Unity 3D, Ace3DEngine). This is the best for the sites selling any products (cars, mobile phones, cameras, etc.) - such as on site www.nissanusa.com

Web design tricks

360° virtual tour

A 360° virtual tour enables your web visitors to see everything physically located within 360° radius. One of the main reasons is that a 360° virtual tour can deliver stunning visual impact. It is audience-captivating, and could be determining factor in your customer’s decision towards visiting your museum, institution, park, circus, city or planet .

Web design tricks

Minimalism on the design

Minimalism is not simple, it’s talent. Minimalism does not mean elementary. For minimalism it's not enough to simply use common fonts and white background. In this case, it is not minimalism, but this is lack of design. Minimalism should be natural and concise, outstanding and brilliant.

Web design tricks

Hand-Drawn Web Designs

Illustrations are a nice way to give to your site a less formal style. All web designers start designs with a pen and paper. Nothing is better than using these sketchy designs to convey and reflect individual styles and with hand drawings, the style gets even less formal and also it gives to the site a super unique feel, allowing the designer to show off his/her skills.

Web design tricksWeb design tricks

There are following important reasons to have a well-designed web site:

  • To create your own unique face: The unique features are the best solution. The choice of leaders is not to be like the rest of people.
  • To Increase ROI: The assets invested in the development of creative site will pay off much faster by huge popularity of the site.
  • To improve your competitive advantage: The Internet can be considered as global shopping mall. More and more people are going online to purchase information, services and products. A creative web site offers the best advantages among the competitors;
  • To generate recognizability: The most important reason to have a well-designed site is 24/7 promotion of your well known organization over the world. Nothing else offers such flexibility. Web sites can display large amount of information, available anytime for anyone having Internet access;
  • Build reputation, credibility and trust of your potential clients: The original site is able to create trendy and confident reputation of your company;
  • Capture new appropriate audience: The site will attract new customers with the help of more interesting and visually revealed idea;
  • Improve communications: The original website is very efficient way to communicate with the potential customers, and to advertise your site efficiently;
  • Enhance customer decision-making: Well thought-out design makes the site visitor to become your customer

What we offer

Our creative company has wide and extensive knowledge and great experience of website design and offers the following:

  • To create amazing and original website design for you 
  • To design creative background, characters and fonts
  • To create any animations for the website
  • To model any 3D objects and environment 
  • To animate any 3D visualization with maximum realism satisfying requirements of the future
  • To develop realistic 360° virtual tour

All copyrights of the images used in the article are property of their owners.

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