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Professional Consultants Discover New Features of PM Software

Created on Friday, 01 Aug 2008 16:54:23

In today's globalized world a lot of companies face similar project management issues — especially after having achieved certain level of its development. Key role in successful solution of such situations as coordination of distributed teams, implementation of specialized IT-tools or setup of project-related business processes is given to professional consultants. What is the smart strategy to get to the new level?


Kyiv-based 3DSolutions LLC is a consulting company of the Dutch origin with worldwide operations (UAE, Ukraine, Netherlands, etc.). Its expertise area includes visualization projects of different scale and complexity, mainly in the spheres of architecture and city planning.

In 2007 the team faced the need to involve additional independent contractors and remote teams to contribute to creative and engineering stages. Such task always suggest need in a new approaches to daily management and communication. The other significant reason for active search for the specialized solution was an overall increase in the number of tasks the team had to handle simultaneously. Moreover, the mentioned difficulties are common for all companies dealing with outsourcing services providers.

Thus, the managers started a search for appropriate solutions available on the market.


The final choice was made in favour of AceRemoteProject(tm) v1.5.

First of all, the system is Web-based and highly interaction-oriented. Secondly, it provides opportunities to track the project activities almost in the pace of direct communication – and, if needed, to employ built-in real-time voice- and video-conferencing features enhanced by saving options. They allow project participants to store and easily come back to any piece of communication or working materials – at any time.

On the other hand, the product includes task-oriented time-tracking mechanisms focused on personal productivity within the group tasks. One of the key advantages mentioned by all project managers was daily reporting standard set by the system.

has all the functions necessary for tracking hours spent by each team member on any selected task. Also important for 3D Solutions were functions of daily reporting and work time monitoring. Access to data on current task status and personal/overall task efficiency was very helpful for all project managers.


As the result, AceRP increased activity of cooperations with remote teams and draw them noticeably closer to each other. Employment of the system empowered project managers for the better planning and project progress control.

Finally, the very idea of employing the whole network of outsourcing service providers and distant contributors became possible ”, - says Hai Vo, Managing Director of 3D Solutions LLC. “We consider AceRP to be a next generation in the domain of PM software. It really transforms the overall management of many project-related business processes.

One more important aspect 3D Solutions gained control over the general time budget and the ratio between the hours planned and actually spent on every task. The project team received access to the shared pool of documentation. Project managers obtained deeper view into post-project analysis, customer support and interaction with the team.


The core of our idea was not only to provide project management consultants with targeted tool, but to give them the possibility to manage both task tracking and internal communication between distributed project teams”, - comments Oleg Fonarov, CEO of Program-Ace LLC, which developed AceRP as the tool originally focused on IT companies.

Hai Vo: “From the very beginning, 3DSolutions was a future-oriented company. Thus our business philosophy required a technology-centered and expandable system going beyond the traditional features of broadly available PM tools. Our opinion is that AceRemoteProject is reliable and flexible online software tool. It helped us to evolve towards open-minded and responsive team, which is highly transparent for our customers and collaboration partners.

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