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Program-Ace Contributes to the Expo Milano 2015

Created on Friday, 17 Jul 2015 16:46:16

The World's Fair Show - Expo Milanо 2015 - became one of the most anticipated events of the year 2015. This fascinating exhibition was first organized in 1851 in London and thanks to its smashing success is now regularly hold in different countries of the world.

Quick Facts

Expo Milanо 2015Specially established International Exhibitions Bureau is the primary registration authority of world fairs. Such international universal fairs are held each 5 years and last up to 6 months. This year Milan has been chosen as a host city for the exhibition. Milan is also known for several other international events and fairs held here yearly.
Below are some interesting facts facts about the Expo of the year.

  • Each hosting country was always trying to surpass its predecessors. Italians decided to make this Expo the longest one, so it will run for six months till October 2015.
  • According to forecasts, Expo 2015 will be one of the most visited events of the year and about 20 millions of people in total should come to Milan and spend US $ 28 billion.
  • The logo of the Expo was created by Andrea Pupp, an Italian designer.
  • Each participating country has its official pavilion which is of different size from medium to large.
  • Participating countries that managed to cover a theme of food of the Expo best of all will be awarded by the international jury.
  • Before the opening of the Expo Italians renewed roads, subways, office buildings, museums, playgrounds and boutiques.

Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life

The main goal of the fair is to show and promote traditions, creativity and innovation in food industry of different countries of the world. The slogan proves that the Expo is an all-round event that will fully explore topics of healthy eating, safety and protection in a new light taking into consideration new global opportunities and innovations. Sufficient amount of health and safety food in sufficient quantity and quality, as well as free access to fresh drinkable water run like a scarlet thread through the Expo team.

Workshops and Discussions

The following tasks will be set and discussed during the Expo:

  • Quality improvement and control of both food and water to make sure the food as healthy and water is drinkable.
  • Provide enough food to all people on Earth to put an end to hunger, drought, infant mortality and malnutrition, which still affect 850 million people worldwide, and eradicate hunger and pandemic diseases.
  • Prevent outbreak of diseases such as vascular heart diseases and cancer by supporting and promoting advocating practices that have proved their efficiency.
  • Develop innovative technology and business solutions to improve the food supply system  thus improving food’s nutritional value and quality.
  • Educate children, adolescents, disabled and elderly people and popularize healthy lifestyle and healthy eating among these social groups.
  • Preserve cultural heritage that will reflect culinary traditions of each nation.

One of the basic things that make the mankind survive and grow is the availability of food and its quality. In order to satisfy all basic necessities of life and health of everyone we should opt for truly high-qualitative and affordable agricultural products. The economics of the regions will also benefit from the development and growth of agricultural sector.  Each region has specific list of products, its agriculture and animal farming traditions have been developed for many centuries and became an integral part of its regions. The wise use of IT technologies and scientific innovations may result in novel growth of both agricultural sector and economics of the region.  

Acting across the whole food supply chain, such organizations as public institutions, private companies, charitable associations, non-governmental firms and manufacturers’ representatives are instrumental in growth and improvement of social systems related to provisioning.

Science and Technology

No one can underestimate the role science and technology plays in production of healthy food and its promotion. Recent innovations and researches are aimed:

  • to save the biological diversity, protect the environment, agriculture ecosystems, high quality food products;
  • to educate people on healthy eating and personal well-being;
  • to identify the best technologies to be used in order to improve and manage the food and agriculture production starting with biotechnology that do not threaten the environment or health in order to provide healthy, nutritious products and water safe for drinking and irrigation;
  • to provide new reliable food resources in countries that suffer from hunger, where agriculture is underdeveloped or under the threat of desertification, deforestation or drought.

Expo 2015: the Very Place to Promote and Communicate

Most expected participants and visitors of Expo 2015 are companies and communities of primary production such as farmers, food companies, logistics and distribution firms, restaurant owners, research centers, and other company interested in:

  • Maximally innovative technologies of productions that make healthy food products;
  • Doing business in field of preparation of foodstuff and training and education of employees;
  • Assuring high quality of their products by appropriate security systems and monitoring to fight against counterfeiting and falsification.

Program-Ace’s Contribution to the Expo 2015

Unfortunately, Ukraine is not represented at this year's Expo in Milan, but Ukrainian scientists and developers are not left aside and made their scientific contributions to the World’s Expo. Our company has become a technical partner for several participating countries and delivered interactive digital 3D content for live augmented reality and Oculus Rift solutions that are broadcast in our clients' official pavilions. Program-Ace teams of Unity development experts and technical 3D artists did their best to deliver compelling and high-quality 3D solutions on time and on budget to entertain and educate Expo visitors.

We truly believe that IT technologies go hand-in-hand with food processing industry and the development of both can resolve the food insecurity problem.

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