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Program-Ace Speaks and Exhibits at ITEC 2017: Report

Created on Thursday, 01 Jun 2017 20:15:45

On May 16-18th, 2017 the International Training and Education Conference (ITEC) took place in Ahoy, Rotterdam. Program-Ace took part in this fascinating event in the speaking and exhibiting area. The forum, which was held under "Innovation through Collaboration in Military Training and Education: Focusing Efforts, Harvesting Success" slogan, gathered over a hundred exhibitors and more than three thousand visitors from military and government sectors and also some from the academia. This year, the Program-Ace company participated in the event both as honorable speakers and exhibitors.

Program-Ace at ITEC 2017 photo 1

ITEC gave our team an opportunity to share our experience in emerging technologies that transforming the future and, particularly, in reality-altering technologies, including mixed reality and HoloLens. Our CTO, Denis Potapenko, opened a "Virtual-Augmented-Mixed Reality" section with his keynote speech titled "Mixed Reality: How HoloLens Reshapes the Concept of Training." He named contemporary issues and limitations that military industry has to suffer due to using VR and AR, explained how mixed reality can solve them, and introduced HoloLens, a standalone MR headset. He also described effective use cases of mixed reality and HoloLens in the military sector. The speech was warmly received by the audience and brought many discussions within participants and beyond.

Program-Ace at ITEC 2017 photo 1

The Program-Ace team is proud to be recognized among top exhibitors and military solution vendors. We met great excitement and interest among visitors and colleagues when showcasing our HoloLens-based visualizations and holographic trainings. Program-Ace is also delighted to make a solid connection with many international professionals and meet our fellows from the ETSA community.

The company representatives brought in our recent developments designed to deliver mission-readiness to armed forces, marine, and aviation. Our research on the topic of innovative technologies has brought us to the crafting of MR.ACE, an original mixed reality SaaS platform for the simplified creation of AR and MR training and simulations. ITEC also became the premier conference for MR.ACE to be introduced to the publicity. Visit the platform’s website mr-ace.com to explore its features and capacities and see the full demo video.

On the behalf of our team, Program-Ace thanks the organizers for providing a space for military professionals to communicate and grow. We are also grateful to all participants for letting this all happen and looking forward to seeing you next year.

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