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Ace3D Engine v2.2

The Ace3D Engine is an realtime 3D game/visualization engine, written in C++.

Version 2.2 is a modern rendering engine making full use of cutting-edge technologies and effects: area shadows, soft particles, parallax mapping, advanced post effects, anisotropic and translucent shading, realtime refractions and dispersion.

Ace3D includes integrated editor which enables to modify a game just during the game run. Usage of this editor results in the considerable reduction of time-to-market. Ace3D Engine currently supports DirectX 9 and runs on Windows platform.

Feature Technology
Scriptable rendering pipeline with 3.0 shader model support and fallbacks for older hardware Pixel and vertex shaders
Bloom, HDR Motion Blur, Color Correction, Star Effect Post-processing
Dynamic Area Shadows: self-shadowing, shadows from transparent objects, physically correct soft shadows Shadow Mapping
Character and environment shadows Shadow Volumes
Normal–mapped surfaces with specular Normal mapping
Dynamic Reflections and Refractions with dispersion Cube-mapping, render to texture
Advanced Shading Models: Anisotropic, Oren-Nayar-Blinn and Translucent shading Pixel and vertex shaders
Water effects with per–pixel reflections, refractions, depth toning and ripples animation Pixel and vertex shaders
Soft particle intersections with environment Soft Particles
Dust, fog, light shafts, steam Atmospheric effects
Toon shading (Gooch shading and outlining) Non–photorealistic rendering
LOD system for geometry, effects, textures Importance driven visualization
Texture blending for landscapes Landscape rendering
Alpha blended grass and trees Order independent transparency
Scene Graph
Any object including lights, meshes, bones, particles can be attached to each other Hierarchical scene graph
Visible distance intervals for nodes LOD system
Per-node light influence control Advanced Light Finding
Hidden surface removal for indoor and outdoor scenes PVS, Portals and KDTrees
Intersect and Line of sight queries Scene Graph Traversal
Ability to attach game specific logic to any node in the scene Game Integration
Ability to attach collision objects to nodes Collision System Integration
Animation System
Animated textures Frame-by-frame animation
Texture coordinate animation Texture Transformation
Character animation: hierarchical animation blending with autonormalization, procedural animation Skeletal animation
Any object or light source animation using splines with dynamic splines blending Path constrained motion controller
Other Features
One-click game assembling Automatic game assembling
Multilingual support Unicode
Multiplayer via LAN and Internet Network Engine
Automatic detection of optimal performance settings Benchmarking
Particle Systems

Powerful and extensible particle systems featuring:

  • Soft Particles
  • Emitters to objects association
  • Billboard and geometric particles
  • Particles as emitters (trails, fireworks, chaining, etc)
  • Collision response
  • Forces (wind, gravity, magnetic field), bubble motion
  • Easy to extend by adding new affectors, states, transitions, shapes and deflectors
  • In-Game Editor integration
3ds Max and Content Pipeline

3ds Max is fully integrated into content pipeline featuring:

  • Export of 3D scenes from 3ds Max including:
    • Geometry (up to 8 texture channels, color of vertexes and weight of bones)
    • Sources of color
    • Parameters of materials
    • Splines
    • Groups of objects
    • Any types of animations (including bone animation and movement by spline)
    • Geometry for collisions
  • Additional plug-ins allow to set any game objects and assign them to the scene objects. In such a way a level may be completely built in 3ds Max and game objects set in interactive mode during the game run.
  • All the materials are displayed in the same way they will be displayed in the game.
  • Due to this, one doesn't need to develop game editor which substantially reduces the cost of development and time-to-market.
In-Game Editor

Ace3D Light includes integrated editor which enables to modify a game directly during the game run. Usage of this editor results in the considerable reduction of time-to-market - as there is no necessity anymore to restart the game in order to view the changes you have made.

In-game editor features:

  • Automatic serialization of objects (including game objects) to .xml format and the own binary format. There is no necessity for a programmer to write a code of serialization and interaction with game editor – the code is generated automatically. The opportunity to add support of own formats
  • Review and modification of properties of any objects (engine objects and game objects)
  • Call of object methods
  • Creation, deletion, copying and pasting of objects and their links
  • Automatic save of changes made
  • Special mode of debug visualization
  • Special mode of interface editing

Previous Versions

Download Ace3D Engine demo in High Resolution

Video reel dated 01/2008 (54Mb)
Video reel dated 06/2008 (365Mb)

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