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Microsoft HoloLens is a mixed-reality headset that allows for interacting with the world on a whole new level. This self-contained holographic device is pushing the limits of impossible by augmenting the real-life environment with extremely realistic holograms.

What Is Mixed Reality?

Mixed reality (MR) is a flexible environment that merges the most impressive features of both virtual and augmented realities to visualize new surroundings where real and computer-generated objects exist side-by-side and interact with each other in real time.

How HoloLens Works

This mixed-reality headset is a stand-alone mini-computer that contains all technical filling, including a processor unit, sensors, and cameras, necessary for proper functioning inside itself.

HoloLens has a transparent glass-made display that almost flawlessly covers one's field-of-view. There are four Hololens cameras (two for each eye) that are responsible for projecting holograms - one common and one infrared.

Moreover, Microsoft created the hardware that is fully responsive to the user and the environment. HoloLens has numerous sensors to read the incoming data in real-time and in an efficient way as well as systems to process the information caught by sensors and transform it into holograms or actions to be performed with them.

In addition to standard ones - an accelerometer and a gyroscope, - Hololens has a magnetometer responsible for the accurate behavior and spatial arrangement of the holograms. In addition, there are speakers mounted near the user's ears, allowing for realistic sound from unrealistic objects.

HoloLens Development

Microsoft HoloLens opens new possibilities for people, letting them enhance their real-world experience with authentic holograms. With the help of HoloLens Development Kit, the Program-Ace professional team creates revolutionary applications that are a perfect combination of your business needs, user demands, and MR capacities.

Our talented experts build unforgettable mixed reality experiences and provide end-to-end HoloLens development services - from concept formation to envisioning the holo-world. We are thrilled to bring our broad expertise to companies that are bold enough to innovate their space. With a great passion for improving brands and businesses with top-notch solutions, Program-Ace applies modern technologies to offer HoloLens development service and create applications and games.

What Program-Ace Stands to Offer

The professional team of AR and mixed reality developers, 3D artists, modelers, and designers develop projects from scratch or from any development stage. Our talented experts offer a full-cycle HoloLens development and are ready to prove their professionalism across all development stages, such as:

Strategy Formation

Thanks to a creative approach and deep knowledge of the industry, our experts will create an effective development strategy that will consider the your business’s and end-users’ needs.

Concept Design

After evaluative user research and careful analysis of the industry, professional artists, managers, and business analysts will develop a concept of your dream application or game. Let your app bring a new, incredible visual experience to target users.


The Program-Ace artist team will create a set of 3D models of characters, environments, and landscapes to visualize an amazing world of your business. The team will take care of the appropriate rendering, shadows, lighting, surface reconstruction, and mesh decimation.


Certified industry specialists apply their technical expertise in holographic development, prototyping, object persistence, and Unity app development to produce an extremely realistic and immersive mixed reality experience with the help of the HoloLens Development Kit.

We Design HoloLens Experience for:

Architecture & Design

Shape holograms to explore the magnificence of yet-to-build objects or adjust the design and watch how they enhance the real world


HoloLens is a top-notch solution for neurosurgery, pharmaceutical, and medical training industry. With HoloLens development, users can explore a drug’s mechanism of action or follow a complex microsurgical procedure


Bring your favorite characters to life and experience an incredible visual experience created with the help of mixed reality technology and the hologram's physical properties


Feature your marketing strategy with a realistic holo-world that allows for turning the boring demonstration into an adventure that people can participate in


Interactive training had proved itself as the most effective education solution. With mixed reality, trainees can be fully involved in the learning process and become immersed in the world of lifelike holograms

Modeling & Prototyping

Microsoft HoloLens allows for going beyond the standard concept of 3D modeling by visualizing three-dimensional models and prototypes so you can explore every inch of them

Virtual Tours

Being a totally unique device, Microsoft HoloLens enables developers to create a first-class experience for people and allow them to explore new amazing places and ideas


With its cutting-edge features, HoloLens development is a perfect option for the manufacturing industry to design, explore, test, and improve the products produced

How We Make the Magic Happen

The Program-Ace team uses contemporary technologies and devices to develop mixed reality solutions for a wide scope of industries. To provide full-cycle HoloLens development services and help customers go beyond the impossible, Program-Ace utilizes the following tools:

HoloLens development

Microsoft HoloLens Development Kit




3ds Max


Autodesk Fusion 360



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