Cyber Chimistry case study from Program-Ace

Cyber Chemistry

Program-Ace delivers simulation and visualization tools to enhance knowledge acquisition for medical students

Background Info

The client is a creative company that produces various education software for students, educators, publishers, corporations, and government facilities worldwide. Using top-notch technologies, including interactive 3D content, virtual reality, and holographic computing, the client develops award-winning products and distributes them to leading medical schools such as Stanford, Cornell, and Harvard.

The client seized an opportunity of designing a new market-leading desktop solution for chemistry students to help them through powerful, interactive experiences. Working with internal and external teams, the client was faced with a lack of professional resources and domain knowledge.

Because of our broad experience in the training and simulation sector and extended technology expertise, Program-Ace was involved in the product development as an outside contractor to help develop a Cyber Chemistry Simulator. It is a basic organic chemistry reaction simulation that is envisioned as a college-level training tool. The resulting product allows students to control and observe organic reactions that are useful in organic synthesis and involved in biochemical processes.

Business Challenges

Simulation Accuracy
The biggest challenge set by the client was to develop a scientifically accurate desktop application that can introduce the design of the chemical world.
Proprietary Software
The client has proprietary scientific software that the Program-Ace team was asked to utilize because of the product's nature, specifications, and set of features.
Fast Time to Market
The client set a challenge before us to develop a fully-functional product that can be distributed to leading educational facilities within just a few months.

Approach and Solution

Program-Ace developed Cyber Chemistry as a scientifically accurate simulator of basic chemical reactions to help students and chemists see how changes made at the macroscopic level affect what happens at the molecular level and, in that way, learn and verify the basic principles of chemistry as a science. The Program-Ace team had to create a large set of features that can help scientists add or remove reactants, calculate constants, solve equations, follow structures of different compounds, examine the geometry of the atoms and ions in a 3D space, and many other actions.

Also, Program-Ace designed scientifically accurate 3D models that mirror the shape of simple organic molecules. The simulation environment exposes how these shapes affect the reactivity of molecules. Moreover, our team has been asked to create a simulation that can visualize how to apply essential scientific principles and evidence to provide an explanation about the effects of standard organic chemistry reaction mechanisms: substitution, elimination, and addition reactions.

Program-Ace created three connected simulations to achieve the objectives that have been set using cutting-edge technologies such as Unity and CyberScience 3D:

  • Concentration
  • The first simulator is designed to visualize the chemical processes that occur when two substances have been mixed up and show the chemical processes on macroscopic and microscopic levels.

  • States of Matter
  • This simulator demonstrates the processes that take place in a substance when changing two of its physical characteristics: for instance, pressure and temperature.

  • Molecule Viewer
  • The last simulator envisions the molecular structure of organic and inorganic substances.
Educational simulation for chemists and pharma - Cyber Chemistry from Program-Ace

Technical Information

Working on a product from the start, Program-Ace was involved in every stage of the development, including requirements specification, product visualization, 3D modeling, animation, and desktop software development. A dedicated team of five core members, including a 3D modeler, animator, VFX artist, developer, and a project manager were involved in the production stages.
Unity Cyber Science


The application is designed to deliver compelling and effective virtual training for both chemistry students and experienced chemists, thanks to exhaustive showcasing of the reformation of molecules.
Chemical Industry
Chemical Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Scientific simulation for healthcare - Cyber Chemistry

Value Delivered

As a result of our work, Program-Ace designed an interactive desktop application that delivers virtual training across all basic chemistry principles and implies the following value to our client:
  1. The usage of gamification elements in the simulation improved the training effectiveness by 30%;
  2. A fully-engaging simulation that trains chemistry students in a visually appealing way;
  3. Cyber Chemistry helped the client to extend the customer base by 43.2%;
  4. Successful penetration of the market of chemical process simulators with relatively low competition;
  5. The client improved his market position and cemented his reputation as a leading provider of desktop- and web-based innovative learning.


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