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Urban Zombie Hunter


Urban Zombie Hunter straddles the endless runner and shooter genres to provide a fun, fast-paced gaming experience. Developed specifically for virtual reality devices, this game strikes a perfect balance between engaging, quality 3D graphics and seamless gameplay. This application showcases how virtual reality is becoming an increasingly popular platform for gaming and the ways in which it allows for unique solutions.


Urban Zombie Hunter was specifically designed to appeal to a broad spectrum of users.

Target Demographics:

  • The chosen setting of a city overrun by zombies targets zombie enthusiasts.
  • The shooter aspect attracts the large market of gamers who currently play shooters on PC/consoles but are curious and desirous of a virtual reality analog.
  • The endless runner aspect offers a more engaging and dynamic 3D experience for users accustomed to 2D mobile formats.
  • The high-octane and easy-to-learn arcade feel lends the game to casual, competitive play for a wide swath of users, across all demographics, who want to experience virtual reality technology in general.

Technologies Used

Art: 3ds Max 2016, Autodesk Maya 2016, Substance Painter 1.7.2, Adobe PhotoShop CS6.

Development: Unity 5.3.4, Oculus Rift Runtime 1.3, Steam VR SDK.

Objectives and Challenges

Our objective was to fully develop a visually-engaging and smooth running virtual reality-based game. The extension of this objective was to present the ways in which virtual reality technology can be used to create unique video gaming solutions. The primary challenge faced by our team was to find a balance between graphic quality and a hitch-free, uninterrupted gaming experience.


When choosing how to craft a game that would capture the potential of virtual reality technology, we settled on combining core concepts of different game types in order to reveal the ways in which VR can change the gaming industry. On one hand, we used the concept of an endless runner, in which users must successfully navigate an avatar through an environment of hazards. On the other hand, we incorporated the aspects of a shooter, in which a user must use weapons to defeat opponents. We combined these to create a unique gameplay experience in which the user must race through a city overrun by zombies. The longer the user survives and the more zombies that are killed results in a higher score.

The game makes the most of virtual reality technology by presenting the user with 360° of 3D urban terrain and zombie hordes. In order to successfully survive, the user must be aware of these surroundings and engage with targets in front of, beside, and behind the user. All of this is rendered quickly and attractively by using models that allow the game to be played without delays or bugs. This is of critical importance for virtual reality games, as the sensation of virtual embodiment and immersion is quickly lost in the event of disruption.

Solution Advantages

  1. Introduces users to virtual reality gaming in a fun format.
  2. Combines common genres to provide something that is familiar but also new and interesting.
  3. Uses 3D modeling to create seamless gameplay without sacrificing graphic integrity.
  4. From conception to release, this app was completely done in-house, attesting to Program-Ace’s adeptness at full-cycle development.
  5. Features highly-addicting and fast-paced gameplay that balances fun with difficulty.

Benefits from Working with the Program-Ace Team

  • Our teams have extensive experience providing 3D solutions suited for a range of products and games.
  • Collaborate and exchange ideas with our diverse group of experts, who focus on a range of specializations, including virtual and augmented reality technologies, 3D modeling, and animation.
  • Versatile and flexible company and management structure allows us to agilely adapt to the demands of projects and clients.


  • Fully-developed, fun to play virtual reality game.
  • Highlights the burgeoning market for virtual reality gaming.
  • Creative integration of multiple niches: zombie aesthetic, endless runner game design, and shooter game mechanics.

Dive into the future of gaming with zombie slaughter madness in full virtual reality immersion!

To download the Urban Zombie Hunter, click on the links below:

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