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Mixed Reality Development

Mixed reality is a whole new concept of the virtual experience since it allows for combining digital objects with the real environment and interacting with them in real time.

How Mixed Reality is Different from Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Virtual reality makes the perception of the world different by completely replacing the real environment with the computer-generated visionary. With the help of virtual reality headsets, people are able to shut out the real world and immerse themselves into the new surroundings. Besides the display and lenses that cover your entire field-of-view, quite often these headsets also possess speakers and motion controllers to let the users delve into the 360-degree world.

Augmented reality has a different operating principle. AR enhances the natural environment with digital information or data, such as sounds, haptic information, and smells. This effect may be observed with the help of AR devices, smartphones, or tablets. The physical world and the CG content are enabled to interact with each other.

Mixed reality, on the other hand, is an improved version of both realities that has adopted only the most amazing components of their features. It refers to the capability to incorporate digitally-rendered objects into the natural surroundings and the ability to interact with them as if  they were real. Mixed reality does not have the limitations that other reality-altering technologies have suffered from and allows for the coexistence and cooperation of digital and real objects. It can be delivered via both smartphones and headsets; however, headsets will likely to lead the market since they provide an incomparably immersive experience to the users.

Mixed Reality Headsets

The most prominent mixed reality device is Microsoft HoloLens, a stand-alone holographic device that enhances the natural environment with holograms that look, feel, and behave as if they were realistic. A distinctive feature of this device is its ability to scan the environment and recognize objects and parts of the surroundings to help CG content penetrate into the existing world in the most natural and accurate way.

Microsoft HoloLens gives you an opportunity to interact with the holograms projected by the device onto the real surface. To allow you do so, HoloLens contains a variety of built-in sensors that read and interpret the incoming data such as a gaze, gestures, voice commands, etc.to ensure incomparable virtual experiences.

Mixed Reality Development

This reality-altering technology unlocks new amazing space for those who want to erase the boundaries of real and computer-generated objects — either by holograms, 3D models, or something else. Program-Ace’s talented experts provide full-cycle, mixed reality and HoloLens development services and create interactive applications to help our clients experience the impossible.

With an unbearable desire to help our clients improve their businesses, Program-Ace develops mixed reality applications and games that are a perfect blend of the team's experience, clients requirements, and technological capabilities.

Dive into a world of unlimited possibilities with mixed reality apps built by Program-Ace professionals. Our brilliant team combines innovative solutions and the latest technologies to provide cutting-edge, mixed reality development services and create immersive and realistic reality-altering experience. We deliver cost-effective solutions across a broad scope of industries to help customers catch up with the latest developments and innovate their venture processes.

Verticals to Apply Mixed Reality


It is not hard to figure out that gaming is the most amazing use case of mixed reality. Isn't it inspiring that you can bring your favorite characters to life and interact with them in a convenient way and at any time?


Mixed reality offers almost unlimited possibilities for medical and pharmaceutical industries. This top-notch technology can be applied everywhere, from education and training to surgical procedures and drug testing.


Imagine that you can visualize yet-to-be-manufactured objects with incredible accuracy using your assembly drawings, prototypes, and 3D models.


Enhance the paradigm of social and physical interactions and bring entertainment to a new level by visualizing the impossible and interacting with the real and imaginary world in new ways.

Architecture and Industrial Design

Architectural masterpieces can be examined before construction and design in order to ensure the structural excellence. Moreover, you can improve the design or construct with the set of gestures.

Real Estate

Mixed reality brings home design into a new dimension. Use gestures to interact with furnishings by adding or removing items or take a tour of your new home by wearing a mixed reality headset.


This industry branch can be embellished with new, amazing mixed reality solutions that allow for giving a new immersive experience to customers by turning shopping into a spectacular adventure.


Amazing features of mixed reality technology allows for creating an extremely immersive, realistic, and ultimately, effective training experience.

Our Groundbreaking Approach

Our team of certified professionals applies its comprehensive experience to dedicate all strength to the improvement of customers' businesses and stay engaged in new, revolutionary developments. Program-Ace offers a full cycle of mixed reality development services from concept design to prototyping and from engineering to testing. To ensure the quality of our services, we carefully examine the needs of each organization and its target audience to create an immersive and realistic mixed reality experience combining both technical feasibility, and end-user desirability.

This allows Program-Ace to help companies of any size and occupation to uncover the most favorable mixed reality features that will be a perfect complement to their business. For that reason, Program-Ace has developed an inventive 3-step approach to mixed reality development based on our solid knowledge of industry needs and innovations.


To ensure fruitful cooperation between our team and a client, we gather all participants who are involved in the project from both sides of the brainstorming side to clarify the requirements and objectives before starting the creative development. Our main focus is on industry problematics, milestones, and success metrics.


After the settlement of all issues regarding project specifications and ambitions, our talented experts perform a throughout contextual research and develop an out-of-the-box mixed reality solution that is consistent with the approved business model.


Finally, we define the development stages and start to build an unforgettable mixed reality application so that can help you enhance your business and experience an amazing level of interaction between real and computer-generated worlds.

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