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We solve business challenges through technological excellence, dedicated talent and transparent delivery process
Program-Ace is a premier custom software solutions provider with more than 25 years of experience in delivering outstanding software products. The quality and transparency of the development process is a number one priority for us, that’s why we use only the most effective methodologies and cooperation models that are beneficial to our clients.

Business Models

Team Extension

With a wide spectrum of services provided from virtual reality and augmented reality development and gaming solutions to training & simulations and web development, Program-Ace is a company worth attention. For that reason, one of the most prominent business models is Dedicated Team. This model assumes that a team of professionals provided by an R&D company will work remotely on your project. In other words, developers effortlessly join an existing team, adopts customer company’s culture, methodologies, and best practices.
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The company together with the customer selects experts to work on a specific project. Besides, the service provider organization provides employees with all the necessary working conditions and protection. In return, the customer pays an agreed amount of money that includes a monthly salary for every developer. Also, the client has full control over team’s capacity, project management, working hours, and meeting deadlines.

Commonly Used:

  • for any project with unclear deadlines and/or changeable requirements;
  • when it is profitable to work with a particular professional or professionals;
  • when the budget is tight or not approved;
  • when it is necessary to outsource only a part of a project.


  • The client exercises control over team’s workload and performance;
  • Only high-skilled and trained developers are working in a team;
  • Your dedicated team can be easily expanded or downsized at any time if necessary.

Time & Material

When specifications are unclear, and project scope is not precisely defined or needs to be developed throughout the project, Program-Ace suggests using our Time & Materials cooperation model. It will be a perfect match for a long-term or part-time project with no strings attached or undefined specifications, deliverables, or budget. As the final price and workloads change, T&M offers flexible working conditions for both parties. This cooperation model provides the resilience of modifying requirements, amount of developers, workload, and optimizing cost at the same time.
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Commonly Used:

  • for medium and large projects with many internal tasks;
  • for projects with frequently changing demands;
  • when the development team’s workloads and deadlines are not specified.


  • Adjust evolving requirements anytime during the project;
  • Control the project throughout the iterations;
  • Pay only according to the time spent;
  • Manage or change developers’ capacity.

Fixed Cost

This model is preferable for small and medium projects with strict and well-documented requirements. The client gives the service provider with all main details like project scope, working period, deadlines for each stage of a project, established budget, demands to the final product and all project-connected details. These comprehensive set of specifications cannot be changed during the duration of the project. Program-Ace carefully explores all project details, estimates its scope and complexity, and provides a proposal with delivery schedule and total cost.
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Fixed price engagement model does not require any additional control from the customer; a service provider is responsible for the project management.

Commonly Used:

  • for a long-term project with stable requirements that are not expected to be changed;
  • for cooperation when both company and client are aware of the project details, required skills, and capacities;
  • for fixed rate hours, deadlines, and payment;
  • for small and midsize projects.


  • Does not require additional spending;
  • Gives the customer freedom to spend his/her valuable time on important tasks, instead of controlling the project;
  • Provides risk-free cooperation.
Hybrid outsourcing Model

Hybrid Model

Sometimes the project is not small enough for Fixed Price business model, but yet the customer wants to have project cost estimation for at least certain period of time. In that case we offer a Hybrid business model, where first we develop a prototype or an MVP with limited functionality on a Fixed Cost basis and then step by step add the rest of the needed functionality on Time & Material basis.
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Hybrid outsourcing model

Commonly Used:

  • for medium and large projects with well-defined scope of the core functionality
  • for projects with well-defined budget limitations
  • when the project has strict delivery deadlines


  • Well-defined development plan
  • Clear budget and no “cost surprises”
  • No need to develop a detailed specification for all the features
  • A good combination of flexibility and risk minimization
Time and budget cap

Time/Budget Cap

This type of engagement means that the collaboration process is going to be split into fixed-time parts (for example one or three month each) with a fixed budget limitations that cannot be exceeded. All the development work is executed within these time and budget frames.
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Time and budget cap

Commonly Used:

  • for projects that don’t have well-defined specifications and scope description
  • for clients that want to get both - flexibility and predictable cost
  • for projects where requirements cat change over time


  • predictable budget and natural accountability of the vendor, where each development stage starts only if the client is happy with the outcome of the previous one
  • short-time planning nature of this business model allows for creating clear development plans and delivery timelines
  • risk-free cooperation for both parties

Transparency and Effectiveness

We always build long-term partnerships with their customers and ensure mutual trust, transparency, and the most effective software development methodology that is perfect for the particular project. Choosing an appropriate cooperation model will help both sides to reduce possible risks and derive maximum benefits from the partnership. We consult our clients on what business model and methodology to choose depending on project needs, scope, and capacity.
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