FurnitARe: Augmented Reality Furniture

Program-Ace brings interactive room design experience to a new level using markerless AR solution.

Background Info

Having an incredibly professional team of VR/AR developers and business analysts, Program-Ace is following the AR market trends. The VR/AR market is no longer only about the gaming and entertainment industry and is experiencing drastic changes. In this disrupting time, it’s vital to stay focused and fulfill the innovative needs of other industries to help them enter the market seamlessly and cost-effectively.

Program-Ace has created a cross-platform augmented reality application for iOS and Android using ARKit & ARCore technologies. With the power of Unity engine and our creative team of VR/AR developers and 3D artists, we managed to create a robust, free product for in the interior design industry.

FurnitARe is a multifaceted application which uses markerless AR technology to transform old-fashioned, boring furnishing procedure into an interactive, customizable and exciting process. FurnitARe helps you inspirit the routine of designing your house, room or office with the right furniture, eliminating the need for physical presence of these objects to visualize the desired interior.

Business Challenges

Marketing Effectiveness
Many companies avoid AR/VR technologies because of their development costs. We wanted to solve that problem, and created a fully-functioning AR application for the interior design industry which helps companies and users upload their own content absolutely for free.
User Experience
Moving towards markerless AR technology allowing users to obtain full freedom over smooth object placement in addition to limitless model uploading. Granted the power of ARKit & ARCore technologies we managed to solve the problem of surface detection and object placement.
Technical Performance
Ideal image target attributes do not exist and may work differently under the same conditions. The image recognition may either be slow, fast or irresponsive which affects the app performance. With the help of markerless AR technology, the issue of seamless object visualization was solved.

Approach and Solution

Our top priority for this project was to overcome the existing business challenges and introduce a new AR product for a wider audience. There are many incredible AR applications for interior design industry on the market, however, the vast majority of them are bound to a particular brand or company. The FurnitARe application is focusing on reaching a broader market this is why it’s completely price and watermark free which allows anybody who is interested in the application to use it for private or commercial purposes.

FurnitARe allows you to upload an unlimited number of custom furniture 3D models. With our AR application, a user is able to test and try the desired furniture solutions before placing an order which provides a lot of freedom for users and companies that offer design services or specialize in furniture retail.

We used ARKit & ARCore, the leading technologies in the industry, for building the FurnitARe application. With the power of ARKit & ARCore, we could achieve markerless surface recognition and object placement which has proven to be an effective solution that provides an opportunity to get impeccable experience from the augmented reality. We aimed to make it intuitive for the end user to navigate within the AR environment and make the best decisions for object’s location. Based on our application development experience we believe that we have built a comfortable object placement pipeline that allows users to get the most out of the FurnitARe application.

Technical Information

From a technological standpoint, the AR markerless solution has opened a new door for surface detection and recognition which not only allows to navigate within the real environment much easier but also provides an unlimited uploading of 3D models. It took one product manager, UX/UI artist, 3D modeler, two augmented reality Unity developers, and one QA specialist to complete the application.

Unity Maya


FurnitARe is an augmented reality application for individuals or companies that are interested in interior design, and retail services:
Real Estate
Real Estate
Product configurator for furniture
Interior design

Value Delivered

FurnitARe has successfully reached a broader audience causing incredibly positive public resonance within and beyond the interior design community:
  1. There are a variety of applications on the market that fit only to a specific brand. On the contrary, our application is available for any brand, company or private use.
  2. FurnitARe uses markerless AR technology to recognize and detect the surface which provides higher flexibility for interior design operations and furniture placement.
  3. The application is free to use, contains no ads, banner or any watermarks which make it a perfect solution for retail, design and manufacturing companies.
  4. FurnitARe is a user-friendly AR application which requires no prior training or guidelines and is completely intuitive.

FurnitARe Demo Video

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