Interactive High-End Architectural 3D Visualization Case Study

Interactive Architectural 3D Visualization

Program-Ace brings an unparallelled value to complex business presentations

Background Info

With a solid background in making top-notch 3D graphical projects, Program-Ace is glad to introduce our customers to Interactive Architectural 3D Visualization, providing a remarkable experience during the walkthrough guides over complex estate areas. In this particular instance, our client wanted to conjure a highly-realistic resort area that would be fully accessible for users to explore with the “game-like” controls, allowing for free movement between different building zones.

Powered by Ace3D Engine, our team of professionals was able to construct or re-create any sort of photorealistic assets required for a coherent landscape of a project that was previously available only in pre-rendered scene stills or animations. In addition to that, interaction is something we always try to implement when creating a complicated set of 3D services, allowing the customers to cruise through the interior for the best detail inspection possible.

Business Challenges

Realistic Environment and Interior Simulation
The client wanted to receive a visually appealing and convenient tool to showcase all the resort areas and indoor commodities with a convenient control system.
Merging 3D Gaming Techniques with the Industrial Sector
Making complex objects available for user interaction was another major feature to include when planning the construction schematics and facilities.
Sales and Marketing
A major purpose of the app development was to approach the new marketing fields by adopting contemporary presentation techniques with striking graphical performance.

Approach and Solution

We got contacted by our client to develop an application with a complex set of premises, fully explorable for a regular user, complemented by a realistic environment, primarily for business purposes. It is also applicable for the entertainment purpose, considering the high interactivity level that it provides between a user and the interior objects. While filling the needs of the architects' presentations, it also caters to design studios and advertising companies, allowing to expand the range of their services, let alone estate owners who are willing to increase the visual appeal of their product to boost sales.

The application demanded a sizeable amount of effort in conjuring big indoor and outdoor areas, given the scale of the world they were designed to fill. We also created a convenient control experience for users to navigate through spacious virtual realm areas, providing some seamless user interaction with various in-app characters, opening the doors, using the elevator, etc. Thanks to Ace3D Engine and our proprietary development frameworks, we have successfully re-created a realistic entourage of a resort area with high-poly, full-HD assets, realistic water, shadows, and lighting, powered by special effects.

To simplify the cruising process, our team of professionals designed a convenient menu where a user can either instantly proceed into map browsing, or use a search or editor features for a more detailed exploration inside the app.

As a result of a well-planned development cycle and a meticulous development process, the Program-Ace team of professionals was able to deploy a finished product, showing steady efficiency when creating practical business tools.
Visualizations for real estate and architecture

Technical Information

During the production stage, our dedicated team of six 3D artists and four developers have produced a stable and solid product, which took roughly three months to produce. Tools and programs that were used are as follows:
Ace3D Engine Visual Studio Devil Newton


Such applications can serve for both entertainment and more serious purposes, therefore many industries can implement these techniques in various areas such as:
Media and Entertainment
Media and Entertainment
Construction & Architecture
Construction & Architecture
Marketing & Advertising
Marketing & Advertising
Real Estate
Real Estate
Interactive High-End Architectural 3D Visualization

Value Delivered

The Program-Ace team offers some key benefits for this project:
  1. Delivered a top-notch graphical fidelity for the application that is capable of showing high-quality imagery in Full HD resolution, which makes it a great solution for exhibitions;
  2. Business functionality is fully available, allowing the users to utilize search, booking, and other features that can either be added or removed from interactive visualization;
  3. Improved market image of our client by introducing their customers to the bright and appealing product demonstration;
  4. Thanks to our proprietary frameworks that are compatible with Ace3D Engine made the development process more predictive and fast;
  5. Decrease client’s time to market, thanks to a powerful showcasing product.
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