Interactive Personal Trainer (UI/UX concept)

Sport, Food and Diary App

Background Info

Personal Trainer is an app concept developed for mobile devices, which is aimed at helping users stay fit and healthy, both in physical activity and diet. The main elements of the app include a “Sport” section for building and monitoring your fitness plan, as well as a “Food” section for organizing your diet and arranging for the foods’ delivery. Our development team has toiled vigorously to bring users a health and fitness experience unlike any other. One of the highlights of the experience is a personal trainer within the app that will motivate users in their workout and perform the exercises side by side with them. Numerous customization options are presented to the user, allowing them to get an optimized workout experience influenced by their personal fitness level, body characteristics, and diet. Speaking about diet, the application will make eating healthy a walk in the park. Users are presented with a wide variety of healthy foods and dishes to order, and have the option to get the meals delivered to them through eco-friendly transportation. This comprehensive approach to health improvement, coupled with availability on different device types has made the app concept a shining achievement.

Business Challenges

Engraining Purpose
The app concept was developed with the intent of improving users’ health and fitness, but one of the challenges encountered was the need to motivate users towards achieving their health goals and stick to the regimen established by the application.
Interface Layout
In order to provide users with an organized and convenient experience, the development of multiple tabs and sections within the UI was deemed necessary. This way, users would be able to alternate and navigate to different menus with ease and a minuscule number of motions.
Multi-device Support
The viability of an app often depends on how many devices it is installed on, so a companion app for the Apple Watch is vital for greater public adoption. The Apple Watch is a wearable gadget well-suited for fitness tracking, and many owners of the device prefer to use it over their smartphone for fitness tracking.

Approach and Solution

While our development team has extensive experience in developing mobile applications for different platforms, they opted to conduct additional research on health and fitness apps before moving on to the user interface. This process involved trying out the most popular apps in the niche and determining which features/elements worked best. After creating a baseline for what users like and want in such an app, it was time to integrate it with their vision for the application.

During the development of the user interface, the team of UI/UX designers determined all of the menus necessary for the app to deliver its full functionality, and created a mind map linking them together. This included the chronological order of menus that users would access after clicking on a particular option, organized for optimal convenience. With the concept and structure of the app fully established, a working prototype was created, tested, and expanded.

Technical Information

The application prototype was created by a single artist over the course of several weeks. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and XD were the primary programs used for the basic design, layout, and graphics of the application.
Photoshop Illustrator xD


There are no age limits when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle, so a completed application should be accessible to everyone, though it will likely most appeal to teens and adults.
Healthcare institutions
sprot centres
Sport centres
Cricket players

Value Delivered

The reaction to the Personal Trainer app concept from both our test group and ordinary users has been overwhelmingly positive, and we see great potential in expanding similar concepts in the future.
  1. Our team has prototyped a modern and convenient solution for everyday fitness, accessible both on mobile phones and the Apple Watch.
  2. Users of the application gain a helpful workout partner and motivation provider in the form of the built-in Personal Trainer.
  3. We have taken the extra step of combining fitness-related functionality with a system for arranging and ordering food, thus providing the best of both worlds.
  4. This foray into the world of fitness applications has given our development team valuable experience and insight into catering to users’ needs.
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