Mirinda Virtual Reality Case Study

Mirinda VR

Program-Ace redefines the immersive VR walkthrough niche by creating a remarkable location to interact and explore for a famous FMCG company

Background Info

Mirinda VR is an application for desktop users to experience a cruise throughout an island and collect points by picking up virtual Mirinda cans while riding in a roller-coaster booth. Compatible with Oculus Rift, it requires the user to make certain head movements to make sigil gathering fast and effective.

Initially designed for marketing purposes, this app is a solid showcase of our expertise in crafting a realistic VR environment by utilizing the power of Oculus Rift and Unity engine. Given a fair amount of foliage and overall high VR hardware requirements, our experts have also managed to maintain a stable performance at lower-end PCs during a whole virtual journey process.

Considering how joyful and promising virtual solutions are on the market, potentially reaching up to $40.4B share by 2020, Mirinda VR is a wonderful example of how virtual reality can enrich marketing campaigns.

Business Challenges

Addition of Branding Elements
Due to an initial marketing premise of the app, it had to contain many brand depiction instances to keep its name reminiscent for the wide audience and introduce it to new people.
Performance Concerns
We had to ensure a stable app work regardless of user's PC setup, maintaining an acceptable FPS number for a smooth and responsive visual experience, therefore finding a balance between graphical fidelity and a polished technical process.
Raising the Engagement Level
With an addition of gamification features into the app, we needed to make it appealing and easy-going for any demographic group by adding interaction points into the summer Mirinda world.

Approach and Solution

After a joyful and constructive discussion between Program-Ace and the client’s representatives, our team of professionals decided to make a VR application that would serve as straightforward guidance throughout the location while using the roller-coaster to enhance the speed of cruising process. The key priority was to implement Mirinda logos as the marketing feature, whereas it would not irritate the players and to put it in a shiny and bright VR environment, compatible with Oculus Rift.

Our choice of Unity as the main engine for a project was not a big surprise since its flexibility allows for the best balance between the visual fidelity and moderate hardware requirements. Plus, we have one of the biggest Unity development teams in Europe. After our 3D artists had finished modeling shenanigans and a particle system had been applied, our developer designed 3 different tracks with their unique routes. Given the casual nature of the application and Rift's technical capabilities, the controls were constructed to use the player's head motion to collect emerging Mirinda logos by simply staring at them.

Like in many other VR products, optimization was another major obstacle to overcome, since not every PC setup is capable of handling a decent image in some places, let alone a whole location, saturated with various objects and foliage. Being optimized and carefully set at a certain number, the frames per second (FPS) index is supposed to prevent the app from either being slowed or being too impetuous, so the players could enjoy a smooth, gamified process with no obstacles.
Innovative approach to virtual reality development - Program-Ace

Technical Information

The application for Oculus Rift was created by a team of a concept designer, 3D artist, and a developer, taking a month to deploy a full VR product.
Unity Oculus SDK С sharp 3DS Max


With an ample usage of bright locations and brand placement, Mirinda VR excels when utilized by such industries:
VR for Marketing
VR for retail
VR for entertainment
Media & Entertainment
VR for marketing
Value delivered for PepsiCo for their marketing Mirinda project

Value Delivered

This application has greatly served its initial goals, allowing us to broaden our VR expertise and showcase a polished marketing product
  1. Our app has introduced more than 3,000 users to an immersive VR world, according to app store download numbers;
  2. The vastly improved performance provided by a stable framerate number, free of stuttering;
  3. Increased the recognition of Mirinda brand and help the client enter the VR market;
  4. Successful enrichment of Mirinda’s marketing campaign with VR content;
  5. The solution that backs up company’s internal value to deliver top-notch products to a greater number of consumers.


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