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DeFi VR World

Program-Ace developed a metaverse with an NFT marketplace and Web 3.0 social media on board.

Background Info

The DeFi World was a challenging yet rewarding project whose primary purpose lay in developing a metaverse comprising the elements of social media and the NFT marketplace. Therefore, our mission was to create a Web3-as-a-service metaverse platform integrated with blockchain and connected to a wide range of third-party services.

Business Challenges

Integrating third-party services
One of the most complex challenges in this project was to integrate such services as Shopify, Pinata, Cloudlink, and Webinopoly into the metaverse. A wide variety of services was meant to enrich the platform and engage more users by maximizing the final value.
Connecting the metaverse to crypto wallets
Another system that had to be integrated with the metaverse included two crypto wallets — Zero Hash and Web3Auth. The availability of these two solutions unquestionably increases the value for the end-user.
Developing an innovative next-gen social network
Built on top of the blockchain and NFT system, our team created DeFi VR World as a social media where users can buy or sell items for cryptocurrency, communicate, as well as visit each other’s 3D homes in an immersive environment.

Approach and Solution

After elaborating on the discovery phase, UI/UX design, and core architecture, we have proceeded to plan how to connect a social network to the metaverse platform with the possibility of further growth. Developed in the Unity game engine, DeFi VR World combined the play-to-earn system with social networking and NFT trading inside a 3D environment.

What we have completed throughout the project includes:

  • Avatar creation tool;
  • 3D virtual environment;
  • 3D NFT elements;
  • Personal & business accounts;
  • Friend list;
  • Chatting & posting system;
  • Integration with crypto wallets;
  • Shop location;
  • Buyer and seller functionality;
  • The ability to create, replenish, and use a wallet inside the metaverse;
  • Administrator panel.

Working inside Unity, our 3D artists have built the entire world from scratch, while back-end specialists developed a robust platform to facilitate the functionality of all payment systems. With an attractive appearance and reliable technical foundation, DeFi VR World is about to break the limits of traditional social networks, thereby establishing new standards for the industry.

DeFiVRWorld ApproachandSolution

Technical Information

We have resolved to work according to the engagement model to finalize this project successfully. Our dedicated team consisted of a Business Analyst, Front-End as well as Back-End Developers, QA Engineer, DevOps Engineer, and 2D/3D Artists. We worked for 18 months on this project and took advantage of such technologies as Unity, React.js, TypeScript, Webpack, SCSS, Mantine UI, PHP, Laravel, MySQL, and the rest.
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The basis of the community interested in this project comprises crypto enthusiasts who seek cutting-edge technologies and new prospects of how to realize their online social life. Therefore, the potential users of DeFi VR World can pertain to a broad spectrum of demographic groups, from tech-savvy students and gamers to venture capitalists curious about blockchain technology or cryptocurrency.
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Crypto enthusiasts
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Blockchain investors
Blockchain investors
DeFiVRWorld ValueDelivered

Value Delivered

By the end of the project, our team had developed the system underlying 2 types of users: a buyer and a seller. In turn, purchasers use this space as a marketplace and a social network inside the 3D setting. Thus, the final value we have delivered can be split into 3 ramifications:
  1. Value for the client. The functionality of DeFi VR World presupposes the opportunity to place ads in the virtual world as well as benefit from transaction commissions and selling tokens. Additionally, customers can pay for the rent of digital stores and microservices.

  2. Value for the end-user (buyer). DeFi VR World is a virtual environment where people can socialize, buy NFTs, and demonstrate them in the social network context. Furthermore, a buyer receives the ability to purchase actual goods through stores in a 3D environment, which is another constituent of the final value.

  3. Value for the seller's end-user. The metaverse will function as a new market for the brand's physical goods, providing a new way to monetize through selling NFTs for a brand.

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