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We build innovative metaverse solutions and assets that deliver real business value.
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Relying on our long-term experience building immersive metaverse applications, we can serve as a strong and capable partner that will get your metaverse project off the ground and rocketing toward success. Our metaverse development company boasts an extensive portfolio that showcases a wide range of multi-dimensional metaverse projects proving our expertise in the field.

We are well-equipped to create a metaverse that spans multiple platforms and fulfills various purposes. You can be sure that this virtual metaverse environment will include a broad range of interactions and functionality that is about to bring great value to your business. Leverage our metaverse development services to build a custom virtual world for your audience!

Our Tech Stack for Metaverse Development

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Unreal Engine

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Facebook Horizon

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Our Tech Stack for Metaverse Development

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Unreal Engine

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Facebook Horizon

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Metaverse Development Services We Provide

Metaverse Consulting
Metaverse consulting
Not only can Program-Ace develop a full-scale metaverse to help boost your business performance, but we can also consult you on any issue related to such projects. With our extensive experience and qualified expertise tailored to your specific needs, you can launch research-based metaverse projects, expecting more profit from the same initiative.
Metaverse Consulting Services
Metaverse Games
MetaverseGames Metaversecompany
As a metaverse development company, Program-Ace, along with its gaming division Game-Ace, has developed dozens of games (many for VR/AR) and even has a dedicated studio with game development experts and artists that will push your metaverse game project forward and deliver a one-of-a-kind experience to gamers.
Metaverse Game Development Services
Metaverse Applications
MetaverseApplications Metaversecompany
Our metaverse development company is ready to build apps that will be part of an ecosystem and make up your metaverse. You freely choose the purpose of your metaverse applications (presentation, tours, social communication, etc.), and we will implement it, as well as tie it together with the metaverse platform as a whole.
Metaverse App Development
Simulations, Training, and Digital Twins
Simulation,Training,Digitaltwins Metaversecompany
Whether you plan to use your platform for commercial purposes or internal ones (e.g. training, research, development), our team can produce the related metaverse programming. Whether this is an immersive experience, a metaverse digital twin based on a product/hardware, or another type of asset, you can count on the very best level of quality.
Metaverse Marketplaces
MetaverseMarketplaces Metaversecompany
With the help of our metaverse marketplaces, users will be able to easily trade digital and physical assets, offer services, haggle, and even make new contacts. If you want to tailor your marketplace to a particular type of goods (such as metaverse art), we will ensure that the end product is the best of its kind.
Metaverse Decentralized Platforms
DecentralizedPlatforms Metaversecompany
When you need a virtual space where cryptocurrency users can freely manage and conduct operations with their digital assets, we are ready to make it happen in a VR metaverse or any other format you choose. These solutions can be optimized, connected to blockchain, and geared towards other activities like gaming and socialization.
Metaverse Digital Economies (NFT, Blockchain)
DigitalEconomies Metaversecompany
Our metaverse app development company can help you build the next big gathering ground for crypto enthusiasts, where cryptocurrency, metaverse NFTs, and other blockchain assets can be freely traded, purchased, and sold. Based on your specifications, we can implement support for multiple wallets, blockchain, technologies, and other metaverse solutions.
Metaverse 2D/3D Art Services
D/Dartservices Metaversecompany
Visualization is a key aspect of all metaverse applications, so plenty of 2D and 3D art, models, and other assets are required, which our company can provide as part of our metaverse development services. This team has been creating AR/VR optimized assets for nearly a decade and will happily do the same for your metaverse.
3D Modeling for Metaverses
Metaverse Integration Services
Metaverseintegration Metaversecompany
Our metaverse development company works with a powerful and versatile tech stack, allowing us to add numerous integrations into custom metaverse development. For example, we can build or implement APIs, architecture, data tools, and other solutions that add value and functionality to the ecosystem.
Metaverse for Enterprise
Metaverse for enterprises icon
Program-Ace crafts customized 3D virtual spaces within its metaverse for enterprise service, which is aimed at enhancing business teamwork, learning experiences, and operational efficiency. Our service encompasses tools for virtual collaboration, immersive training solutions, and streamlined operational processes in secure, adaptable digital environments.

What Industry Are You In?
We Provide Custom Metaverse Development for Any Industry

entertainment Metaverseservices
Creating great virtual spaces in the metaverse where users can chat, enjoy their favorite media, and otherwise amuse themselves.
Read more
E Commerce Metaverseservices
Robust metaverse marketplaces for purchasing physical goods or services, (or alternatively digital assets) with various payment tools and instruments.
Read more
Fashion Metaverseservices
Our metaverse development services cover the building of virtual showrooms, changing rooms, and storefronts that allow users to get the most out of their favorite clothing products and accessories.
Read more
Marketing Metaverseservices
Our metaverse-driven marketing solutions will be closely connected to your existing company apps and services, promoting your products/services through immersion.
Read more
Games Metaverseservices
Game Development
Game Development
If you need a game to include social metaverse features and connect to a broader software platform, our developers will see that it is built according to these (and any other) specifications.
Read more
Food&Beverage Metaverseservices
Food & Beverage
Food & Beverage
Metaverse development projects in this industry allows for creating logistic solutions, interactive product experiences, and R&D software, all combined through software.
Read more
Manufacturing Metaverseservices
Popular solutions like digital twins and prototyping simulation can be developed to be seamless with your other manufacturing business processes in the metaverse.
Read more
Education Metaverseservices
The use of immersion as well as other metaverse tools makes education more accessible and appealing to learners, and we have the expertise to design these unique experiences.
Read more
Travel Metaverseservices
Travel & Tourism
Travel & Tourism
We can transport users to immersive and realistic metaverses, letting them experience tours, nature, and different forms of travel through our software and gorgeous 3D assets.
Read more
Healthcare Metaverseservices
Our metaverse development company can help you optimize and improve various aspects of your healthcare business based on immersive training, diagnosis, and medical research.
Read more

Our Engagement Models

Dedicated team

Dedicated Team

We provide a full team of specialists including PM's and Tech Leads working exclusively on your project and handling the project’s management.

Team extension

Team Extension

You can choose multiple specialists from our roster to join your team (remotely). This allows you to have full control over the project's management.

Project-based model

Project-Based Model

You partner with our metaverse development company and we complete the project in its entirety, with your feedback and input along the way.

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Our Engagement Models

Dedicated team

Dedicated Team

We provide a full team of specialists including PM's and Tech Leads working exclusively on your project and handling the project’s management.

Team Extension

Team Extension

You can choose multiple specialists from our roster to join your team (remotely). This allows you to have full control over the project's management.

Project-based model

Project-Based Model

You partner with our company and we complete the project in its entirety, with your feedback and input along the way.

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Start of Work
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Send Us a Message
As soon as you get in touch with our metaverse development company, you can deem our cooperation started. It is time to discuss your project requirements, expectations, and goals.
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Requirements Analysis
Following our initial discussion, metaverse developers at Program-Ace thoroughly review your project requirements and then provide insights regarding how each feature can be implemented.
Software Development Outsourcing 16
Once everything is crystal-clear and strategically outlined, our metaverse development team can estimate the costs and time frame required to finalize your metaverse in the most optimal way.
Software Development Outsourcing 17
Negotiations & Contract
Having stipulated all the terms and cooperation conditions, we move on to negotiating and signing contracts, including an NDA.
Software Development Outsourcing 18
Start of Work
The Program-Ace team commences work on your metaverse project only when all the previous steps are considered passed, so we will not need to worry about planning.

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Why Choose Us for Metaverse Development

High end tech stack icon
High-end tech stack

Our metaverse development company leverages only top-notch technologies to bring the highest summits closer to you, helping you achieve your goals, not for all the money in the world.

Timely delivery icon 1
Timely delivery

Since we know the score, our metaverse developers always deliver projects on time and dedicate maximum effort to making your virtual world shine bright as well as function flawlessly.

Bet on transparency icon 1
Bet on transparency

Program-Ace favors clear communication, attention to detail, and reliance on a previously created step-by-step plan approved by the client or crafted under their guidance.

Experienced professionals 1
Experienced professionals

Although metaverse technology is a new big thing, our developers have already assembled enough experience to become pros in delivering exclusively superior solutions.


Just like any other complex project, its duration is challenging to foresee because some concealed aspects always pop up throughout the development phase, let alone a client's reviews and unexpected features. This being a natural and organic process, the average metaverse development project duration usually varies between 1 and 2 years.

However, as usual, everything depends on the number of features implemented, the scope, the audience, and the metaverse development services you choose. Our vision of project development, in particular, relies on the iterative approach to ensure maximum flexibility if clients change their opinion or the market undergoes alterations. Moreover, we always start off developing an MVP of your metaverse applications to be able to make any essential changes prior to taking on a full-scale project.

If narrowed down, the answer to this question is affected by several crucial aspects:

  • Scale. How large and feature-rich will your metaverse be? Is it going to have one basic mechanic and several small-scale features, or will it be an immense virtual environment with a high number of simultaneous visitors online? Beyond question, the metaverse is a large project by default, inasmuch as it must encompass many intertwined services and activities, but, as usual, some of them may be more complicated, while others — primitive. Everything affects the development process, and each metaverse development company approaches it differently.

  • Budget. Evidently, the more financial resources you have, the larger team you can hire to develop your metaverse. The time frame needed to build a vast virtual world varies based on how many specialists you have on your team as well as their experience and motivation. With a reliable metaverse development company as your technology partner, you can expect that your metaverse will be finished within a year or two, but you shouldn’t rely on those numbers too much because a more precise estimation can be done only after the first discussion between you and our metaverse development company.

  • Team composition. If your team includes all the specialists you need, the development process will undoubtedly take less time. However, if you lack some essential developers or designers, if their expertise isn’t enough to cover all the needs, chances are your metaverse development project may linger.

Although there are multiple factors that influence the project duration estimation, the aspects described above account for the primary ones. You should definitely take them into account. Still, you had better address our specialists to receive more exact estimations tailored to your specific metaverse development project requirements and business needs.

Although it's difficult to estimate the cost of an enterprise metaverse development project, the price for similar initiatives starts from $120,000 and has no limits. Large-scale corporations spend millions to offer maximum value for their end-consumers. However, the metaverse project details, scope, and budget are usually discussed throughout the initial personal interview with a client.

Since our metaverse development company sticks to client-oriented principles, we always communicate the ways of optimizing resources and helping clients save the maximum amount of costs allocated for their metaverse projects. That’s why we highly recommend that you discuss your metaverse development with us in order to shed light on all the underlying aspects and estimate the cost more precisely.

Now let’s see what affects the price of your future metaverse in more detail.

  1. The number of features and their complexity. Apparently, the broader the features list of your metaverse application, the more time and money it will take to implement each of them. Two other variables worthy of consideration are the purpose of your metaverse and its role in the target industry.

  2. Hardware and software needed to execute the project. The number of mediums your metaverse will rely on in order to let the user enter your virtual environment will certainly have a huge impact on the final project execution price. The more devices you need to adapt your metaverse to, the higher the development cost. That’s why your team needs to have access to as many target devices as possible, let alone hardware and software, to develop the metaverse itself. Quite often, these tools aren’t cheap at all.

  3. Team members. In case you have every single specialist for metaverse development, you won’t have to be concerned about the quality, but more experienced and competent employees ask for higher wages, which, in turn, is likely to make your project cost incredibly higher.

What is the perfect solution to decrease the metaverse development cost? The most optimal way to do it right implies getting in touch with a reliable metaverse development company whose outsourcing services will allow you to save financial resources on production. Why so? Simply because the external metaverse development team already has access to all the software and hardware, you won’t need to supply them with any tools, not to mention the workspace.

If you've already resolved to plunge into metaverse development, the most efficient way is to address a reliable custom metaverse development company. During the very first interview, we'll discuss everything you may be interested in, plan each further step, calculate the budget, and design the product roadmap to help you visualize what to expect from this project in the long run.

Metaverse development is a large-scale initiative, so it requires a well-structured step-by-step plan to be completed successfully. Since the metaverse is quite a new phenomenon, we highly suggest receiving some consulting from companies with experience. Let this be the first step on your road to success. Any development will start with planning. So, please make an effort to build an effective plan with your development team.

After all, the best way to approach metaverse development is to find reliable outsourcing companies and make one of them your technology partner for the good of long-term cooperation. The technology behind the metaverse is vast, multidimensional, and complicated, implying you’ll always need someone to incorporate new features or fix bugs, so having an experienced partner is always a huge advantage.

Here is a quick checklist shedding light on when you should be thinking about launching the metaverse development project:

  • your business has reached the peak of its potential;
  • you want to push the limits of your current business activities and improve performance;
  • your brand needs renovation;
  • you would like to broaden the target audience;
  • you have ambitions to embrace Web3 (for blockchain-based metaverses).

So you had better start pondering over the possibility of addressing a metaverse development company as soon as possible in order not to miss the right opportunity. Review your business performance, get yourself a professional consultation, analyze competitors, and look for a reliable metaverse development partner who would be able to accept the responsibility of building the entire virtual universe for your business.

The answer to this question can be ambivalent, both complex and straightforward at the same time. If you've already embraced the digital transformation of your business, have a digital presence, and want to expand it to pursue innovations that move toward Web3, chances are you may indeed require a metaverse.

In this case, you'll extract maximum value from it since your product or services will undergo a crucial transformation, being brought to the next, metaverse level. Inside your future metaverse, you'll be able to continue the previous corporate activity but only from a higher point and with a broader audience. Let alone that this initiative opens more doors for future metaverse development improvements.

You will know exactly when you need to start metaverse development when:

  • your current state of affairs in business does not satisfy your goals;
  • the industry is uninterruptedly moving forward, with competitors embracing the new metaverse technology, so you cannot lag behind;
  • your business has grown to a scale where it can’t evolve any further, entailing the emergence of more limitations than opportunities for improvement;
  • you would like to attract new audiences to your business or revive the interest of loyal clients in your brand;
  • you desire to find new ways of monetizing your services or product.

Without a doubt, there are a lot of other markers indicating that you should consider switching to the new Web3 realm, which, of course, doesn’t directly point toward the need to embrace the metaverse technology but show what prospects are open to you. The metaverse can indeed be separated from Web3, considering that not all virtual worlds are powered by blockchain. So you’ve got an entire spectrum of options to choose from.

Thus, what industries benefit most from metaverse development?

  1. Manufacturing. Manufacturers can test products without even using physical objects. All the testing can be carried out inside their own metaverse, sometimes even with real-world users entering your virtual realm. This approach will likely reduce the costs, manufacturing time, and risks.

  2. Automotive. Today the industry has got car configurators and 3D visualizations, but these technological solutions can be moved even further by incorporating the metaverse. You can combine everything, which may lead to marketing, promoting, showcasing, and selling cars more effectively without putting everything at stake.

  3. Real estate. In case your business touches upon real estate, you can benefit from building your own metaverse more than ever. Just imagine showing the bedroom to a couple of interested potential buyers inside your virtual world without even leaving your own house or office. No traffic jams, no costs spent on travel, no physical risks.

  4. Entertainment. There’s no denying that the entertainment industry is one of the most exposed to new technologies because fun is everything in today’s world. It drives the market as much as hunger and thirst. If you have a game, app, or anything virtual, you can definitely expand your market presence and offer more value to your users.

  5. Education. Immersive e-learning is already gaining traction, so this process has started. Adding the metaverse touch will only increase education's positive effect.

Fortunately, there are a plethora of ways to monetize your metaverse. And even more possible metaverse services you can offer. If it's built on top of a blockchain, you can reap the benefits from cryptocurrency transaction fees every time your customers buy or sell NFTs on the in-built marketplace.

In addition, you can partner up with other businesses and incorporate their microservices into your metaverse to enhance its functionality and broaden the experience of your metaverse users, making a profit from transaction fees or rent. Finally, you can sell the virtual land of your metaverse for cryptocurrencies. Our metaverse developers can help you with these initiatives.

The ability to cooperate with other businesses will help you increase your brand identity and reinforce your market positioning. Moreover, getting new contacts and partners is always a huge plus for long-term cooperation. You can arrange shared events in the virtual environment, which may entail the exchange of audiences, gradually leading to better revenue generation.

Depending on the type and range of services or products you offer, the metaverse can be of benefit to you in a different way.

  1. Transaction fees. If your metaverse is based on a blockchain, you can generate revenue from the transaction fees that your users pay whenever they buy or sell NFT items, whether these are real estate objects, in-game assets, artwork, and the rest.

  2. Third-party services or product integration. Owning your metaverse implies that you can incorporate your partners' or client's services into it, thereby expanding its scope and influence, simultaneously making more profit out of this initiative. For instance, open a new realm that sells real estate in the form of NFTs or serves as a crypto-based playground for your audience.

  3. Membership subscriptions. Having won the loyalty and interest of a large audience, you can ask them to subscribe to your metaverse membership program, providing them with awards or bonuses as well as arranging unique events during which the most loyal users will get rare NFT items.

After all, the metaverse technology has a lot of new monetization prospects to offer. What you should do to reveal their potential and concealed benefit to your brand is to start researching this topic or receive a quality consultation from professionals. Program-Ace offers everything you may need in metaverse development, from consultation to full-cycle building and release. So the best way to get what you want is to contact us.

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