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The New Era of 3D Solutions for Business

Thursday, 02 Apr 2009

The times when 3D was a pure entertainment or funny business experiments to talk about seem like finally gone into the past. Industrial customers and non-IT companies are actively exploring the possibilities of interactive 3D technologies in their branches — as applied to their specific needs.

Kharkiv (Ukraine), March 2009 — Most diversified 3D applications are present on the market since mid 70th. For a very long time such solutions remained to be purely demonstrative tools — or the highly-specialized instruments for specific experts.

Huge expectations were connected with the first years after the spectacular crash of the «dot-com bubble» (1999-2000). Everyone waited for the next IT-revolution to come overnight. But it did not happen. Why?

  • Technical and technological limits
  • Lack of customers’ demand
  • Difficulties with measurable outputs for businesses

Moreover, users generally remained just passive spectators — almost without possibilities to interact with virtual worlds.

Nevertheless, notable technological advances (both in hardware and software domains) since 2004-05 are definitely bringing the branch to the new level. 3D technologies are actively merging with the database management software, latest trends of entertainment industry, marketing and even educational activities. The apparent result is: End-customer gains clear personal benefits.

Nowadays you can do almost everything in interactive 3D worlds: learn and train your skills, enlarge you business network or just socialize, sell or buy goods, promote your brand, communicate with customers and partners, etc.

And who plays the key role in this evolution process? First of all, there are technology vendors and application developers, who link the needs and processes of businesses with corresponding expectations (or even dreams!) of modern customers.

Such companies offer not only certain typical solutions (such as 3D catalogs, manuals or presentations, virtual walkthroughs or even 3D cities), but the whole range of related services.

They usually include:

  • high-end 3D modeling and animation;
  • interactive visualizations;
  • custom development and integration (including outsourced product development).

The new generation of software tools powering advanced 3D solutions for non-entertainment use is marked by such features like:

  • dramatically increased functionality;
  • visibly better quality of graphics;
  • interaction with the environment (and tools to easily edit it);
  • multi-user functionality (up to massive participation systems);
  • role-based scenarios;
  • close interconnection with other industrial systems and standards;
  • growing integration with online solutions (Web 3D).

Good examples of the existing potential in this field are interactive 3D trainings. Uniting basic HR-management procedures with the power of serious games, they are expected to bring the industrial standards in this sphere to the completely new level. Unlimited flexibility in customization and scenario tuning, photo-realistic environments and advanced interactivity enable lifelike experience, which was hardly possible in earlier industrial applications.

Thus, 3D solutions are gradually becoming the tools for almost everybody and every company! They not only open new horizons for traditional businesses. In some cases they are really aimed to transform the very core of their success models.

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