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Niche-Specific Features of the AR Technology

Tuesday, 16 Jun 2015

One of the most promising and developing areas of information technology is Augmented Reality (AR). This is a new way to access data, and its impact on the society can be compared with effect of the Internet. Global Network made information more context-sensitive, determined by environmental conditions. When a huge amount of information is publicly available, not its existence as such becomes important, but ability to obtain the necessary data associated with an object at a certain point.

The term "Augmented Reality" is owned by Thomas Preston Caudell, a research engineer of Boeing laboratory. Augmented Reality is a relatively new technology that allows to overlay information to real objects in real time in form of a text, graphics, audio or other virtual objects. In other words it is the interaction between computer and real world image and this very feature makes AR different from virtual reality.

Augmented reality is well-placed to make the relationship between humans and information more ergonomic. Data is automatically delivered to users in the required context for different situations in everyday life, thus this technology can raise the human-information interaction on a fundamentally new level.

Augmented reality is widely used on mobile applications, smartphones and tablets. The greatest hope and prospects for use and development of Augmented Reality solutions are connected with use of mobile devices along with hands-free devices, which have certain advantages for a specific group of users.

Areas of Use

Augmented Reality Technology

This technology is of high demand in different areas starting from the armed forces and the police using AR apps to solve problems related to better orientation in darkness, to surgeons using AR solutions for constant observation of a patient's vital signs during a surgery, as well as mechanics performing complex repair operations and even for nursing mothers, whose hands are constantly busy with a child.

Unfortunately, creation of serial hands-free AR devices is problematic. It is believed that level of modern electronics has not yet reached the desired height.

Almost all major automakers are working on systems of AR for cars. The next step in promotion and development of AR devices will be creation of most comfortable output devices - displays that will deliver content to a driver allowing him to control the system by voice, gestures or eye movement. Unfortunately, Augmented Reality windshields will not appear as quickly as we wish, at least not earlier than 2018.

AR based products simplify lots of complex tasks and problems and will continue do so in areas such as advertising, trade, computer games, tourism, furniture assembly, repair, production design, office design, purchase/lease of real estate, and even public performances design

We believe that main field of application of AR solutions will be industrial sector. Fields such as retail, military, government and education, as well as heavy industry (including extraction of natural resources, construction, machine building, metallurgy, chemical industry, etc.) will benefit greatly from the use of AR technology, because they depend more than others on physical assets as well as information data.

Hands-free AR Devices

One of the most popular hands-free AR devices is Augmented Reality glasses which look like ordinary sports glasses equipped with a forward camera. Augmented Reality technology is not implemented with use of transparent displays embedded in glass - their design is simpler: one eye sees image from an opaque display, and the other one sees the world as it is. This system is controlled by voice commands or head movements, with their help user navigates through the menu.

Dynamics, Capacities and Market Size

AR market is young and still very small. Currently, it is dominated by startups with talented dev teams or mid-size companies with solid knowledgebase of other progressive technologies who also promote this innovation, like Program-Ace. But this market has high potential, and it will develop and grow quickly in the coming decade.

The AR technology will mature and dominate on the market within 5-10 coming years. We also think that Augmented Reality solutions will enter the mainstream zone in a year or two.

In the coming years the number of mobile devices ready for the use of AR solutions will rapidly grow. Thanks to fierce competition, manufacturers work to increase the use of gyroscopes and powerful processors in smartphones and tablets making them a standard set for mobile devices. Now in 2015, there are about 1.6 billion mobile devices at hands of users ready to use Augmented Reality technology.

Future is Now

From our experience and provided research we can say that:

  1. There are all preconditions on the market for active development of AR technology. This is mainly because the number of smartphones and tablets owned by consumers is constantly increasing while their productivity is growing.
  2. In 5 years to come mobile applications for smart phones will dominate on the market.
  3. Augmented Reality will most likely be developed as part of any mobile application and not as a separate addition to mobile devices. Functionality of augmented reality technology will develop very quickly.
  4. Augmented reality will transform the Internet from an information network into application network. If users are now searching for information on the Net, including products, search of abstract information with augmented reality is meaningless. It will be enough for a user to find the desired object, and AR technology will provide contextual information about it.
  5. Among individual components of AR technology we can single out promising areas for development:
    • Tools for displaying of information and intuitive controls.
    • Content databases able to work with different operating systems and devices.
    • Development of crowdsourcing platform for creation of AR content by users.

Program-Ace evangelizes innovative approach in all aspects of software development, and support of AR growth is one of them. We use state-of-the-art development tools and technologies to create AR applications for mobile devices and smart phones that were not heard of before.

Please contact our sales team for more information on provided services in field of AR development and let us bring your product to the next level.

Augmented Reality Showreel by Program-Ace

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