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Friday, 18 Jul 2014

The History of Online Casinos

The history of online casinos began about fifteen years ago when the first enterprising businessmen for the first time realized that online games would soon gain more and more popularity among players. And so it happened - now virtual casinos are highly demanded by plenty of consumers.

Virtual gambling has reached such scale that with its turnover and size of the proposed progressive jackpots it can be compared with the leading institutions in Las Vegas and Macau. Online casinos have become the most widespread and popular in America. It is not surprising since the U.S. is a country where the whole gambling cities were built. No wonder Las Vegas is called the capital of the gambling world.

Nowadays every year the virtual online casinos are more and more intruding into people's lives, offering unprecedented and affordable entertainment that is certainly associated with luxurious rooms, with excitement, adrenaline and tinkling coins of slot machines. All this becomes more accessible every day to anyone who wants to try their luck at getting a chance to become immeasurably rich in minutes. Virtual institutions today are a real chance for each player to win a sum that can change their lives, without leaving their homes. That's why thousands of new users put up their money in online casinos every day.


Today more and more players are moving from the offline world to the realm of gambling online casinos, because of both legal restrictions of real casinos in some contries, and benefits of online casinos:

  • A wide variety of casino games (over 450) that are currently offered by the leading online casinos is instantly accessible from any place in the world. This potentially increases the number of games that the customer can play and win.
  • Virtual casinos can afford a luxury of developing a functionality and creating absolutely new games that are not available in a real casino, but can be of interest to visitors. An online casino is open for development and experiment, while the actual institutions are always conservative and static.
  • There is a wide range of online casinos for any taste and budget, offering a variety of bonuses to their players.
  • Amid familiar surroundings players feel more comfortable and avoid unnecessary waste of time for getting to the casino and money for parking and food.
  • Possibility to play 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • A free training game for newbies allows clients to try the functionality and assure themselves of the casino’s good faith first before gambling.
  • The cost of opening a real casino, taking into account the cost of the license, rent and premises design, exceeds an online casino opening value, which ranges from 150 thousand to several million dollars when using the software of promoted software vendors.
  • An average online casino has several staff members, and a small room with rather limited equipment (four or five computers) is enough for it. Supporting such a system in a good condition requires relatively low cost.
  • Using proven and certified algorithms from leading providers eliminates the possibility of outside interference and thus increases the real chances of winning more than in a real casino.
  • A large number of potential customers — a computer with Internet access and a sum of $10-30 are enough to start playing, and there is no need to wear an evening dress and tuxedo.


  • According to statistics, most players have more confidence in a real casino yet. And this is primarily due to the distrust to the Internet and electronic payments via the Internet. But recently, the share of electronic payments is growing, and security algorithms are perfected — all these will eventually lead to withdrawal from cash towards electronic as it is in developed countries.
  • Many online casinos are closing without paying money to their customers. This makes visitors choose an honest online casino very carefully. The choice in this case is based on the same principles players follow in real life. Any visitor of the casino estimates it by the following definitions:
    • first and foremost - by its appearance: design, music, user-friendliness
    • games and services assortment
    • opportunities to play alone, with random people or friends
    • simplicity of money input and output, bonus programs etc
    • a large percentage of payments
  • Legal online casino activity is banned in some countries, so many local casinos are registered in the offshore.
  • Unlike real casinos where unreliable players can be easily taken away, online casinos offer great scope for those who play by the system, increasing their chances of winning. There are also a lot of fraudulent schemes to play at online casino — for example, sign up bonuses after the first bet.
  • Competition with famous casinos and promoted software vendors.

Growth Prospects

Online casino is a gambling business of the 21st century which is rapidly gaining the entertainment industry’s market. The main reason for growth is the computerization of the modern world, fast and steady growth of the Internet audience. At the moment there are thousands of online casinos all over the world.

According to the Merrill Lynch Company, about 37 million people played in online casino in 2003, net gambling-houses’ turnover was $73 billion. By 2005 the number of players has grown to 500 million. In 2006 the net profit was $17.5 billion.

Today the online casinos’ turnover in the U.S. is about $13 billion a year. 

As experts say, the average maximum turnover of the largest online casinos ranges from 500 thousand to 1 million dollars a month.

According to sociologists, in 2009 there were 42 million of Internet users in Eastern Europe, which is 36% of adult locals. The core, or a daily circulation of Internet users, is about 24 million people — almost every fifth adult (21%). During the year 2009 the amount of Internet users increased for 22% and exceeded the 7,5 million people milestone. The daily circulation growth is 35% (6,2 million people).

Experts note that, at the same time one in ten gambled online at least once, so the amount of potential players for today is about 4 million. And in the U.S. and Europe at least every second Internet user played in online casinos at least once.

Average growth of the online casino users amount is about 10-15% per year. So we can conclude that the army of players is increased by 400,000 people annually. Assuming that one player brings about $30 a year, annual online gambling revenue growth is about $12 million. The total number of Internet users around the world is more than two billions and each of them is a potential visitor of an online casinos.

According to the iKS -Consulting agency, the total amount of private broadband users in Europe on December 31, 2011 was about 25,3 million people. The amount of Internet users increased for 36% during the 2011.

Casino Evaluation Criteria

DesignExclusive, rich and friendly design is the key to any online casino’s success.

Types of online casinos according to the requirements for the customer’s software.

  1. Casinos that require special software download. Their average size is 40-80 MB. Sometimes it can start with only the initial download of a shell, while the remaining games are uploaded gradually. This option can be quite difficult for using with a telephone modem, since it can take several hours to download a software. However, some casinos can send a disc with their software via email. After the download is done, the traffic is minimal.
  2. Flash technology based online casino, where there is no software download required. User interface download is performed surreptitiously, an so it updates from time to time.
  3. Java based online casinos, where there is no software download required. Typically, these are unpretentious games with a uncertain winning probability.
    Jurisdiction and ownersMost of the casinos are registered for the offshore companies. A range of casinos are not registered anywhere at all. The casinos that indicate the owners and the registration data are preferable.
    BonusesDifferent casinos offer different bonus policies for new and existing customers Software producer The casinos with famous software producers are preferable.
    Payment optionsPayment options variety. Bank transfer acceptance points to the greater solidity of institutions.
    Language and supportThough initial language knowledge is usually enough to gamble online, MUI is preferable.
    Support serviceThere are the following support types: phone line (including multi-lingual), live chat, form submission, email.
    Game types and rangeThere can be offered a choice of casino games, slot machines, poker-rooms, betting houses, bingos, lotteries, book-makers. The wider the choice of the offered games is, the more attractive the casino looks.
    Game currencyThough most of the casinos accept various currencies, the game itself is customary played for U.S. dollars or Euro.

    The Main Functionality of an Online Casino

    1. Customizable interface.
    2. A standard set of gambling that includes:
      • Blackjack, the most popular game
      • Roulette, and video roulette
      • Dice
      • Baccarat
      • Poker (many varieties: Caribbean, Hold'em, Three Card, etc.) and video poker
      • Keno
      • Bingo
      • A variety of slots
      • Various additional games.
    3. Supporting Credit Card payments and electronic payment systems. Money withdrawal options.
    4. Free play opportunity for starters.
    5. Multi-language user interface and support.
    6. The algorithm of an online banker is based on chance. To maintain a reputation, some casinos offer guarantee of fairness: they provide reliable techniques to ensure randomness of game results.
    7. Many online casinos are based on the platforms of the same software providers, and are united in the web with the total jackpot. This allows you to win a much larger sum than in a single casino.
    8. A possibilty to form bonuses and promotions.
    9. Possibility to create games and expand their range.
    10. Possibility to play several games simultaneously.
    11. Possibility to select tables and partners, as well as an opportunity to "walk through the casino" watching another visitors’ game process.

    The support service quality is also an indispensable factor of honesty and respectability of gambling establishments.

    New Trends in Online Casinos

    1. The super-new product from Playtech is an online video-roulette with a charming dealer! Forget everything you know about online roulette because this TV show game will let you discover the roulette again.
    2. Possibility to play casino games with live dealers: Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, Live Baccarat!
    3. NetPard company has developed the GoodWin Casino, the only game in the RuNet providing its customers with opportunity to choose tables and partners and allowing visitors to "walk through the casino” watching the other visitors’ game process. We believe that it is the most important honesty factor of the casino. You can look at someone else's game and make your own conclusions about honesty of the institution before playing.
    4. Possibility to communicate with the players, play private games.
    5. 360º environment view in Cryptologic solution allows players to take their seats and join other players in any game room.
    6. Recently the developers of online Va-Bank casinos have submitted their video slots in full 3D, which neither Playtech nor even Microgaming have yet made.
    7. There are video-casinos where the whole process of playing with real "live" dealers is filmed on a camera. In this case the real tables are located in a special place, and the player is sitting at home (at work, in an Internet cafe, etc.). The main drawback is the traffic volume: 'live' video being sent requires broadband internet connection.
    8. PRK is probably the first room performed in a “real” 3D. This is a true virtual reality, like in the 3D shooters. Each player individually adjusts their appearance - chooses the avatar, a face, a hairstyle, a mustache and beard (for men) and a hair color, clothing from hats to shoes, accessories and jewelry - the choice is very wide. As a result, each character is unique, so you can recognize familiar face and clothes, not just the nickname. Basic set of clothing is free of charge, additionally you can buy more expensive clothes and accessories, and even get your own face in digital form! You can also buy the chip tricks to entertain during the game. Players do not just sit at the table, they can express up to 30 different emotions. It is possible to use different kinds of view (the first person view from the top, and dynamical view from different cameras); more than a dozen different accents for the speech are available. In general, everything looks and sounds really good. Though the casino is less than a year old and they do not accept Americans, there are quite a lot of visitors there – up to 5,000 (but the share of those who play for funny money is higher than in other casinos). The room offers Hold’em, Omaha, tournaments. Unfortunately, nobody plays a limited Hold’Em, while the unlimited one has tables with up to NL$1000. There are free-rolls for $20 and more expensive for points. The limits are quite low, the tournaments start from $1+$0,1. Unfortunately, one has to pay for beauty and realism:
      • Firstly, you’ll spend a lot of traffic. The room’s size is about 600 MB, and even if you order a disc, you’ll still have to upload a patch, which is about 200 MB, additionally.
      • Secondly, you can only play at one table. If you try to play at several tables at a time, the speed will reduce dramatically.
      • Thirdly, the game is bit slower comparing to other rooms. If you don’t care about traffic much, you can try this room. Visitors play there mostly for fun, so it won’t be too hard to win (but don’t fall for the atmosphere of general relaxation). The room supports up to 800 cash-players at a time.
    9. Multi-touch screens support.

    We Offer Our Solution for Online Casino

    Our product combines the advantages of the standard online casino and virtual 3D reality, and in fact, is a revolutionary one. The major advantage are:

    • Low cost compared to analogues from the well known software vendors.
    • Revolutionary 3D-engine platform (Ace3D Engine or Unity3D), which minimizes traffic consumtion while allowing to play full 3D high quality game. Ace 3D Engine is built in web-browser, no additional software installation is required.
    • Full 3D environment support, with customization options.
    • A standard set of many 3D games, new games can be added.
    • Possibility to select tables and partners, as well as the possibility of 3D ”walk through the casino”, watching the other visitors’ game process.
    • Ability to visualize casinos is 360º 3D view, thus attracting fans of any specific real casino.

    The Functionality of our Product

    The functionality of our product is divided into three main versions:

    1. The first version of 3D-casino at a low price (about $100-200 thousand). Contains a standard online casino’s functionality. The main difference from the common online casino is full 3D for all casino games, that makes the solution more realistic and intense. The solution is ideal for 3D online casino project fast start.
    2. The second version of 3D-casino together with the standard scope of the first version 3D-casino, has additional features:
      • multiplayer support
      • an option to create private games in game rooms
      • communication between players in the game
      • video and voice communication between players support
      • optional video casino implementation, with a camera in the air shooting the game process with with alive dealers
    3. The third version of the 3D-casino is perfect for a VIP casino. A completely virtual casino which includes all the features of the first 2 versions and additionally:
      • 360º 3D environment, able to represent the interior of a real casino
      • An option to take a virtual tour through the casino, watching the other visitors’ game process
      • Each player can customize their appearance (face, hair, clothes, accessories, etc). The additional accessories are available for real money.

    Featured Case Study

    3D online casino
    3D Online Casino

    Program-Ace has a powerful background in the development of online gambling applications that allows us to deliver games of an astonishing quality that is showcased by our portfolio. To get more details about our capabilities and expertise, review our 3D online casino case study.


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    Stuart Lewis-Smith

    GSN Games is completely satisfied with Program-Ace's technical expertise and the quality of services they provide. We look forward to collaborating with Program-Ace again...

    Stuart Lewis-Smith, Senior VP and General Manager, GSN Games
    Scott Zerby

    Program-Ace has completely dispelled my concerns. The online project management system is one of the best I have seen...

    – Scott Zerby, Vice President at ValuSoft
    Tim Ransom

    If you're looking for a professional, dedicated, digital development partner, I highly recommend Program-Ace...

    – Tim Ransom, President at Visual Thunder Media
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