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Program-Ace Explains Trending Technologies: AR, VR, Mixed Reality

Created on Saturday, 19 Nov 2016 23:06:33

Being one of nascent innovation directions, virtual, augmented, and mixed reality development remain the main focuses for world-leading software companies. A few years ago, the IT industry and the entire tech community exploded with the introduction of new ways of applying reality-altering technologies. However, many people involved in IT and beyond remain unaware of what these technologies are and how they can be useful.

Program-Ace has been recognized as one of the top R&D professionals across the world. Moreover, our professional team is among the Eastern European pioneers that provide augmented, virtual, and mixed reality solutions for many industries, including, but not limited to, education, military, maintenance, food & beverage, publishing, gaming, marketing, advertising, etc. The Program-Ace expert team dedicates part of the time to helping people formate the knowledge necessary for the clear and accurate understanding of technology. Therefore, one of our talented leaders and inspired programmers shared company and personal insights regarding reality-altering technologies, technological solutions, and plans for the future.

Oleksii Burkun, Head of the Cross-Platform Department at Program-Ace, has visited Neil's Messy Basement in order to have a little chat about augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality. He disclosed the main company expertise and described how we develop cost-effective solutions for a wide spectrum of businesses. Further, Oleksii explains what SDKs, frameworks, and tools are necessary for augmented reality development and stresses that, although they have very similar features, each of them has critically different features that allow these tools to be used on a specific occasion. He also paid special attention to two most popular AR technologies, such as marker-rich (also known as marker-based) and markerless, and development tools, such as Vuforia that contains the complicated logic of tracking an image, the positioning of an object in space, and more. Oleksii shared his ideas of how the magic of marker-rich (marker-based) augmented reality can be applied in education, media, marketing, product placement, etc. He also mentioned that this technology is not very popular today since you might not have a marker with you at any time.

Our talented expert also described Program-Ace’s experience with virtual reality and shared insightful tips on why and how VR needs to be developed to be amazing. He named the most powerful and useful VR headsets, such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, that allows for an incredibly immersive experience. Moreover, he described how one reality-altering technology can be differentiated from another and why mixed reality should not be confused with augmented reality. He takes his time to explain the special features of Microsoft HoloLens, the most prominent mixed reality device that can scan the space around you, recognize and analyze your voice and gestures, understand the shapes of real-world objects, etc.

We are grateful to Neil Schneider to be invited to "Basement Talks" and share the experience and industry insights gained over the years in business. As a professional software development company, we have gathered really talented people and created an atmosphere that helps them to enhance their skills in new technologies.

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