Unity 5 vs. Unreal Engine 4: Battle of Giants

Unity and Unreal Engine has became the most popular game engines among the developers around the world. So which one to choose for the best performing?
Nov 4, 2015
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Seeking a game engine that can satisfy your needs is not an easy task as it can seem. Although some game development companies decided to establish and use the engines that were specially designed for their requirements, the market is still full of various platforms whereby a single developer and a corporation can create any game imagined in their minds. Thus, there is no difference if you are an enterprise or a company of one person the problem of choosing the most suitable game engine is still the same. If you are about to get into game creation, your very first step should be choosing the game engine that you would like to use.

Nowadays, Unreal Engine 4 and Unity are two of the leading platforms for game development available to anyone trying to create a game of the best quality. Both UE4 and Unity proved to be excellent platforms for game development. However, you may choose one over another depending on your needs and goals. Whatever your target is, the advice from Program-Ace given in this article will be useful in deciding what game platform is best for you. Now, let the battle begin.

Unity and Unreal Engine 4

Type Of the Game

As was mentioned before the first step is to determinate what kind of gaming experience you are starting out. The following questions will lend you a hand in this uneasy task.

  • Is your target a 2D game or 3D game?

It is the major question you should answer. Some people require the game with a hybrid of 3D & 2D, and some want to do a simple project such as a puzzle or word guessing for a start.

  • Are you planning to launch your game on mobile platforms, desktops, or web browsers?

Think about the best option that will enable users to explore the game and fall for it.

  • What kind of a game are you planning to release?

Will it be an adventure, a fighting, a racing, a strategy or any other kind of a game? The great deal of time, money and efforts depends on the answer to this question.

  • Are you planning to make some money from selling this game?

Determine the fair price of your game. Pay particular attention to the way the players will be willing to pay. Will it be in-app purchases, one-time payment when buying, some add-ons or the ads inside?

The answer to this list of questions above can provide you with a clear picture of what engine is better for your future game. Sure thing that these engines will do the job they suppose to, but one engine can do the fantastic work on one project and, at the same time, can fail to do an excellent job on another. It totally depends on the enterprise that you are carefully planning to create.

The creation of mobile games is a field where Unity development is the most advantageous, and plenty of favorite adventures were made with it. For instance, the famous game the Room Two that became legendary and, also, was named the best game for iOS in 2013, according to the prestigious BAFTA Award, or Hitman: Sniper Challenge that was released in May 2012 and won the sympathy of gamers right away. Furthermore, Unity showed that it also can be the right choice for 2D games because it has an intuitive interface. On the other hand, the graphics of Unity 3D leaves a lot to be desired. You should note that in the case when you’re searching for the game software in order to create the adventure with amazing graphics the Unity 3D is not the best option.


The question that bothers almost every developer is what software has easier workability. Unity is commonly considered as a well-thought-out engine, but the recent update of Unreal Engine 4 had brought the entirely logical user interface. We guess it’s quite hard now to conclude which game software is better for developers. Everyone has different requirements, and Program-Ace strongly advises you to test both software and choose the one that corresponds to your needs best. Moreover, read some forums of the IT crowd, it will help to settle the ideas and analyze each game engine’s pros and cons.


The programming environment is in question. The secret of quality game development lies in understanding the principles of programming. In that case, it can be stated that different programming languages may tip the scales in Unity or Unreal Engine 4 direction. Here it is up to the developer’s personal focuses. While the UE4 mainly focus on C++, the Unity prefers C# and JavaScript. As they say, the choice is yours.


Here the answer is quite straightforward. Program-Ace states without any doubts that UE4 has a next-gen graphics capability. By building the games using Unreal Engine, you can create the complex structure of the adventure with well-designed characters and landscapes in 3D as well as in 2D. However, after Unity 5 was released, and the development direction went through drastic changes. The specialists claim that the graphics quality in game engines has significantly increased.

Pricing Policy

The most substantial factor in our opinion is the cost of the game engine. The software is often selected depending on the allocated budget and the price can be a pinpoint for the user. Unity and Unreal Engine 4 have the different strategy in terms of the cost of their programs.

Unity has two versions available for download: the Unity Pro and the Unity Free one. The free version certainly has a limited list of features and rather big royalties in case you want to launch the game that was made with the free version. However, it’s the most convenient option for the starters, and you cannot have more for free. The Unity Pro, on the other hand, is a full version with all features and tools. The pricing policy includes two options: one-time payment, amounting $1,500, or the monthly charges of $75 per month. It can be costly; that’s why you have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages before the purchase.

Unreal Engine 4 is entirely free for any interested person along with all software tools, features, and capabilities. However, pay attention that the game engine has 5% royalties from all money you make. The way of earning funds is not important whether it’s the value or app add-ons.

Unity vs Unreal

What Program-Ace Stands to Offer

Despite the fact that Unreal Engine 4 has a great functionality and power, it yet has a particular disadvantage – the big royalty for its exploitation. No wonder that there is an alternative on the market – the technology, which name is well familiar to many gamers. Unity or Unity 3D is a favorite tool for independent developers and confident owner of 45% of the market of modern game development software. It’s impossible to make the obvious outcome and distinguish the one game development software from all others and name it the best. These two game engines represented above have its pros and cons and choosing the one that is good for you, in particular, depends on your needs and requirements. Thus, only the careful testing and exploring will guarantee the right choice of the program and creation of an addictive game in the end.

We at Program-Ace personally think that Unity is a better option for most of the projects thanks to a relatively cheap price and incompatible cross-platforming capacities. Our one of the biggest Unity development teams in Europe can’t agree more.

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