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Corporate Social Responsibility

Program-Ace’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is committed to protecting the world in which we live and improving the community by setting up a sustainable future for our staff and company.


We embrace Corporate Social Responsibility practices by involving our company and its employees local and international communities.

Furthermore, Program-Ace is a company that enjoys sharing the intricacies and insights of the industry with the younger generation of developers, designers, marketers, and managers. For that reason, we often takethe role of speaker at various conferences, forums, and other industry-specific events.

As an honorable member of European Business Association and European Training & Simulation Association (ETSA), we also have been awarded the opportunity to participate at the annual ITEC conference both as exhibitors and as speakers in 2017.

Labor Practices & Human Rights

With a great passion for establishing a favorable atmosphere where Program-Ace employees can develop their skills by implementing world-best practices, working on interesting and challenging projects, and creating something that can reshape the industry. We have designed an environment that has been recognized by independent organizations as one the most encouraging of its kind. In order to create not only a comfortable working environment but a balance between work and rest, our staff members are provided with free lunches on a daily basis and are free to use a play room to take their minds off work and get a little rest. And since we do treat our employees with care, we provide free healthy food in-house, so the staff can have lunch at a convenient time and restore their strength for work.

To improve communication within the company and with international clients, we provide free language speaking clubs for in-house employees, foreigners, and international partners who work for the company. Moreover, Program-Ace cares about our staff's leisure time and provides reimbursement for sport-related expenses, such as soccer and ping-pong, and arranges regular corporate events and activities.

Our office is designed in accordance with the safety requirements. To protect our employees and prevent emergencies, we conduct Life Safety Training on a regular basis.

As confirmation of our position, Program-Ace is rated the 10th best company to work in Kharkiv and occupies the 14th place among Ukraine's best mid-sized employers according to DOU rating.

Program-Ace respects human rights, and guided by the Labour Code and the Constitution of Ukraine, it pays fair wages for a 40-hour work week and provides official employment for staff members who come into contact with the company. Also, our employees have a flexible working and vacation schedule.

Moreover, because we respect the human right to nondiscrimination, we have a multinational staff. Also, Program-Ace is a sexism free environment. We have a few women directors and equal payment for men and women in the same position. And, what is more important, we do not discriminate based on sexual orientation at Program-Ace. We value the importance of respecting human rights and, for that reason, do not exploit child labor.

Environmental Initiatives

Besides the welfare of our staff, we care about diminishing our environmental footprint. To inspire our employees to follow simple rules that make the world a cleaner place, we have started the new company-wide initiative called ‘Green-Ace’. It focuses on educating people on how to be more ecologically-friendly and encouraging them to make a strong contribution to the preservation of the environment for future generations. Specifically, 'Green-Ace' advocates for eco-friendly behavior, careful resource usage, and operational eco-efficiency in the company. We do not print more paper than necessary and encourage our employees to recycle by placing special containers in the office.

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Fair Operating Practices

The cooperation of business partners and clients supports Program-Ace's development activity and allows us to provide services and products that are beneficial for our customers. We respect and adhere to international standards, laws, and regulations in order to guarantee that Program-Ace is using fair operating practices and conducting business in an honest and open manner.

Specifically, we have incorporated fair management paradigms in accordance with international business ethics and legal requirements to ensure a healthy working environment and delivery excellence. Our management system complies with the international requirements and has been recognized as efficient, powerful and fair as well as standardized by ISO 9001:2000.

Since our business activities are transparent and deliver reliably on client expectations, our company became accountable and has been recognized as one of the Top 15 web development companies in Ukraine in 2015 according to Clutch rating.

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