How is Program-Ace Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Answering the most popular questions about our work during the COVID-19 pandemic
Mar 26, 2020
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In the wake of the chaos caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of people and businesses are directly impacted, including Program-Ace. Public safety and health are major concerns for our company, so we want to inform everyone about the measures we are taking to help the global cause. Facing the current crisis has required us to make changes both in how we work and what we offer customers. It is evident that many of our customers and potential customers are also affected by the crisis, and so, we are rolling out new initiatives and service offerings to satisfy their changing needs. The Q&A section below is intended to give you a better understanding of the changes we mentioned. Some words from our founder and CEO Oleg Fonarov:
Oleg FonarovWe are immeasurably grateful to our enduring team that continues to deliver high-quality work in all circumstances, as well as to our dear customers, who are struggling yet persevering alongside us. Program-Ace thanks you for your support and wishes for everyone to overcome these challenges that we are facing today.

1. How has Program-Ace been affected by the pandemic?

We are pleased to say that our staff are all healthy and most are staying safe at home in accordance with health guidelines. The pandemic has certainly impacted our business in many ways. We have had to adapt and make tough decisions, but are only stronger as a result. Our business is still running as usual, and there is no stop in development. We continue to deliver the projects and results promised to our customers.

2. How have we organized remote work for our employees?

A Work From Home policy has been enacted at our office, and as of last week, nearly all of our employees have shifted to a remote work regimen. This policy is intended to safeguard our workers’ health and safety. All standard work processes are continuing as usual, with designated Project Managers still leading projects and carrying out project tasks, and specialists in other professions also fulfilling their duties responsibly. One of the upsides of the situation is that our specialists are now saving time by avoiding travel, conducting offline meetings, and reducing casual chatter. This has helped our teams achieve a higher rate of productivity, and our Project Managers are also boosting this metric by prudently distributing and overseeing work time.

3. How have our business processes and operations been adapted to the crisis?

The switch to remote work was not as shocking to us as the crisis itself, and we have had no issues with remote work. In fact, many of our employees have worked in such a regimen in the past. Currently, each employee is equipped with the same tools and electronics which were available in the office. This includes computers, testing equipment and gadgets, graphic tablets, and various programs. For instance, our AceRP system efficiently tracks work time and productivity, along with helping staff juggle their tasks and deliver results on time. Apart from AceRP, we also still conduct meetings, use online productivity tools, and apply the finest business practices to stay on top of our work. Data and communications remain secure, as we are connecting to internal tools and resources under the watchful eye of our system administrators. All of the work and operations that take place during this period adhere to the Work From Home policy that we have implemented.

4. How are you handling recruitment during quarantine?

We are maintaining regular recruitment processes with a focus on remote communication. Thus, we are continuously looking for new talent and hiring suitable candidates. Due to quarantine restrictions, interviews are being conducted by video calls, but otherwise, with few changes from our standard process. The onboarding period for new specialists remains 2-3 weeks, as was the standard before the current situation. These new specialists begin working remotely, and gain access to all tools, resources, and devices essential to their work.

5. With many businesses struggling financially, are you making any changes to your service offerings and pricing?

We understand the challenges that many companies are facing in light of the pandemic. Teams are being shrunk or sent away on temporary leave, financing is tight, and many businesses are looking to cut costs wherever they can. In these circumstances, our company has decided to be more flexible in our service offerings and pricing, to provide more solutions for reducing costs and saving money. This involves taking steps forward and being ready to discuss more appealing cooperation terms to support our clients worldwide.

6. How does your remote team extension work?

The team extension model can be a great choice for clients who are in need of more experts working on their team and making it stronger. This model allows you to engage our specialists over the time that they are needed. Our team extension model can supercharge your project completion speed. We will find the very best candidates per your requirements and get them working with you quickly. Once we are on the same page about what you need, the recruitment process begins. You either choose your specialists from a pool of ready candidates, or we recruit suitable candidates that are pre-screened for you in short order.

In conclusion

The sudden switch to remote workflow has left thousands of companies technologically unprepared and in financial danger, so they could benefit from cost-cutting solutions such as outsourcing, dedicated teams, and changes to business processes. In these circumstances, we do our best to provide uninterrupted service to our clients and support their products remotely both on a project and a team-extension basis. We know that this is an uncertain time for everyone, and hope that the tech industry pulls together and gets through it. Program-Ace’s offers broad expertise, providing software development and dedicated team services for small-to-midsized businesses and large enterprises. If any other questions come up - reach out to us with no hesitation. We are always happy to meet new people who might become our close partners.

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