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Apr 22, 2024
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Program-Ace, an innovative solutions integrator, is excited to announce our strategic partnership with Magic Leap, the American technology company at the forefront of augmented reality innovation. Together, we are committed to using the full potential of AR to transform business operations across multiple industries.

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With over three decades of experience in AR/VR technologies, Program-Ace brings to this collaboration a deep understanding of immersive solutions and a broad customer base, aiming to expand the reach and effectiveness of augmented reality. Magic Leap, known for its groundbreaking Magic Leap One device, which overlays digital imagery onto real-world settings, offers the technological edge that complements our mission to enhance business applications through advanced AR integration.

Our partnership will focus on leveraging Magic Leap's robust AR capabilities to develop customized software solutions that address the specific needs of our clients, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the integration of digital and physical realms. Program-Ace is set to offer pre-sales consulting and tailored solutions, ranging from minor adjustments to existing systems to complete bespoke developments.

By aligning Program-Ace's extensive expertise with Magic Leap's pioneering technology, this partnership not only enhances how businesses utilize augmented reality but also broadens the scope of its application. We are dedicated to assisting clients in integrating these advanced AR solutions into complex projects, unlocking new opportunities for independent software vendor solutions, and facilitating direct on-site sales and implementations, particularly in strategic locations like Cyprus.

As an innovative solutions integrator, Program-Ace is ready to utilize our deep-seated knowledge of immersive technologies and the functionalities of Magic Leap devices to develop and deploy tailored software solutions for our customers. Our joint endeavor will focus on developing immersive solutions that generate real-world benefits and spearhead transformative changes across industries.

With this partnership, Program-Ace and Magic Leap are set to reimagine the intersection of technology and everyday life. Our collaboration signifies a step forward in our commitment to innovation, aiming to deliver experiences that resonate with users and industries alike. Stay tuned for updates on our journey toward creating groundbreaking solutions together.

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