Program-Ace to Join the Enterprise Metaverse Summit 2023

Program-Ace is delighted to announce its forthcoming participation in the Economist Impact's Enterprise Metaverse Summit 2023.
Jun 25, 2023
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Program-Ace is thrilled to announce our participation in the upcoming Economist Impact's Enterprise Metaverse Summit 2023. Scheduled for June 28th-29th, the summit promises to be an enlightening exploration into the world of digital twins, mixed reality, and immersive experiences.

We are especially excited to have Anastasia Zaitseva, a distinguished representative from our team, participating in this prestigious event. The summit aims to assist senior leaders in exploiting the potential of digital twins to drive productivity gains and sustainable innovation.

About the Summit

Event details:

DayJune 28th-29th 2023, Wednesday - Thursday
PlaceLondon, United Kingdom
Global speakers100+
Content rich-sessions60+

The summit serves as a valuable platform to glean insights from forward-thinking companies already leveraging immersive reality for value creation. A key topic of discussion will be digital twins — 3D replicas of physical workspaces and assets, which can imitate anything from a single screw to an entire factory. These digital replicas offer critical insights that can enhance a firm's resilience, adaptability, and efficiency. They are predicted to underpin the enterprise metaverse and transform into a $48bn business by 2026, according to McKinsey.

Mixed reality (augmented and virtual) applications are also on the agenda. The technology holds immense potential to improve collaboration, enhance the safety of working environments, and increase the effectiveness of training. However, achieving a mainstream enterprise metaverse may present its own challenges, such as issues related to proprietary technology or open standards.

Program-Ace's Role in the Summit

Enterprise Metaverse Summit 2023

Anastasia Zaitseva, our representative, will join other thought leaders to discuss how businesses can build their first digital twin and leverage the opportunities presented by mixed reality. Our objective is to offer nuanced views from our experience and equip attendees with the knowledge and tools to benefit from these emerging trends.

Program-Ace has a strong track record of staying at the forefront of technological advancements. We are committed to understanding and implementing innovative solutions to help our clients succeed in their digital transformation journeys.

This summit serves as a fantastic opportunity to gain in-depth insights, network with industry leaders, and stay abreast of the latest developments in digital twins and mixed reality. Our team is enthusiastic about participating in these pivotal discussions, and we are excited to bring back fresh ideas to implement in our own processes and projects.

Connect with Program-Ace at the Summit

We encourage all attendees to connect with Anastasia Zaitseva during the event. It's a unique opportunity to learn from our expertise and explore how Program-Ace can assist you in harnessing the power of digital twins and mixed reality.

We invite you to follow our updates and insights as we count down to the summit. Join us at the Enterprise Metaverse Summit 2023 and discover the transformative power of digital twins, mixed reality, and immersive experiences!

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