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3D Online Casino


As a rule modern online casinos offer the players two main options (UI) that implement gaming process:

  • Browser-based. It enables the user to play directly through the browser – using Adobe Flash Technology. Therefore we often experience rather simple level of graphics.
  • Downloadable. Here is represented an opportunity to play on your PC via a downloadable client application.

The concept offered by Program-Ace was to integrate the best features of both approaches, namely to make high-end 3D graphics available for in-browser playing and also to implement a multipurpose server platform that could maintain the whole functionality of modern Internet casinos. The target was reached successfully!

The Story

Online casinos enable the Internet users enter the world of roulette, poker or slot machines sitting comfortably in your chair in front of the computer. To make a journey to a virtual Las Vegas and there in the realm, where Fortuna reigns among the fields of green cloth, to roll the dice and try to win? The idea is not new.

It’s been a while since various Internet casinos started to offer their services to players all over the world. As a rule such gaming portals provide you with a wide range of various gambles (for instance, roulette, card games, slot machines, dice, etc.). The gaming process in such casinos is intended to emulate the games popular in real world. Generally the projects as such are implemented using Adobe Flash technology. This technology acquired a perfect reputation as a universal method to place casual content in browser (such as simple online games, video clips, etc.), which uses vector and bitmapped graphics. However, Adobe Flash platform does not enable the display of high-end hardware-accelerated 3D graphics.

But still nowadays due to the shooting outburst of technology computer three dimensional graphics breaks into the reality. 3D content can be easily displayed even on budget-priced systems with integrated video adapters.

Thus, Program-Ace team challenged themselves with an ambitious task: to implement an online casino that would completely consist of real 3D games that run directly in the Internet browser. Currently we are working on creation of an integral and full-functional virtual world allowing the users to truly immerse themselves into the atmosphere of a virtual casino. It is important to note that the company has already had long-term experience in developing enterprise-level web solutions for the entertainment industry and other business industries.

An Internet casino is obviously based not only on the game client but also on the server side of the system (gambling platform). Thus, PA developers set themselves the task to implement a universal (in terms of supporting diverse gaming clients, for example Adobe Flash based, Ace3D Engine based, standalone, etc.) gambling platform for online casinos that would meet all modern requirements regarding safety, flexibility and scalability.

Target group

The users of the Internet – particularly the citizens of the states the laws of which allow them (concerning age and other limits) to gamble.


To develop the client-server solution that implements the functionality of the Internet casino.


  1. To develop the server platform that meets the modern safety, flexibility and scalability demands
  2. Upgrade and integration of the in-browser version of the 3D engine (Ace3D Engine)
  3. To create a set of client applications (games)
  4. To implement the web site that enables you to play various gambles.


The main technological and creative tasks set for the project team:

  • Development of the universal server framework that supports the business logics of the whole set of gambles;
  • Possibility to add new games (with logics different from the earlier versions) without fundamental modifications of the engine and using the earlier acquired functionality;
  • Implementation of the random number generator (RNG) that meets the requirements for gambling games (uniformity and randomness of the random numbers sequence elements);
  • Development of the graphical 3D platform for high-end visualisation that supports modern Internet browsers (using a special version of the Ace3D Engine) and compatible with the majority of modern video cards (both discrete and integrated);
  • Implementation of the universal framework to build games on the basis of typical client modules (using Ace3D technology);
  • The need to process all the activities only on the server side (for safety reasons).


  1. Complex gambling platform was created which implements all the required business logics (both of separate games and of the Internet casino at large)
  2. Browser plug-in and a set of gaming clients for it were developed


  • Dedicated team of developers, QA engineers, game designers, 2D/3D artists, 3D animators, analysts and managers
  • Internal business analytics activities to investigate business models of Internet-Casinos, specific casino games and stochastic mathematical models
  • Internal R&D activities — as the basis for specific 3D solutions
  • Valuable experience in joint use of client-server Web solutions and 3D technologies

Technical achievements

  1. Server business logics. Algorithmic base to support such games as roulette, black jack, poker games, slot/videoslot machines is implemented. The games system of logic is implemented using finite state automations and supports flexible adding of new single- and multi-user games (through using the specifically developed framework).
  2. Random number generator (RNG) that meets all the demands to get the conformance certificate (e.g., Technical Systems Testing, TST).
  3. The system to create new game machines. In the course of the project execution we developed the software that allows automatic synthesizing of a slot machine with set parameters (the number of drums, the number of winning lines, and the specified probability) just in a few days.
  4. Control mechanisms. Honesty control system is implemented (e.g., for the roulette: the user may order an encrypted archive containing the list of numbers to turn out in his game session and the password to this archive – so that he can make sure the game process is secure).
  5. Communications protocol. Within the gambling platform the universal (XML over HTTPS) data communications protocol to exchange data between the server business logics and client applications was developed enabling us to engage various (technology independent) game clients.
  6. Browser plug-in. The universal (Internet Explorer 6/7/8, Mozilla FireFox 3.x, Opera 9.x) plug-in for on-the-fly rendering and displaying all the pure 3D content.
  7. Client modules. A set of gaming 3D clients (see the demo reel at the head of the page) is developed. Similar to the server side the game clients are implemented on the basis of the specifically developed framework that allows us to create new games with higher percentage of the existing logics reuse.
  8. Testing system. We developed a computer-aided testing module.
  9. Web-portal. We developed the web site that implements the functionality of the Internet casino.


PA team has developed a truly large-scale project (currently at a pre-launch stage) using the whole range of technologies (PHP/MySQL; C++/Direct3D/Ace 3D InBrowser Engine; Ruby-on-Rails; Java). The development of such project would not be possible without an amazing amount of analytical work made for the subject field investigation and R&D activities to create the mathematical models and 3D engine.


"The unique combination of 3D and WEB technologies and also the allocated R&D and analytical teams is one of the main distinguishing features of Program-Ace. They make our company a reliable partner to implement long-term and complex high-tech solutions of the enterprise level", - comments Oleg Fonarov, CEO Program-Ace.

"We might not have yet achieved a global break-thorough in the sphere of online gambling. Though, the project team did manage to create the solution of a new level. It wouldn’t have been possible without purposeful creative efforts and R&D investments in our in-house technologies", - says Eugene Borshch, Web Development Director.

"The task we had ahead of us was not only interesting but also technically challenging," – remarks Vladislav Kurmaz, 3D technical lead. "Our team always welcomes ambiguous tasks the solutions to which demand creative approach!".

"It is no ordinary project that combines the passion of game and mathematical rigor as well as visual impact of 3D graphics with the solidity of financial system" - considers Valeriy Zmievskoj, team leader in charge of the gambling platform development.


The core solution and its specific implementation presented in this overview was originally developed by Program-Ace for TROPICAL GAMING LLC back in 2009.

Website: goldencavecasino.com

Please feel free to contact us for any further details regarding the project!

Download in High Resolution (146Mb)

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