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Archy, the Rabbit


Program-Ace has recently developed an impressive application that features an adorable rabbit whose mission is to introduce children to the world of augmented and mixed reality through entertainment.

The application is designed to deliver an enjoyable visual experience to both young and adult smartphone, tablet, and HoloLens users. Make yourself comfortable and follow this curious rabbit to the world of reality-altering technologies!


Even though the app primarily focuses on the audience from 0 to 13, Archy can entertain grown-ups as well as children because he is extremely funny and cute.

Technologies Utilized

Art: Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, Adobe PhotoShop, Substance Painter

Development: Unity, Vuforia, HoloToolKit, Microsoft Visual Studio

Objectives & Challenge

Program-Ace intended to design a special application that can satisfy a child’s need for entertainment and education and, at the same time, demonstrate the capacities of augmented reality and mixed reality in the physical world. Moreover, in the development process, our team decided the create a character that would be equally fascinating for all ages and change people's concept of the impossible.

As the first proprietary development for a Microsoft holographic device, one of our main objectives was also to explore every pitfall of this new mixed reality technology to ensure quality services. We were also focused on creating a fully-functioning holographic application that will allow users to explore the capabilities of HoloLens.


Thanks to our development aces who are proficient with all cutting-edge technologies, we were able to create a remarkably interactive and engaging application that can instantly recognize the special marker/environment and display our charismatic Archy the rabbit.

Basically, to use an AR app, the user should hover the smartphone or tablet camera over the special marker so the application can capture this marker and rapidly show the 3D model of the rabbit. The marker we are talking about has been created by our brilliant artist who united her graphical talent and psychology by drawing an amazing visual that attracts individuals' eyes and makes them want to know more about Archy. The app launch time has been optimized in order to reduce the waiting time and allow for capturing of the special marker and displaying of the model within few seconds or less.

Unlike our traditional augmented reality application, the HoloLens app is much more immersive and realistic since it is based on mixed reality technology. Also, we have extended the game functionality and added new additional features. Among these are the ability to place the rabbit on any surface in the room (after careful scanning), ability to examine the rabbit's movements from every angle, plus an educational tutorial and new improved animation. Moreover, the mixed reality technology allowed us to make a rabbit follow your gaze and respond to your voice commands.

Basic HoloLens functions and features, such as voice recognition, spatial mapping, and spatial sound have been realized with the help of Unity. In addition, our development force created additional shaders for transparency and enforce humanoid animation so that Archy can look at the user and follow his/her gaze. A combination of HoloToolKit and Unity allowed us to achieve flawless gaze and gesture recognition. As a result, we became one of the first development companies that deliver applications from scratch for Microsoft HoloLens and mixed reality.

Solution Advantages

  • Engaging and visually attractive environment ensures safe familiarization of children with a virtual world.
  • Charismatic character that introduces kids to new technologies through the game.
  • Assignment of educational material gamification features suitable for full mastery of the material.
  • Amazing detail allows for exploring of even the finest details of the 3D model of Archy.
  • Exhibiting and showcasing of Program-Ace’s capacities in AR development in the most efficient and visually appealing way.
  • Full-cycle development of fully-functioning and feature-rich mixed reality applications for Microsoft HoloLens.
  • Demonstration of AR and MR capabilities profitable for all child-oriented applications.

Benefits of Cooperating with Program-Ace

  • Collaboration with a professional team that possesses broad experience in the creation of an amazing virtual world.
  • Appreciating the advantages of working with proven industry aces who are proficient in all facets of AR and MR app development - from business apps to games.
  • Combining optimized app performance with the superb quality of visuals and excellent user experience.
  • Full-cycle development of the most challenging HoloLens applications.


  • Implementing cutting-edge technologies to innovate the business and gaming world.
  • Entering a new market of AR games for children by standing out from the rest of the competitors.
  • Crafting an easy-to-learn application featuring HoloLens capacities.
  • Gaining more experience in augmented reality development and framework implementation.
  • Successful interaction with mixed reality technology and its features such as gaze recognition, gesture recognition, and voice control.

Feel the difference of alternative realities with Program-Ace!

Use the link below to download and print the special marker for AR app:

ARchie Marker

To download Archy application for your smartphone, click on the links below:

App Store Google Play

To download Archy for HoloLens, click on the link below:

Microsoft Store

Archy The Rabbit Showreel

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