Farm managment system case study

Farm Management System

Program-Ace implements gamification to provide ultimate employee engagement for a task management system for a large Ukrainian farm

Background Info

Our client, one of the largest farms in Ukraine, was developing an innovative software solution for managing farm tasks for hundreds of farm managers. It was a complex corporate-wide software by way of a modern mobile app with an intuitive user interface and a comprehensive server-side solution that integrates farm management with GPS tracking, an ERP system, and geo-information.

The pilot implementation of the system showed a 25% shortage of administrative costs and a significant increase in fieldwork quality, which resulted in a 10% yield increase. On the other hand, the pilot implementation revealed the problem of low user engagement and insufficient working literacy.

The client needed an innovative approach to solve this issue and contacted Program-Ace, a well-known solution provider for the agricultural sector.

Our team suggested the implementation of popular gamification mechanics such as a reward system and recognition to make them essential aspects of employers’ involvement and for the proper education of a farm’s staff.

The gamification service for farm management software has been provided by Program-Ace as a packaged solution, which includes game scenarios uniquely adapted to the client’s business needs and equipped with all the necessary professional, visually-rich materials.

Business Challenges

Gamification as a Daily Routine
When newbies start embarking on a new role on a farm, their main task is to learn a large amount of information within a limited time. Moreover, a continuous changing of the organization’s business processes can be confusing not only for new employees but also for highly qualified farm managers who have to adapt to advanced scenarios very quickly. So, our task was to create an efficient and reliable solution to help hasten the education process, improve staff managerial skills, and reduce the time required for the training.
Employees Motivation
Achievement visualization is a must-have to engage Millennials and Generation Z — who will replace all of the current workforces within several years — into farm activities. We have been challenged to bring a competitive spirit into the daily business routine as one of the best tools to motivate all employees on the farm.
Awards for Best Learners
As a part of our gamification strategy, we were urged to provide the client with an opportunity to identify the leaders and acknowledge achievements by giving them an efficiency bonus. Because farmers value a practical approach, it is essential to show to each employee that their dedication could be converted into financial compensation.

Approach and Solution

To meet the business challenges that have been set, we started our cooperation by providing consulting services regarding the implementation of a gamification solution. Our team produced the plan for implementing the gamification solution, which contains the game scenario, mechanics and features, screen wireframes, use cases, animation, and the calculation of soft currency.

In the next phase, we created the visual assets, including screen designs, icons, images, animation, storyboards, and so forth. Our development team implemented the following gamification mechanics:

  • Daily Login
  • Daily Login is a gamification tool that encourages farm managers to run the mobile app every day to earn small rewards, sometimes soft currency, that can help them achieve success in performing the necessary tasks.

  • Daily Quest
  • Daily Quests refer to specific challenges that should be completed one time per day. Daily Quests are aimed at performing farm management tasks. Therefore, all field tasks that a specific employee must perform on a particular day are included in their Daily Quests. Users are getting the particular amount of soft currency for each completed Daily Quest.

  • Monthly Achievements
  • Monthly Achievements imply a tool that significantly improves the user engagement and sum-ups managers’ progress for the last 30 days; it is psychologically linked with a salary payment process.

  • Seasonal Events
  • Seasonal events are challenges that appear and can be completed during different periods, for example, seeding campaign, harvesting, etc. These events come in many different flavors and are usually aimed for work plan implementation or even to over-fulfill it (for example, complete 100% of the field tasks, get the higher yield, etc.)

  • Leaderboard
  • Leaderboard is a scoreboard that shows the name and current score of each manager. It is available for viewing at any time to track employees’ status and progress.

  • Soft Currency Conversion
  • Soft Currency is a unified currency that employees receive for their actions that aims at determining the most active users. The Soft Currency can be exchanged for real money. The flexible system of turning soft currency calculation and conversion to employees’ compensation is the core of this project and brings the most recognizable business results.
Gamification solutions for agriculture - Program-Ace

Technical Information

The Farm Management System application for iOS and Android was created by a team of a UI/UX designer, one full-stack developer, and a QA specialist. It took one month to deliver and distribute the solution at one of Ukraine's largest farms.
Xamarin C# iOS Android


Gamification service opens new opportunities: first of all, for AgriTech companies and large farms, farms input suppliers, and agriculture machinery producers. Also, the product could be interesting for service companies that are willing to collaborate with farmers actively.
Farm Managers
Farm Managers
Machinery Producers
Machinery Producers
iOS and Android mobile app for farm management

Value Delivered

The client was highly satisfied with the results of the system implementation, specifically:
  1. A mobile application with gamification mechanics that allowed to engage more than 300 farm managers and agronomists successfully;
  2. The pilot implementation of the system showed a 25% decrease in administrative costs;
  3. The significant increase of the fieldwork quality resulted in a 10% yield increase.
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