FashionTek: Mobile Boutique App

A cross-platform 3D virtual dressing room designed to improve digital shopping experience.

Background Info

An extremely passionate, stylish, and innovative company approached Program-Ace with the idea of creating a cross-platform virtual dressing room called Boutique. FashionTek Boutique is an AR-powered 3D virtual dressing room application that allows users to carry a whole catalog of fashionable clothes in their pocket.

The concept of the application is to showcase a customizable set of clothes which can be displayed on a digital avatar designed to match user body type, complexion, and specifications. A user can tailor both a photorealistic avatar and clothing outfit to match the user preferences and taste. With FashionTek, users are able to take a few photos of themselves to create an accurate model of their avatar, and then try on a variety of clothes offered by the store.

“FashionTek Boutique is a combination of the confidence of an in-store fitting room with the speed and efficiency of an ecommerce site”, says Dov Carpe, CEO of FashionTek.

All the garment is interactive and animated according to the movements of the model to simulate real-life clothing behavior, appearance, and style. FashionTek is blurring the line between in-store and online providing an immersive shopping experience to users. Finally, with the support of an AR technology, users can place an AR model of themselves to see how particular wear fits and looks in full size, and help them make a buying decision.

Business Challenges

User Experience
FashionTek is designed to deliver seamless shopping experience through a variety of visualization levels such as animated 3D virtual dressing room and full-size AR avatar representation. The idea is to help users improve their ecommerce shopping experience and make them feel the elite and fashionable atmosphere of a mall in-house.
Sales Optimization
The application had to integrate with an ecommerce store and collect user purchase history to improve the user experience of shoppers. FashionTek app helps to reduce the refund rate because of high visualization and customization capabilities. Thanks to the same technology it helps to realize more products.
Marketing Effectiveness
FashionTek can collect valuable user data such as location, name, email and help to form an extensive customer base. Given that information, a vendor is able to use various customer retention and retargeting campaigns to win their customer loyalty and improve ecommerce services.

Approach and Solution

There were several challenges that Program-Ace had to overcome when developing FashionTek 3D virtual dressing room. One of the most difficult challenges was the development of custom photogrammetry solution with user face scanning and mapping on a 3D model. However, with our professional team, and fair amount of research we managed to solve that problem and successfully implemented digitisation into the app.

Having a team of certified Unity Developers and extensive expertise, Unity 3D engine was an obvious choice for us. In combination with 3D Max, we achieved the desired visualization results and avatar detalization. With FashionTek, users are able to customize their avatar to have a desired appearance using a tailor-made set of hairstyles, skin colors, complexions, etc.

With the power of Unity, Program-Ace developed a real-time clothing simulation such as movement responsiveness and behavior according to clothing material. One of the challenges was to make these clothes fit customizable user avatars which were not only created using a Character Editor Tool, but also by taking pictures of themselves. For this we combined available computer vision solutions from Open CV library with custom image recognition and processing development.

Finally, with FasnionTek, users are able to try on 50 clothes which are available on the client ecommerce site. Using an open API, we have integrated the pilot store’s ecommerce site with the application to overcome the challenges related to sales optimization and marketing effectiveness.

Technical Information

It took one Project Manager, Business Analyst, Data Scientist, UI/UX Designer, 2 Frontend Engineers, Backend Developer, and QA engineer, to create FashionTek Boutique App, a virtual dressing room. We used Unity, 3D Max, OpenCV and ARKit to build the application.

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FashionTek is a B2C retail application that is designed to improve user shopping experience.

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Value Delivered

Program-Ace developed a cross-platform virtual dressing room for retail which improves the buyer experience by allowing customers to try on a variety of clothes right on their avatar using a mobile phone or desktop.
  1. We created an interactive retail application that combines AR and computer vision technologies.
  2. Our solution helped FashionTek discover new ways of product distribution and customer communication.
  3. Having synchronized the app with an ecommerce site, FashionTek is able to collect valuable user data and parameters that can be used for various targeting and retargeting campaigns.
  4. FashionTek Boutique supports photogrammetry solutions which help to analyse, measure, and transform user pictures into a 3D avatar. Moreover, with the help of a digitisation studio, FashionTek can create new clothing 3D models using real garment images.
  5. The application helped to reduce the refund rate and improved sales due to proper product presentation, visualization, and try on.

FashionTek Demo Video

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