Owiwi HR Platform

Program-Ace helped a Greek company bring an engaging and visually-attractive gamified experience to enhance the corporate recruitment process

Background Info

Owiwi is an HR self-service platform designed to simplify the process of assessing job applicants' soft skills, defining their strengths, and identifying areas for improvement via serious gaming. Being a prospective, fast-growing start-up, Owiwi was intended to combine the most effective game mechanics with narrative visuals and spice it up with the latest psychological research to create a gamified psychometric tool that uses players’ interactions to compose a comprehensive soft skills profile of the applicant.

The company engaged Program-Ace to back up the chosen game mechanics with sophisticated 2D and 3D art, animation, and visual effects, connecting each of the artistic elements to a specific interaction and optimizing the system.

As the Program-Ace team was not involved in building up the core of the platform, we had a tight timeframe to explore the applied game mechanics and specifics of the game and, together with Owiwi, jointly develop the main functionality by providing artistic elements. As the platform release was close, the task was time-sensitive and required close collaboration between Program-Ace and Owiwi.
Ilias Vartholomaios
Ilias Vartholomaios
CEO & Co-Founder
We enlisted the help of Program-Ace, and since then, we have never looked back. Their quick turn-around time coupled with their ability to understand our needs were highly appreciated traits of our collaboration that ensured an ongoing collaboration between our two companies.
Moreover, their adherence to project deadlines and continuous updates on the progress of our project went a long way towards keeping us up to date and on track with our product development roadmap. I would highly recommend Program-Ace for anyone looking to develop their game and creative assets as their level of service is of the highest standard and, more importantly, the people behind the company are an absolute joy to work with.
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Business Challenges

In order to fulfill the expected tasks, Program-Ace has to work in close cooperation with the product team and establish effective communication. We were urged to become a part of Owiwi's team during the development timeline, not just working separately as an artistic extension.
Artistic Quality
The client's product team had a particular vision of what the platform should look and feel like, and thus, they were waiting for illustrations and animations of a certain quality to be delivered. The Program-Ace team is recognized for its artwork, and we intended to prove our reputation.
Game Mechanics
Each game mechanics required a unique set of art assets in order to be delivered efficiently and engagingly; therefore, we had to consider each game mechanics' specifics to create a visually-appealing platform.

Approach and Solution

Program-Ace started cooperation with the client with the careful examination of the existing product, defining its strengths and potential for improvement. During our fruitful discussions with Owiwi, we developed a vision of what kind of illustrations should be present at each level of assessment.

We also discussed the necessary steps to be taken to create not only localized content but the media as well. Applying the talent, capacities, and comprehensive experience, our team created the game design, drew 2D illustrations, and animated the digital content within the required timeframe and budget.

Moreover, to ensure a superior user experience, our team designed a unified, intuitive web interface with careful attention to details, so users can quickly add and change their answers. Also, the new interface made it possible to manage the entire process and review an intermediate result before seeing the final report.

We created all visuals to help players who are faced with specific dilemmas and scenarios in which they have to respond accordingly with five possible response options. At the end of the game, an analytical report card is sent via email to the candidate (as well as the recruiter) outlining that person's soft skills.
Owiwi approach and solution

Technical Information

The complete set of art development services was delivered in two months by a dedicated team consisting of one game developer, two 2D artists, one animator, one VFXer, and one designer. The technology stack included:
3DS Max Maya Photoshop Adobe After Effects


Both junior specialists and well-known professionals, businesses, and non-profits can improve their recruitment process with the help of Owiwi, and the software primarily targets:
Multinational conglomerates
Multinational Corporations
App development for SMBs
Small and Medium Businesses
Software development for startups
Owiwi Value Delivered

Value Delivered

The Program-Ace team was challenged to create all illustrations and animations for this gamified solution. This resulted in a new type of an assessment tool that records users soft interpersonal skills based on their behaviors and decisions in the game, which takes the form of a visual novel. With the help of Program-Ace, Owiwi received the following benefits:
  1. The number of users, attracted by visuals, increased by 150%;
  2. Visually-appealing interface, supported with colorful illustrations that support adaptive and dynamic content that cannot be “cheated” to taint the end results;
  3. The client received an interchangeable game content that can be altered to fit any customer or audience;
  4. An easily accessible technology that does not require extensive time, training, or cost to deploy right away;
  5. Localized media and content that increased MNCs' and SMEs' interest by 64% and increased sales in this sector by 38%.
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