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PhoneGap was created as an open-source mobile app development framework that gives the power to build applications for multiple platforms with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript and without the use of native programming languages (like Java and Objective-C) for all mobile operating systems. Program-Ace experienced professionals have been working on PhoneGap development and delivering amazing apps including games and different applications since its first release in 2005.

Why You Should Choose PhoneGap

PhoneGap is considered to be one of the most effective frameworks for mobile development because of the following advantages:

  • PhoneGap applications are easy to install, like native apps
  • cost-effective cross-platform solution for different platforms
  • based on comparatively easy programming languages: JavaScript, CSS, and HTML
  • can be integrated with various libraries to save the development time
  • PhoneGap team helps to distribute a mobile application or game in the app stores

Despite the fact that PhoneGap has a lot of pros, there are some cons that need to be taken into consideration when choosing a suitable cross-platform framework:

  • PhoneGap applications perform slower than native apps
  • it uses web APIs and  WebView and for that reason apps sometimes don’t behave the way users expect

If there are no strict requirement for the operation speed or you already own a web app or a website or you want to create a business application or a simple mobile game, it's best to choose PhoneGap development path because the process will take less time and money than native one. On the other hand, if your application or game contains a lot of graphic or/and animations and you count on native performance, then PhoneGap is not the best choice for your project.

Contact our manager and get a free consultation about the best option for your future mobile game or application.

PhoneGap Development Services

Program-Ace has successfully finished various projects of different complexity from business to entertainment using this platform. We are ready to offer our clients the following services:

  • cross-platform app development for a wide range of mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone and others
  • implementation of varied features in mobile games or applications (such as accelerometer, camera, geolocation, etc.)
  • creation of responsive applications
  • porting of existing applications to PhoneGap

Featured Case Study

DSA News project

DSA News is a mobile news application developed using HTML5, CSS, JS and PhoneGap framework for all kinds of Android and iOS devices.

Benefits of Cooperation with Program-Ace

Choosing Program-Ace as your development partner for your PhoneGap project gives you a list of advantages:

1Qualified team with a powerful background in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

2Many years of experience in mobile development.

3Expert level in cross-platform development for all supported platforms.

4Testing of all applications for mobile devices before releasing.

5On-going maintenance and support of PhoneGap apps.


We work under well-known outsourcing cooperation models: Fixed Price, T&M, and Dedicated team. You can delegate your project to Program-Ace or hire our Senior level experts and explore our PhoneGap development services.

Program-Ace focuses on clients’ requirements and delivers PhoneGap apps at a reasonable cost. Our trustworthy company has a fast-growing team of PhoneGap developers who can deliver a breath-taking game or cross-platform mobile application of the top quality.

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GSN Games is completely satisfied with Program-Ace's technical expertise and the quality of services they provide. We look forward to collaborating with Program-Ace again...

Stuart Lewis-Smith, Senior VP and General Manager, GSN Games

Program-Ace has completely dispelled my concerns. The online project management system is one of the best I have seen...

– Scott Zerby, Vice President at ValuSoft

If you're looking for a professional, dedicated, digital development partner, I highly recommend Program-Ace...

– Tim Ransom, President at Visual Thunder Media
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