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Stuart Lewis-Smith

GSN Games is one of the global leaders in mobile social casino games. Program-Ace and GSN Games have been working closely together on the development of several online games. It is my pleasure to recommend Program-Ace to anybody involved in mobile gaming who comes across this company. Read More...

Its 2D team provides an incredible artistic excellence, while its development department has proven to be experts in mobile app engineering. GSN Games is completely satisfied with Program-Ace's technical expertise and the quality of services they provide. One of the projects we worked on together exemplified Program-Ace’s attention to detail and extensive technical knowledge. Our fruitful and beneficial partnership has already resulted in several prominent mobile gaming apps. We look forward to collaborating with Program-Ace again on more development projects as well as pursuing new ventures together. Read Less...

- Stuart Lewis-Smith, Senior Vice President and General Manager, GSN Games

Scott Zerby

I was searching for a devoted, trustworthy offshore company to take on several custom casual game development projects. Although attracted by outsourcing prices, I was hesitant when it came to quality of work, communication issues and professionalism. Read More...

Program-Ace has completely dispelled my concerns. The online project management system is one of the best I have seen. Their hardworking, talented team has incorporated highly original and creative solutions into the final design, helping my product to stand out from the rest. I have seen all aspects of the team's impressive reputation reflect in my particular project. Working with Program-Ace has been an enjoyable process, and the results have been most rewarding. Read Less...

- Scott Zerby, Vice President at ValuSoft, a division of THQ Inc.

Guvenc Sahin

We worked with Program-Ace for our projects character and weapon model needs. The Program-Ace team is working in a perfect harmony from the sales team to artists. They are working fast and professional. They have the best team for outsource needs.

- Guvenc Sahin, Owner of Vector Games

Loren Roosendaal

In the past year we have worked with the Program-Ace team on a number of projects. It has been a pleasure working with them. Their team is responsive and has proven to be punctual and reliable with regards to the delivery of work that we have allocated to them, making them an excellent outsourcing partner.

- Loren Roosendaal, CEO IC3D Media

Ian Natzmer

When looking to outsource our next project I happened across Program-Ace. I was looking for a partner in the same time zone and was concerned about the language barrier. I had worked with another overseas development shop before and had a really negative experience. Read More...

However, after conducting technical interviews I found Program-Ace’s technical expertise to be the strongest by far of the groups being considered. The language barrier for everyone I talked to was not an issue. By the end of the vetting period I felt very comfortable with Program-Ace’s ability to execute. And they really did. They executed each sprint to specification, on schedule, and with minimal issues. One of my fears with overseas development teams was critical bugs in daily check-ins (this was common with previous shops). However, on the rare occasion this happened with Program-Ace they were there to immediately fix the issue, even when it was the middle of the night for them. They constantly made sure I always felt satisfied with their service and did everything in their power to make sure the project was successfully completed on time and within the given budget. I couldn’t be more happier with the technical expertise, ability to execute, professionalism and highly recommend Program-Ace. Read Less...

- Ian Natzmer, Co-Founder
Vice President of Development Dark Vale Games

Angelique de-Oliveira

I was looking for a serious IT provider with cost constraints and a French start-up recommended ACE in Ukraine. The teams are Pro and deliver on Time. The IT team and account manager are helpfull and customer oriented which was great to understand better each other. I have already recommended ACE to start-up in my country as finding great IT partners is very difficult.

- Angelique De Oliveira, Founder of Story42

Tim Ransom

Program-Ace has delivered excellent quality 3D modeling work for us on budget and on time. As a demanding client with precision expectations, I am pleased that they rise to the bar each time we challenge them. If you're looking for a professional, dedicated, digital development partner, I highly recommend Program-Ace.

- Tim Ransom, President at Visual Thunder Media

Chris Vergaelen

What does Program-Ace mean for our business? A flexible, cost effective, well structured partner do develop our business ideas. Program-Ace has been a dedicated partner who always delivered our projects within the dead lines stated in the project. Read More...

I worked with other offshore companies and Program-Ace was the only company that made me feel comfortable: every project is well defined from the beginning, so no surprises come up. Program-Ace goes that extra mile to complete the project. I even visited Program-Ace offices in Kharkov (Ukraine) and I would like to thank the Program-Ace team and Oleg Fonarov for their warm welcome.

Our company uses Program-Ace's services for 3 years now. I would not even think considering another partner for my IT projects. We worked with different programmers and project leaders and all of them delivered professional services. Keep up the good work guys and girls!!

Read Less...

- Chris Vergaelen, Sales & Marketing at 2HAND N.V.

Naomi Kokubo

Let me start by saying Program-Ace has a talented team of programmers and artists. They are able to produce work that is of a very high standard. They also strive to deliver projects within budget. Even more importantly, Program-Ace does a very good job at communication. We don't speak any Ukrainian, but this hasn't been a problem. Read More...

Most of the team seems to read and write English pretty well. Also, they respond to each email we send in a timely manner. This is important because we are located in the United States, and if they don't respond, we lose a day of production time.

Another impressive thing we've found working with Program-Ace is that that they stand behind their work. Whenever we've found a bug, they fixed it at no cost - even if it required a great deal of work. This is the reason we will work with Program-Ace again and again. They are truly service oriented and are interested in building long-term relationships.

For us, this level of service and commitment is what makes them stand apart from other third party developers. We highly recommend working with Program-Ace. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Read Less...

- Naomi Kokubo, President at LavaMind

Maurizio de Girolami

I chose Program-Ace because the works in their 3D portfolio were very near to what I was looking for. The guys showed themselves as a very professional, serious and capable team, they made every effort to establish a good business relationship. I always received timely responses from my project manager, and it was always easy to get help when I needed it. I enjoyed their 3D modeling services and will surely recommend Program-Ace to others.

- Maurizio de Girolami

I would like to thank Program-Ace for the excellent work they did on our client’s project (WYSIWYG). They have a good technical team as well as an excellent account management / support staff who communicated very well with us during the project. We were kept informed of the progress of the project over the course of four months. Read More...

Even though our project was extended over two months than initially planned Ace-Program made sure programmers were available to get the job done promptly. I would like to thank Program-Ace for the excellent work they did on our client’s project (WYSIWYG).

They have a good technical team as well as an excellent account management / support staff who communicated very well with us during the project. We were kept informed of the progress of the project over the course of four months. Even though our project was extended over two months than initially planned Ace-Program made sure programmers were available to get the job done promptly.

I enjoyed working immensely with Ace-Program technical & support staff and will recommend them to any company looking for high-end technical solutions at an affordable price.

I especially liked the fact that our project was done completely online with limited interaction by other communication methods. We did not do any technical phone calls or meet in person and yet were able to complete a moderately complex project like WYSIWYG successfully.

I would like to continue working with Ace-Program on future projects.

Read Less...

- Noel D’Cruz, CEO at Smashhit Solutions

FlyLite's technology platforms are its lifeblood and a primary competitive advantage, so deciding to offshore development was not an easy choice to make. But working with Program-Ace has turned out to be one of the best decisions we've ever made. Read More...

They consistently exceed expectations, delivering the right solutions on time and at a fraction of the cost of domestic and in house solutions. I consider Program-Ace to be an indispensable asset and I look forward to working with them as we grow.

Read Less...

- Steve Zilinek, COO at FlyLite

Program-Ace is a reliable and good partner for our 3D production department. We are very satisfied with the results they delivered in our last 3D modelling project. Read More...

- Robert Mayer, Owner and CEO at Weltenbauer

For six months I was searching for a professional computer programming team. I wanted so badly to develop a hunting arcade simulation PÑ game. Living in the USA programming cost is very high.  We have had three hunting games developed in America and production cost was twice the cost as of Program-Ace. Read More...

I happen to find Program-Ace on the Internet; their web site was very impressive. I kept going over the web site and decided to e-mail Oleg Fonarov, the director of Program-Ace.  Immediately, I had a response within hours, I was so excited!  Oleg responded to every message, proving to me that he was interested in my concerns in getting the Pack Hunter game developed. I was truly satisfied with the return e-mails and amazed at the concern and interest he showed. I was so impressed with his professionalism; I decided to visit Program-Ace. Oleg invited us to visit, so my mother and I did.

Our arrival to the Ukraine was wonderful, Inga from Program-Ace was amazing, she stayed with us every moment to help us with the language differences and travel.  Meeting the Program-Ace team was amazing, they all show interest in what they are doing, but most of all they are so talented and professional. I will never forget my trip to the Ukraine and meeting the Program-Ace team they are all a blessing.

Once I arrived back home, Program-Ace was there step by step in getting the project finished. They set me up with the Ace CRM, which allowed me to communicate out ever issue concerning the project. Tatyana, the project manager, deserves a bonus, for putting up with me!  She has been amazing. She even went out of her way to e-mail me back on her weekends!!! Every change that was requested was done!!! No question asked!!!  Program-Ace will make it happen!!! Without them Pack Hunter Survival would not been developed, because of the high cost of programming in America. They allowed me to create a professional project, at a great budget, with a full team of professional artists, programmers, etc.  They work like army troops and get the job done!!! In the future I will be honored to have them to create my next project.  You All Are Number One!!!

Thanks for a wonderful job.

Read Less...

- Sionna Graha, SG Interactive, Inc.

Program-Ace came highly recommended to us, and after using them for a fairly complicated project, I agree. Both customer support and the programming team are incredibly responsive and knowledgeable. Having outsourced web development overseas in the past, I was apprehensive to try it again. Read More...

However, the language and distance barriers were never a problem with Program-Ace. Communication is made simple with real-time chats and a customer relationship management system. Every communication is recorded and accessible for easy reference. Nothing ever seems to get lost in translation and our programmer seemed to always be available. I will most certainly work with the team at Program-Ace again and would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to develop applications or database-heavy websites.

Read Less...

- Carla Hojaiban, COO at Bankable Business Plans, Newton Business Programs

Program-Ace is an exceptional company. They provide customer service, and treats their clients' projects as if they were their very own. Never had a problem with communications, they have always been willing to answer any questions I may have had. Read More...

I admit I was very cautious in the beginning about awarding this project to an offshore developer. Program-Ace however dispels any myth surrounding irresponsible offshore developers. Not only will I use them in the future, but we are also currently expanding on our original project. Great work. If you choose Program-Ace, you have nothing to fear.

Read Less...

- Spiro Kitovas, Delta Media Inc.

EnTCo's scientific and educational development partners, associated with major U.S. zoos, aquaria and marine science organizations, have been blown away by the life-like accuracy of the Wild Earth experiences. Read More...

Program-Ace has not only been a very cost effective outsourcing solution, they have been a key resource in the development of the award-winning Wild Earth attractions, providing strong animations for a wide variety of species, on land and under the sea. Exhibiting a strong work ethic, they continually turn around adjusted animations quickly, responding well to feedback from me and the subject matter experts.

Read Less...

- Robert Lloyd, Creative Director at EnTCo

Program-Ace has been a delight to wok with. The level of service and quality of work were both second to none. The project management interface you have is wonderful. It allows me to keep up with how the development is going, knowing with confidence that the finished product will be just as promised. Read More...

Your commitment to customer satisfaction was obvious from my very first conversation with the project manager. Keep up the great work. All the best!

Read Less...

- Peter Whiteman, Founder of Magic Pro Shop

I work already since 1.5 year together with the company Program-Ace. And our partnership becomes from time to time better. We started with small projects. Now we are working on two big websites from our company. Read More...

I think they are very competent, I tried before I meet Oleg some other programmers from Bulgaria and Russia. Program-Ace is very reliable.

Read Less...

- Frederick Schiveck, Netline S.A.

I have been working with Program-Ace since 2001, on projects that range from 3-D modeling, to interactive animation, to web-based applications development. Their cost effective, responsive, and high quality work allows us to focus on defining the business need, while leveraging their skills to create and support the technology and tools required. Read More...

- Beverage Manufacturer, COO

Program-Ace is ABSOLUTELY the best web development partner anyone can dream of. I call them a "partner" because what they've done for us is above and beyond any "outsourced development firm" I've ever worked for. Program-Ace is professional, always available, and is constantly thinking about our best interests. Read More...

Their company is focused on building long-term relationships, and because of that, we've built a trusting relationship. Program-Ace is also VERY flexible. One of the hardest thing in web development is creating the "perfect" product spec. Specs change, and as a buyer, we were no different. We kept track of every little change we requested, and up to now, we've requested over 120 changes to our original spec. Such change would usually frustrate most developers, but Program-Ace handled request at a time, and delivered everything to perfection. If you're just like me, wondering which one of the many bids should pick, look no further. Program-Ace demonstrated to me that they wanted the job more than any other provider AND they delivered ON TIME.

Read Less...

- Harry T., MZ

I just wanted to thank you and your team for the outstanding job you did for us. We are extremely pleased with your services and we found working with Program-Ace team to be a pleasure. It is obvious that Program-Ace believes in and excels at partnering withs its clients. Read More...

You embraced V-Tech development goals and put a great deal of time and effort into researching to helping us to deliver better solutions. In addition, we were extremely impressed by Program-Ace willingness to go extra mile. You meet difficult goals, with a lot of technical difficulties and meet our deadlines too. Program-Ace has the ability to help its clients to reach their goal and even more. Your commitment to excellence combined with your focus on quality, service and strong customer relationship will undoubtedly make Program-Ace a very successful company. On behalf of V-Tech, I extend our sincerest thanks for a job well done.

Read Less...

- Demez Christophe, Managing Director at Visionaly Technologies

Having worked with Program-Ace over the past 3 years, we have come to rely on its expertise and efficiency not just to develop our product, but to maintain and improve it on an ongoing basis. Read More...

We have gained considerable competitive advantages because we can offer our clients cutting edge technology with our product at relatively low cost, which is a key success factor in our business. The success of our product strategy is attributed to Program-Ace’s ability to listen to our needs and deliver the results. I wholeheartedly thank the company and its team for our partnership.

Read Less...

- Vincent Wong, CEO at Wambamboo Limited

Back in mid 2006 I was recommended to Program-Ace as a possible developer for my new online game Pinball Wizards.eu. My first point of contact was Elena Yefimenko, who all though I have never met in person came across as a bright and helpful lady. Read More...

I explained my needs and also my lack of computing and design skills; together with her colleagues we designed the SRS for the game and the website.

I was then introduced to Alexey and Eugene who became my sounding board for both the web site & games design.

We communicated daily through the Ace Remote project system gradually getting a understanding of what I wanted what was possible within my budget, as I realised I needed more features these were quoted for and rendered in the timescales agreed. When I decided I needed an affiliate system Alexey made helpful suggestions and was always considerate of my needs not to break the budget (by too much).

I now have a game site that is close to what I imagined, thanks to Elena, Alexey and Eugene’s professionalism and would have no hesitation in recommending Program-Ace to any body that required any web or game based site.

Many thanks for all your work

Read Less...

- Stefan Wilkinson, Pinball-Wizards

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GSN Games is completely satisfied with Program-Ace's technical expertise and the quality of services they provide. We look forward to collaborating with Program-Ace again...

Stuart Lewis-Smith, Senior VP and General Manager, GSN Games

Program-Ace has completely dispelled my concerns. The online project management system is one of the best I have seen...

– Scott Zerby, Vice President at ValuSoft

If you're looking for a professional, dedicated, digital development partner, I highly recommend Program-Ace...

– Tim Ransom, President at Visual Thunder Media
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