Glock 19 Virtual Trainer Case Study

Glock 19 Virtual Trainer

Program-Ace helped Digimation develop an all-in-one tool for military training to increase sales and brand recognition

Background Info

Being a solid company with proven expertise in creating a compelling learning experience for virtual training, Digimation wanted to create a stable and profound tool for simulating the handling of a popular Glock-19 pistol. Given our stack of acquired technologies, the Program-Ace team of professionals came as the optimal option when meeting the demands in making an immersive application for convenient military training.

While using this program, operators could get acquainted with a popular weapon composition and vastly improve their weapon mastery in both assembly and disassembly techniques, let alone the firing and reloading processes. Despite Digimation's solid expertise in making training simulations and a large 3D model library, there were still areas to improve with the help of our team.

Being our company branded tool, the Glock 19 Virtual Trainer is a perfect example of the digital solutions effective grasp in the education process, making it simple and accessible to various industry segments.
David Avgikos
David Avgikos
President and CEO
We started working with Program-Ace around 2002, and the work is ongoing. Program-Ace delivers on all ancillary projects that are assigned to them. Their 3D design work is second-to-none, and their versatility with game development sets them apart from their competitors. I find these guys to be really talented. They keep up with the quality of work we demand.

Business Challenges

Effective Military Training
The primary task was to form a comprehensive approach to make the staff training process engaging and efficient.
Time Consumption
The application was designed to vastly reduce the time requirements for accelerating knowledge acquisition.
Safety Issues
A virtual realm served as a great solution for eliminating safety concerns, commonly associated with real-life firearms training.

Approach and Solution

Our specialists started working with Digimation in an attempt to fit a narrow range of functional, yet rather simplistic tools for effective firearm training in a virtual environment. For that matter, we used Ace3D Engine, our proprietary 3D engine that is capable of delivering an attractive graphical portrayal of a real-life gun and implement top-notch animations for convenient controls inside the app.

In close cooperation with our client's representative that was invited for providing additional expertise in small gun mechanics, we have designed a virtual product that would fully match its real Glock 19 counterpart. It retained all the physical impact patterns and was easy to control in the game environment, featuring transparent visual access to every internal part of the firearm: from a trigger to bullet shells.

According to our client’s requirements, in addition to highly-detailed arms and pistol model animations, we have set a goal to make a profound, yet easy to understand UI that would enable smooth control of all the major elements. This resulted in making a list of regular action categories to pick from, and a special filter that allows for choosing whether the gun’s accessories should be visible or not, and the X-Ray feature, as well as the regular action categories.

Possessing Agile methodologies and a wise task management allowed us to create a stable app that recreates an authentic feeling of handling a real-life firearm, empowering training process for any gun owners with its smooth performance and easy to catch-on controls.
Training solution for weapon handling practicing - Glock 19 Virtual Trainer

Technical Information

The application was developed by an assembled team of QA Engineers, 2D/3D artists, game designers, analysts, and managers, taking 2 months to achieve the goals.
Ace3D Engine DirectX AutoCad 3ds Max


Glock 19 Virtual Trainer can serve as a go-to training program for both novices and professionals who are willing to enhance their firearm mastery while maintaining high security and convenience level.
Military & Defence
Military & Defense
Self-Improvement / Do-It-Yourself
Interactive virtual trainer from Program-Ace

Value Delivered

The final product was a solid application that enabled contemporary military training in a virtual realm, powered by photorealistic image quality to allow for the highest convenience level.
  1. Flexible native 1680x1050 resolution that can be scaled to any other aspect, supporting both full-screen and windowed modes;
  2. Increased ROI from 43% to 66%;
  3. Glock 19 Virtual Trainer has educated more than 3,000 firearm users across the globe;
  4. The number of accidents during weapon training has been decreased by 30%;
  5. We delivered a new level of interaction for users in a well-looking virtual environment.

Virtual Trainer Showreel

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