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King of Juice

Program-Ace added a new interaction level to casual arcade gaming

Background Info

King of Juice is an arcade game developed for the casual audience to mimic the process of gathering various fruits to further blend into a juice. An onslaught of watermelons, oranges, apples, and papayas rolling down through the groove can be controlled by the players, depending on which side they decide to swipe each particular fruit towards. The more correct fruit type is collected, the more "fresh" points a player gets that will define whether a level is completed or not, plus the star rating will designate the juice quality at the end of each round.

The game makes the most out of the Lip Motion tracking technology which allows for responsive players' manipulation with a special device. While being available on multiple platforms, mobile gadgets solely rely on the swipe gestures that will help the players to turn the fruit into the right direction after they reach a bottom intersection area. Fruit physics can also make a difference: for example, different "fruit" types have their own projectile speed that often makes them clash and shake the routes in a drastic manner.

The graphical part is also worth noting due to its cartoony aesthetics that were specifically designed for appealing to the more casual type of players, as a playful 3D environment was projected to create a positive and relaxed mood for the general audience.

Business Challenges

Motion Tracking Implementation
The main goal was to comprise this technology into the game to provide the extensive player controls and increase the interactivity with the moving objects.
Cross-Platform Availability
Another important aspect was to grant full player access for various demographic groups by expanding the game onto PC, iOS, and Android platforms.
Entering the Fruit Games Area
Given the solid Fruit Ninja success, our team of professionals has decided to create our own distinctive and fun fruit arcade action.

Approach and Solution

Our idea was to create a rather simplistic arcade-style game that would look friendly to the end-user and have its own distinctive perk, so we decided to implement Leap Motion technology. By adding this element, it could allow us to increase the fun factor with mimicking the swipe gestures, that would be done in a real-life environment and gets accurately represented within the game-space. Given our solid expertise in VR solutions and its control mechanic similarities, our team of professionals managed to deliver the best from Leap Motion SDK by enabling a top-notch movement tracking system.

Unity was a clear winner when it came to choosing a game engine with its well-rounded performance on multiple platforms and high convenience level when developing visually-appealing games with fair hardware requirements. Its technological capabilities could perfectly fit the initial premise to forge the game's simple learning curve but enough variety in difficulty to encourage replayability.

Cross-platform availability was also among key factors prior to game's release that would not only expand the player base but could also diversify the gameplay by allowing to play without a Leap Motion device on smartphones or tablets. Finger swipe controls would become a welcomed addition for players who prefer a more casual style of play.
Leap Motion development services from Program-Ace

Technical Information

King of Juice was thoroughly handled by a dedicated team of 2 developers, one 3D artist, one 2D artist, and took slightly more than a month to be ready for release.
Unity Leap Motion Maya Photoshop


King of Juice was developed to fit its niche and become appealing to certain user categories, which included:
Fruit Ninja Fans
Fruit Ninja Fans
Casual gamers
Casual Players
Leap Motion Owners
Leap Motion Owners
Friends & Familly
Frieds & Family
Leap Motion game from Program-Ace

Value Delivered

After a full-cycle development process, the game was released and managed to achieve a number of valuable goals:
  1. King of Juice was downloaded more than 50k times across the multiple platforms;
  2. Successfully implemented the support of Leap Motion technology into the game, which vastly improved the players' engagement level;
  3. Created a welcoming and easy-to-learn gaming experience in a joyful 3D environment;
  4. Successfully deployed the application on multiple platforms, including PC, iOS, and Android.


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