World of Boxes - Case Study

World of Boxes

Program-Ace created a bright arcade game by adopting beloved box moving mechanics from older games

Background Info

World of Boxes is an application for mobile devices that excels at mimicking a simple, yet entertaining gameplay of collecting a line of various boxes falling from the sky. After the line is filled with boxes, it dissipates, and a player gets the score points that will further be converted into a game currency after all the character lives are spent.

Each user has three different characters of their choice who vary on different stats, including speed, jump, and power. In-game shop is also available, allowing the users to buy special perks and power-ups alongside various characters via internal currency that is earned after completing a level.

The boxes, a key game element, can behave differently depending on their substance. For instance, metal chests are impossible to move unless a character has an increased power or a corresponding ability is available; meanwhile, the wooden counterparts can be moved by any characters, complemented by paper, bonus, and dynamite boxes with their own stats, allowing to diversify gameplay by a ton.

Business Challenges

Research and Development
One of the main development purposes was to explore the market of casual arcade games and their popularity across modern mobile gadget owners.
Proof of Concept
We wanted to conduct research regarding whether a simplistic mobile app developed by a small team can reach its target audience or not.
Sales and Marketing
The game was oriented towards researching players' reception of new modes and a plain progression system that is easy to learn and free of microtransactions.

Approach and Solution

Prior to the start of World of Boxes development, our team of professionals had to decide which game engine could deliver a simplistic, yet saturated and profound world, and Unity was a perfect choice, combining both visual and performance value to convey every game concept.

To match the original game feeling, the control system was designed to stay orthodox, emulating the button manipulations instead of the swiping technique.

Despite an intention to re-create an old beloved game, the Program-Ace team realized a necessity to make a new distinctive product that would not inherit Stack Attack's key features but will also have innovative game elements. For that matter, the game has seen an addition of the following:
  • 3 playable characters who possess different performance stats;
  • 5 different box types with their individual properties;
  • 3 game modes: Lightning, Metal Age, and Meteor Rain that change the dynamic of the game after a player reaches a certain level point;
  • Power-ups shop that features many other ways to vary the gameplay: boots of speed, power boost, spring, shield, bomb, extra life, or a 2x points multiplier.

That raised a question of limiting the influence of purchasable power-ups towards the gameplay, which has lead to a decision to make them available only with a coin currency, which can only be obtained via the gameplay process.

Making a game available for both iOS and Android platforms was another crucial step for its success by increasing the overall player base.
Program-Ace developed cross-platform mobile game

Technical Information

A full development cycle took less than 1 month and required the efforts of 1 developer, 1 2D artist, and 1 QA engineer to convey to be finished and deployed into the app stores.
Unity C# Flurry Photoshop


World of Boxes will satisfy even the most capricious players and will be interesting for both adults and kids, including:
Stack Attack Fans
Stack Attack Fans
Casual gamers
Casual Gamers
Old-school gamers
Old-School 2D Enthusiasts
iOS and Android application - World of Boxes

Value Delivered

The application release has been warmly received by a casual audience and has also provided us with valuable information about the state of the simplistic games market.
  1. The application has been downloaded more than 15k times on both iOS and Android platforms;
  2. Integrated Facebook and Twitter networks to increase the players' social engagement level;
  3. Created a full-blown product that recreates the feeling of an old classic game with the addition of modern graphics;
  4. Expanded the boundaries by implementing a deep customization level and a variety of modes that add to the gaming process value;
  5. Enabled a profound system of different box types to diversify the players' gameplay and spur inventing different routes to avoid the obstacles.
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Unity Certified
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