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Virtual Tour is a New Way to the Virtual Reality

Saturday, 18 Oct 2014

In the era of rapidly growing IT technology idea of real world virtualization where every person is able to choose shape, communicate with millions of colleagues around the globe and visit all corners of the globe without leaving the computer screen, becomes more and more important. Of course, this virtual world needs to be colorful and attractive and to be as close to the real world special effects as possible and even exceed them. That's why, all the innovation and technology are designed to create realistic 3D animations with the help of 3D technology allowing you to recreate three-dimensional objects and maps, facilities and location. Thus nowadays technology is very close to full virtual reality which might become a life standard soon.

Due to global modern world computerization Internet audience grows quickly and permanently. Today total number of Internet users around the globe is more than 2 milliards, and the number of mobile subscribers is around 5 milliards. Each of them is potential participant of virtual reality.

That is why people became more and more interested in virtual tours and exhibitions offering opportunity to make a virtual 3D tour, walk through the halls, watch a realistic spherical panorama of rooms, come closer to the exhibits and receive interesting information simply by clicking the mouse, sitting at home.

Advantages of the Virtual Tour

  • Huge and growing number of potential visitors, due to the fact that to make a virtual tour it is enough to have a computer with Internet access;
  • 24/7 open. Opportunity to visit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Opportunity for elaboration. Virtual tour scope and functionality are not limited. They can allow adding new exhibits, new kinds of virtual tours and functionality which are not provided in a real life, but might be interesting for visitors. That is why virtual tour is open for development and experiments, while the real one is always totally conservative and static.
  • Homeliness promotes more convenient viewing of the collections comfortably sitting at home.
  • Increased premise visibility. Quite often, virtual exhibitions rouse you to watch your favorite exhibits in real life. So communication technology motivates to travel helping to see new and beautiful things.
  • Increasing institution interactivity. Nowadays computer technology grows rapidly, presenting the real world on a computer screen or mobile device in the new interactive way where you can feel what you have never felt before and you can see objects hidden from eye.

Possible Types of Virtual Tours

360° Photo Virtual Tour

A 360° virtual tour enables your web visitors to view everything within physical location in 360° radius. Imagine you are staying in the middle of the room and looking around it. That is exactly what your visitors will experience having 360 ° virtual tours online via the website. Furthermore, 360° virtual tour features a ground plan and hot spots allowing tour visitors to interact directly with the scene. The real and interactive elements are the factors that make 360° virtual tours so compelling.

One of the main benefits of 360° virtual tour is that it can deliver stunning visual impact. It is audience-captivating, and could be determining factor in your customer’s decision to visit your institution.

Proposes functionality for 360° photo virtual tour:

  • Realistic panorama (360 degree)
  • Interactive floor plan (with hot spots of exhibits)
  • Possibility of rotation
  • Ability to select exhibits (room/object)
  • Photos and description of selected room/object
  • Possibility of accompanying sound and video overview of the selected room/object

Areas of use:

  • Showcase museums, exhibitions, buildings etc.;
  • Showcase national parks, public gardens, monuments, memorials;
  • Showcase farms, lakes, squares, cities, etc.
  Virtual tour

Virtual tour

3D Virtual Tour

Enjoy the exhibits of virtual tour and relax in the atmosphere of pure art and beauty in real time. With 3D Tour you can have it all on your PC.

3D tour enables your web visitors to dip into atmosphere of institution, to walk through the rooms (exhibits) and to choose pleasing exhibits simply clicking on them either online via the website or offline using CD-ROM application. 3D format is visually more attractive and realistic than pictures or panoramas because it allows seeing objects from different angles.

One of the main reasons is that 3D tour can deliver a stunning effect of full presence in the institution in real time. It is audience-captivating, and might become determining factor in your customer’s decision to visit your institution.

Virtual tour
Proposes functionality for 3D tour:
  • 3D environment in real time
  • Possibility to walk through the rooms (exhibits)
  • Ability to select objects interesting for users, review available information about these objects
  • Photos and Description of selected room/object
  • Possibility of sound and videos overview of selected room/object
  • Virtual guide possibility
  • Possibility of desktop application release
  • Possibility of web-browser application release
  • Ability to create various quests during 3D tour
  • Ability to browse, zoom and rotate 3D objects (exhibits)

Areas of use:

  • Make a virtual guided tour through the office or manufacturing facilities;
  • Present their architectural construction projects to potential investors;
  • Showcase museums, exhibitions, buildings and their exhibits;
  • Represent virtual 3D cities for increasing a popularity of your cities;
  • Advertise resort areas, hotel rooms, ship cabins, houses for rent/for sale and so on.
Virtual tour

Virtual tour

3D Animation

3D animation is a good interactive way to show the objects in three-dimensional form on the screen making 3D content readily available for users. Usually 3D animation is used in 3D tutorials, interactive visualization of objects, 3D trainings and 3D games.

With 3D animation your collections can be shown to visitors if there is lack of space in real life. The software helps to create a complete picture of the artist's lifework for the visitor. 3D familiarizes them with works that may be spread all over the world. It is possible to create 3D models of objects which no longer exist, such as military tanks, ships, destroyed buildings, historic furniture and more. 3D animation can be used to make your collections more attractive for visitors. With 3D animation you can organize virtual tutorial or training without expensive logistics. 3D animation complements traditional objects

Virtual tour

Proposed 3D animation features:

  • Creating online 3D visualization catalogues
  • Display large 3D or 2D objects and structures
  • Display small 3D or 2D objects with minor details
  • Zoom in and out
  • Home function to reset model position
  • Rotate around horizontal and vertical axes
  • Browsing between models
  • 3D models uploading and removing
  • Adding or changing 2D content (text, pictures, audio)
  • Adding any kind of animation effects
  • Complete catalogue of products in stores and showrooms display
  • Showing attractions and locations
  • Creating interactive exhibitions with no need for the transportation of heavy, large or
  • expensive items or artwork
  • Improving visitors experience
  • Possibility to create amazing 3D presentations, promo videos and demos of objects
  • Possibility to create 3D trainings for staff and customers

Areas of use:

  • Create an amazing 3D presentations, promo videos and demos of objects
  • Create online 3D catalogue of objects (vehicles, yachts, appliances, gadgets, etc.) for visualization
  • Create 3D tutorials, 3D manuals and 3D trainings for staff and customers
  • Create 3D games, 3D cartoons for advertising of objects

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a new and popular kind of virtual reality. Augmented reality is a term for live direct or indirect view of physical, real-world environment which elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. It is related to more general concept called mediated reality, in which view of reality is modified by the computer. As a result, the technology functions by enhancing one’s current perception of reality. By contrast, virtual reality replaces the real world with a simulated one.

Augmented reality can be used in the Internet browser, as mobile application (iPad, iPhone, etc.) or in any location on the screen box.

Augmented reality of objects can be used to make facilities more attractive for visitors.

Virtual tour

Areas of use:

  • Development of amazing augmented reality objects and interactive product catalogues visualization (vehicles, yachts, appliances, gadgets, clothes, etc.)
  • Development of interactive application for fitting clothes, glasses, hats, etc.
  • Development of interactive city and facility guides
  • Development of interactive books and magazines
  • Development of promotion application for vehicles, buildings etc.

What We Offer

Our creative company has wide and extensive knowledge and great experience of virtual tour development and offers the following:

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