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VR Hotel

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Background Info

The VR Hotel app developed by our team of professionals based on the concept presented by one of our clients. The VR Hotel is a virtual reality application which allows internal employees to navigate within the realistic representation of hotel environment performing assessments, measurements, design, and interior planning.

The concept of a VR Hotel was to build an interactive VR application that would simulate the hotel environment where internal employees could configure the design and plan the interior in the virtual space before making any design decisions in real life. The idea was to provide an interactive tool that would reduce operating costs and time by creating a design plan beforehand.

VR Hotel is an immersive VR application that helps to prepare in advance and solve complex interior design tasks eliminating the need for physical presence. It is a demo project of an interactive hotel configurator that aspires for full interactivity, customizability and impeccable VR experience.

Developed in close cooperation with our client, VR Hotel serves as a prime example of an effective selling point for hotel business owners of various magnitude who want to pave their way towards the customer audience.

Business Challenges

Technical Performance
Given the hardware requirements of modern VR apps, our team had to ensure a smooth visual experience for a broad audience while not demanding high-end PC setups.
Marketing Effectiveness
Knowing the exact needs of housing segment customers was a key point for us to convey all major interior features that could attract a wide audience of customers.
Full Interactivity
The app needed to provide the best immersion level by implementing a sharp movement and controls system.

Approach and Solution

Unity engine was an obvious choice for our team, as our team appreciates the combination of graphical fidelity and performance value it provides for creating a solid VR product.

After our client had provided a bundle of HD textures, our 3D artists started creating a multitude of object models to further merge them together and create a solid visual experience while preserving a decent framerate. While making 15 different types of rooms, our team of professionals had to include such assets as bed area, entrance area, show area, and a whole array of furniture. A part of all the functionality can be seen in the demo application available on Google Play and iTunes, the other part can’t be disclosed due to the NDA.

With having 3D models set and done, our team of developers was ready to implement all the key app features to enable closing and opening the doors, teleporting throughout the premises, using the menu, picking preferred rooms and configurations. With the help of C# technology, we have added many ways to customize the hotel areas the way the user would like it to be: choosing the entrance types, bathrooms, the bed size, and other features such as keeping the curtains open, semi-open, or closed. An option of choosing the different color sets also became available, granting further customization when picking a right option, as well as switching between day and night modes to ensure a deeper immersion level, a very crucial factor for a successful VR app.

Given a high priority of VR products' technical performance, our QA team has gone through a meticulous testing and bug fixing stage, swiftly removing technical issues to provide a seamless interactive experience for each user.
Virtual solutions for hotels and tourism

Technical Information

The VR Hotel project was created by a conjunction of 3 developers plus 3 3D artists and took roughly a month to deploy a full product, using such tools as:
Unity HTC Vive Steam VR С sharp 3ds Max


Showcasing a product in VR is not limited by a hospitality industry. With a sizeable movement and customization freedom level, it can also be an effective business tool for multiple purposes, finding its niche in various instances:
Marketing & Advertising
Marketing & Advertising
Construction & Architecture
Construction & Architecture
Media & Entertainment
Media & Entertainment
Tourism & Hospitality
Virtual tour for HTC Vive

Value Delivered

After a complex development stage and internal testing, Program-Ace has delivered a reliable product that could match all the initial goals it had to achieve:
  1. Significantly reduced interior design expenses using VR technology to perform assessments, measurements and room planning in the virtual reality;
  2. Improved internal employees performance reducing the number of human errors in the workplace for planning the hotel design. ;
  3. Provided high-customizability opportunities for overcoming a variety of design challenges;
  4. Established a new way of brand positioning using a VR hotel representation that helps hotel business owners run effective marketing campaigns.


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