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Throughout the decades of its global professional activity, Program-Ace has always aimed at embracing innovations, defying technological challenges, and helping others grow. Therefore, we have become genuinely proficient in delivering top-notch services of any kind to clients all over the world. Web3 development is gradually turning into our priority, so we may help you here as well.

Since this new internet iteration is already drawing near, almost leaning on the back of large corporations, it is a matter of time and investment how long this transition is going to be. That is why you should launch a Web3 project as soon as possible in order to become ahead of the industry, already harvesting the benefits of the internet age while others are still hesitating.

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We're ready to build your dream Web3 product or join your team remotely.

Web3 Development Services We Provide

Web3 Consulting
Web3 consulting icon
If you have never launched any Web3 project, you may lack both practical and theoretical knowledge on how to do that correctly, minimizing the risks. Program-Ace has 30 years of experience behind its back, always taking on the most ambitious projects. That is why here you can get a quality consultation on any Web3 development aspect you are interested in.
Metaverse Development
Web3 metaverse dev icon
Not only can Program-Ace consult you on Web3-related issues, but also our developers are proficient in building metaverses of different scales and types, depending on your business needs. Highly experienced specialists on our team are ready to bring your boldest ideas to life and incorporate them into the metaverse you want to see as a comprehensive virtual world.
Metaverse Development Services
dApp Development
Web3 dapp icon
Our Web3 development company provides all kinds of services in this area, including dApp development, which, just like other similar projects, heavily relies on blockchain integration. Web3 developers at Program-Ace can build a dApp of any type and scale to cover the new needs of your business that emerge together with the advent of the next internet iteration.
NFT Development
Web3 nft icon
There is no denying that the two most evident harbingers of Web3 development are NFT and blockchain. So our Web3 development services may help you take care of NFT integration or build the entire system from scratch for you to reap all the benefits of the new generation of the internet.
Smart Contract Development
Web3 smart contract development
Smart contracts are the foundation of any decentralized application built over a blockchain. Our programmers master all the skills and experience needed to develop smart contracts for your dApp. Metaverses, NFT apps, and other projects you can create in the context of Web3 stand on the pillars of smart contracts, so it is crucial to ensure that they are of top-notch quality.
Wallet Development
Web3 wallet icon
Regardless of the dApp type you wish to develop, you will definitely need a crypto wallet to be integrated with it, inasmuch as this feature lets your users interact with the platform commercially, buying and selling NFT assets via an in-built crypto marketplace. Program-Ace knows this technology inside out, so you can feel confident about its performance and usability.
Web3 Platform Development
Web3 platform icon
Our team can build a unique, custom-tailored Web3 platform that complies with all the industry standards and resonates with your corporate culture, business model, as well as services or products provided. Program-Ace is ready to create a top-notch Web3 platform that will help your target audience receive maximum value from what you offer.
Web3 Integration Services
Web3 integration
Our Web3 app development company prioritizes all the resources allocated to your project in order to ensure the most cost-effective integration. With experience in this field, you can always be confident that your metaverse, Web3 platform, or dApp will run as smoothly as possible without any drops in quality.
Web3 Streaming Services
Web3 streaming
The Web3 paradigm streaming services enable digital content creators to operate transparently, helping them make more profit with a fair share and discarding the copyright issues related to the operation of smart contracts. Decentralization serves as an excellent starting point to make digital content creation more independent, and Program-Ace can help you achieve this for your specific case.
DeFi Development
Web3 defi icon
Decentralized Finance is a new way of thinking about blockchain and fintech. Our Web3 development company has everything you may ever need to finalize a DeFi project of any type. Our team can deploy dApps and other Web3 projects within a reasonable amount of time so that you can make a profit sooner.
Web3 Marketplace Development
Web3 marketplace icon
One of the most beneficial features of a Web3 platform is an in-built marketplace where users can buy and sell NFTs or other items without leaving your virtual world. Smart contracts developed by our blockchain specialists are reliable, secure, and functional, so your users will have a great time taking advantage of all the fruits that the Web3 paradigm offers.

What Industry Are You In?
We Provide Tailored Web3 Development for Any Field

Real estate
Real Estate
Real Estate
Technologies under the aegis of Web3 development services allow you to revolutionize the way to work with real estate and make your processes more secure.
Read more
With the help of blockchain technology, you can increase the output of your educational programs and train personnel more effectively.
Read more
Fashion industry
The fashion industry highly depends on the promotion channels and the way you demonstrate the highlights of your products or services. That is why you can use Web3.
Read more
Sales & Marketing product configurator development services
The way you promote your brand tells a lot about your business. That is why you may want to enhance it using new channels of communication.
Read more
Game Development
Game Development
Our Web3 development services can help you take advantage of decentralization features, like NFT or metaverse, incorporated into your games.
Read more
Selling products online has never been more profitable than in the dawning age of Web3 development. Our specialists can create secure smart contracts to make e-commerce even more optimized.
Read more
Fintech industry
DeFi is one of the most promising niches of the next internet iteration, so we can help you step into it or improve the already-existing product in this area.
Read more
Event industry
The event industry is one of the most susceptible to changes, especially with the Web3 features for your user to get immersive experiences.
Read more
Tourism industry
Travel & Tourism
Travel & Tourism
Web3 development allows you to try out and employ new opportunities of showcasing famous travel sites more immersively, which is a good reason to integrate blockchain.
Read more
Manufacturing industry
If you are looking for new prospects for growth and improvement in manufacturing, Web3 development projects may be an excellent choice.
Read more

Our Engagement Models

Dedicated team

Dedicated Team

If you pick this model, Program-Ace can provide an entire team of developers and other specialists, including PMs and Tech Leads, to work only on your Web3 project.

Team extension

Team Extension

You are offered to select as many specialists in different fields, including Web3, as you need from our team and hire them to work on your project remotely, with your full management.

Project-based model

Project-Based Model

Choosing this engagement model, you outsource the entire Web3 project to our team and rely on our expertise, from time to time, approving some of our actions.

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Our Engagement Models

Dedicated team

Dedicated Team

If you pick this model, Program-Ace can provide an entire team of developers and other specialists, including PMs and Tech Leads, to work only on your Web3 project.

Team Extension

Team Extension

You are offered to select as many specialists in different fields, including Web3, as you need from our team and hire them to work on your project remotely, with your full management.

Project-based model

Project-Based Model

Choosing this engagement model, you outsource the entire Web3 project to our team and rely on our expertise, from time to time, approving some of our actions.

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Let’s Get Started with Web3 Development!

First Contact
Signing the Contract
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First Contact
Once you contact our specialists, we can discuss your upcoming Web3 project in great detail and elaborate on a step-by-step plan that will bring you closer to new heights in business development.
Software Development Outsourcing 15
After our first communication, we analyze your Web3 project requirements, establishing goals and deadlines. This approach will help us avoid mistakes, reduce risks, and maximize the output of each step.
Software Development Outsourcing 16
The plan being created, we estimate the budget and time frame required to finalize your Web3 development project, carrying out an in-depth discovery phase whenever needed to prepare for future work.
Software Development Outsourcing 17
Signing the Contract
As soon as all the preliminary actions are taken, we can move on to negotiate the terms of our cooperation and sign the contract. That will be the official start of our work on your project.
Software Development Outsourcing 18
Now our Web3 development company begins to develop your project, prepare all the assets, elaborate on the system’s architecture, and integrate blockchain technology.

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Why Choose Us for Web3 Development

Experienced professionals icons 1
Expert team

Each of our team members is a qualified, experienced professional capable of closing a particular task while working on your project. When working together, we build the puzzle by filling in the empty niches.

Rapid development icon 1
Rapid development

Program-Ace’s extensive experience and the high number of finished similar projects allow us to abide by the Agile development methodology without either sacrificing the quality of your dApp or putting it in peril.

Customized solution icon 1
Customized solution

Our Web3 development company can help you get custom products crafted to suit even the most demanding audience. Thus, you will end up with high-quality blockchain-based software developed for your needs.

On time delivery icon 1
On-time delivery

The Program-Ace team is aware of the value of time, so we carefully approach planning to ensure that each Web3 development sprint takes as much time as required, providing a finished product within the estimated deadline.


History knows 3 iterations of the internet. The first took place in the early 1990s, marking the advent of static websites interconnected by hyperlinks. It’s now called Web 1.0. The current internet iteration is Web 2.0, which is dominated by large-scale corporations, social media networks, streaming services, subscriptions, messengers, and other software owned by their creators. This approach presupposes that all these resources are owned by organizations.

In turn, this points to the fact that user data, harvested and processed from servers all over the world, is then manipulated, quite often sold, or taken advantage of for other purposes, which, obviously, isn’t the state of affairs that web enthusiasts expect. That’s when Web3 development services comes into play, showing that the internet can be more secure, decentralized, and primarily owned by digital content creators instead of platform owners.

Built on blockchain and powered by distributed ledgers, smart contracts, as well as cryptocurrencies/NFTs, the Web3 internet paradigm hasn’t yet begun to operate in full swing. However, there are already some proto-metaverses, NFT games, and crypto marketplaces worldwide that heavily rely on blockchain technology. Elaborating on a more secure and decentralized way to develop the internet, the proponents of Web3 envision the following:

  1. The AI-driven internet on a blockchain. In the years to come, Web3 enthusiasts promise that the internet will be controlled by artificial intelligence, powered by blockchain technology, and provide the opportunity for users to store their data independently on the public distributed ledger of a certain blockchain.

  2. No human intermediaries for data exchange. Since the internet will be permissionless, meaning no one will need to provide their sensitive information to access a service, online applications will be governed by smart contracts and automated verification systems. Therefore, no human being will be needed to verify a transaction of cryptocurrencies or information between internet users.

  3. Interoperability. Instead of storing data on servers distributed all over the world, the Web3 platform implies keeping all the on the network. So any data manipulations are impossible, inasmuch as each change is to be recorded on the blockchain as well as verified by each part of the network.

  4. Decentralized system. Web3 is expected to work without a single central organization or entity controlling its development. In other words, the distributed ledger system allows decentralized applications (dApps) to be powered by artificial intelligence and blockchain itself based on smart contracts, so there’s no need for someone to operate it manually.

  5. Data ownership. Thanks to cryptocurrencies and the technology behind NFTs, any internet user can effortlessly prove their ownership rights because blockchain never forgets anything. All records are rewritten to new blocks inside a network so that nothing disappears from the system entirely. So if you buy a digital asset on an NFT marketplace, you automatically become its owner, and everyone knows it.

Sooner or later, Web3 will knock on every door in the offices of all companies worldwide. It’s no secret that present-day businesses heavily rely on data. Blockchain technology is already here to revolutionize the way companies run their business. Of course, in the most beneficial way for them and their customers. So how can you benefit from incorporating Web3 into your corporate operation?

  1. Control over data. The good news is that small companies can refuse third-party data mining organizations to collect and store their information. That’s why your activity will no longer rely on third-party involvement, and you won’t have to pay others to collect and analyze your data (for companies that don’t have sufficient resources to do this process independently).

  2. Trustworthy & transparent activity. Web3 comes with decentralization, which, in turn, makes your business more transparent and secure for your audience. Consumer privacy is still a massive deal for modern businesses, and many clients still don’t trust most of the companies they interact with. In contrast, by making use of blockchain, you’ll be able to build more robust, highly secure, and transparent dApps, which is likely to increase your audience’s trust.

  3. Smoother workflows & processes. All the payment information and transactions themselves are verified as well as processed automatically, so your company won’t need to hire additional personnel to take care of these operations. Thanks to smart contracts and distributed ledgers, the payment information of any user visiting your website or opening a dApp will be automatically recorded in the ledger.

  4. More diverse scalability prospects. Blockchain technology facilitates almost endless growth for companies seeking profit. For example, you can turn your traditional app or website into a decentralized one, incorporate an NFT marketplace into it, as well as build an entire metaverse that will combine all your services and products in one virtual world.

  5. Making a profit from transaction fees & integrations. With Web3 projects, you can generate more revenue from transaction fees whenever your users buy or sell NFTs. Furthermore, given you already own a dApp or metaverse, you can partner with other businesses by integrating their services into your environment, which can quickly become another source of income.

In order to clarify the difference between Web3 and the metaverse, it’s essential to provide the definitions of each term. First of all, Web3 implies a decentralized internet powered by decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) and blockchain technology. It’s a broader term describing the new internet iteration following Web2, owned not by companies or corporations but belonging to individual users themselves.

On the other hand, the metaverse is a virtual world containing a broad spectrum of services and products for users to interact with, engaging with dApps as well as each other. Although both terms are quite often misunderstood or even merged, they mean different things, yet sometimes these can be interrelated. For instance, the metaverse can be developed without referring to blockchain technology, but this software will be bulkier and less secure.

Whereas both terms aren’t synonyms at all, the metaverse can be understood as a manifestation of the Web3 paradigm. Still, it’s worth pointing out that the two phenomena are still in their infancy, being almost under construction by a high number of corporations currently building their metaverses or promoting the new internet iteration. Well, the primary reason why even many tech people misunderstand Web3 and metaverse terms is that they aren’t conceptualized yet.

Moreover, even the most ambitious metaverse pioneers like Facebook (Meta) don’t explain what they mean by this technology, at the same time announcing they are about to spend more than $10bn on its development. Nevertheless, one thing is for certain — Meta is unlikely to utilize the full potential of distributed ledgers in order to make their metaverse decentralized.

Just like in other cases, the cost of Web3 app development varies on multiple factors and variables you should take into account in order to start your project optimally. Mainly, before you can calculate your budget and estimate the price for the upcoming Web3 project, consider brainstorming such aspects as:

  • Features. The more features you’d like to add to your dApp or metaverse, the more cost you should prepare because each of them will be added manually. Additionally, the development team will need to plan everything and find a niche in your app’s architecture to fit every feature you wish to implement.

  • Team. The larger the team working on your project, the sooner your Web3 app will be developed, but the cost will increase proportionally. Another variable to consider is team composition. In other words, your employees have to be diversified, and each task must be assigned to a particular specialist. That’s why it’s recommended to refer to a professional Web3 development company providing outsourcing services. This approach is usually more cost-efficient than developing everything in-house.

  • Deadline. As mentioned above, the shorter the deadline, the more the workflow will cost due to emergencies and higher risks.

  • Cooperation model. If you resolve to develop a dApp on your own, it will definitely be more costly compared to putting to good use outsourcing or outstaffing services. More specifically, you should certainly either outsource the entire Web3 project to a reliable technology expert or choose a dedicated team model where you’ll be able to manage an external team of remote developers.

Apparently, the cost of your Web3 development project will depend on these and many other factors. On average, the cost of such software development starts at $50k for low- or mid-range dApps and $100k+ — for more technologically advanced solutions.

Whenever you have the desire to create a new Web3 application, you should undoubtedly consider outsourcing the entire project to professionals like Program-Ace. Still, if you are uncertain about what Web3 development company to choose, here’s a quick guideline:

  1. Brainstorm ideas and come up with a concept for your future Web3 project.
  2. Estimate your budget and concoct a basic cooperation plan.
  3. Think about how you are expecting to use the upcoming Web3 project.
  4. Research the market and find out more about your competitors.
  5. Pay careful attention to the portfolios of candidates and their corporate websites.
  6. Get in touch with the one you consider the most suitable for your project.

Finding the best Web3 development company isn’t a cakewalk, but, after all, let’s be honest. It isn’t objective to call a single company “the best” in all senses. However, you can indeed find the best fit for your project specifically, meaning you are on the same wavelength, and the company you choose has sufficient experience and expertise to finalize all the tasks successfully. Program-Ace can certainly become one of such thanks to extensive experience and time-proven skills.

Program-Ace is an experienced Web3 development company providing a wide range of Web3 development services to help businesses face the new internet iteration well-prepared. We can build any kind of dApp or metaverse aimed at boosting your corporate performance, broadening the audience, and increasing revenue. Throughout the last 30 years of our professional activity, we have been accumulating practical knowledge, experience, and expertise to know the industry inside out.

Getting in touch with us will help you reach your highest goals in the most cost-effective and straightforward way. Our capable Web3 app developers are perfectly aware of how to help you build a powerful, well-optimized, and marketing-oriented dApp that will allow you to face the advent of Web3 with more confidence in the future. Program-Ace, a leading Web3 development company, delivered many dApps and other Web3 projects that are already serving our clients’ users.

Thanks to a broad experience and aspiration to embrace innovations, our Web3 development company keeps its fingers on the pulse to stay abreast of the trends in the tech world. Hence, you can always be sure that your dApp or metaverse will have exclusively state-of-the-art features supported by high-end technologies under the hood. So, of course, Program-Ace can become your genuine technology partner and develop a dApp of any type or scale for you.

Although there are multiple variations and combinations of technologies to use for Web3 development, we’ll discuss only some of the most frequently used solutions employed by our team. Notably, the fundamental technology to build, say, a metaverse includes an engine like Unreal or Unity, Facebook Horizon, some IDE (like Visual Studio Code), etc. In addition, there are a lot of third-party software development kits (SDKs) and plug-ins you may want to use as well.

These being the crucial aspects of our Web3 development tech stack, it doesn’t imply that we limit ourselves exclusively to these tools. In many cases, depending on each specific project and its requirements, the Program-Ace team uses multiple technologies, such as:

  • Unity (for integrating all aspects of your dApp or metaverse in one place and connecting them to the back end);
  • XR Input (Unity’s toolkit for simplifying the use of immersive technology);
  • Vuforia (as an AR framework);
  • Unity Render Streaming;
  • ZenJect (IoC container);
  • Wolf3D (avatar creations);
  • I2 Localisation (multi-language (Localisation) support).

As for the Unreal Engine Web3 development pipeline, we may utilize other technologies. Nonetheless, it would certainly be split into front- and back-end parts in order to ensure that your dApp has all the systems tightened up before release.

For front-end development, we use:

  • JavaScript-based framework (Vue, React, Angular, React-native);
  • HTML;
  • CSS (Less/Sass);
  • Websocket;
  • Web3js.

For back-end development, we refer to:

  • Node.js (PHP, Rust, or other);
  • Solidity;
  • React Native;
  • DocumentDB;
  • MongoDB;
  • Websocket;
  • Auth0;
  • Web3js.

For blockchain development, our team takes advantage of the following:

  • Solidity;
  • Polygon;
  • NFTs;
  • Cryptos;
  • Self-identity authentication;
  • Smart contracts.
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