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Program-Ace is introducing our own metaverse where we embrace the new beginning of our immersive tech journey.

Background Info

We introduce Program-Ace MetaOffice, the ultimate workspace for presentations, collaboration, and relaxation all in one. Host presentations, conference calls, or meetings in this versatile platform designed for PC and VR users. Enjoy complete avatar control via WASD for PC users and a comprehensive VR feature set, including full-body tracking and facial animations when using a microphone.

Display videos or chats in separate windows, and immerse yourself in animated surroundings, visual effects, and soundscapes. Accommodate up to 32 users on a single server. The team is currently working on implementing an AI assistant guide powered by ChatGPT to enhance your experience.

Business Challenges

Platform compatibility
As we worked on this project, our team was busy ensuring seamless integration and user experience for PC and VR users. This approach required extensive testing and optimization to provide equally comfortable functionality across different devices and operating systems.
Another issue to tackle implied designing a system that supported up to 32 users simultaneously on a single server while maintaining high-quality performance and minimizing latency. It was achieved through necessitating robust infrastructure as well as efficient resource allocation.
AI assistant integration
Developing and incorporating an AI assistant guide powered by ChatGPT involves overcoming technical complexities and aligning AI capabilities with user expectations for a smooth and helpful virtual office experience. Our team continues to elaborate on this solution.

Approach and Solution

To create an immersive and seamless metaverse experience, Program-Ace focused on a user-centric design approach, addressing the unique challenges and requirements of PC and VR users. Our team adopted a flexible approach, allowing for rapid iteration, continuous feedback, and ongoing improvements. Collaboration between cross-functional teams, including designers, engineers, and AI specialists, was essential for the project's success.

The breakdown of what we have achieved throughout this project includes:

  • Multi-purpose workspace for presentations and collaborations;
  • Ideal for hosting presentations, conference calls, and business meetings;
  • Real-time environment editing tools allow for importing 40+ 3D model formats, videos, etc.;
  • Compatibility with PC (Windows/Linux) and VR platforms;
  • Comprehensive avatar control and customization using Ready Player Me;
  • WASD for PC users and native VR controls;
  • Capacity to accommodate 32 participants concurrently on a single server;
  • Development of ChatGPT-powered AI guide assistant underway for enhanced user experience.

The Program-Ace team has bridged the gap between physical and virtual workspaces, creating an innovative metaverse solution that fosters collaboration and engagement. Through relentless dedication to user experience, our team has crafted a feature-rich platform that transcends device limitations, promotes global connections, and redefines the future of work by integrating immersive environments and AI-powered assistance.

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Technology Stack

In developing the MetaOffice metaverse, Program-Ace leveraged the Neos platform, a powerful toolset for creating immersive virtual experiences. Neos provides a highly customizable environment, enabling seamless integration of 3D assets, scripting, and networking. By harnessing Neos' robust capabilities, the team crafted a feature-rich, collaborative workspace, delivering cross-device compatibility and fostering innovation in the evolving digital landscape.
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Program-Ace's MetaOffice metaverse targets a diverse audience, including remote teams, freelancers, and businesses seeking innovative collaboration solutions. The platform appeals to professionals across industries who value immersive experiences, seamless connectivity, and cross-device compatibility. MetaOffice's versatility allows users to harness the power of virtual workspaces, fostering global connections and unlocking new opportunities in the evolving digital landscape.
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Value Delivered

Upon project completion, our team established a dynamic MetaOffice system catering to 2 user types: collaborators and innovators. This space serves as a virtual office and a hub for creative ideation within the 3D setting. The final value delivered can be divided into 5 aspects:
  1. MetaOffice enables the creation of numerous virtual workspaces and collaboration scenarios with minimal technical expertise and cost.

  2. The platform mitigates risks associated with remote collaboration by offering a secure, immersive virtual environment for interaction and productivity.

  3. Predefined scenarios and tools streamline user onboarding, providing instant access to essential features and support.

  4. MetaOffice maximizes user engagement through its immersive experience, fostering creativity and innovation in a shared virtual space.

  5. Our platform offers seamless integration with third-party tools and applications, enhancing productivity and streamlining workflows within the virtual workspace.

Introducing Program-Ace MetaOffice!

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