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Program-Ace at VRLA Winter Expo 2016

Created on Wednesday, 27 Jan 2016 22:04:43

VRLA Winter Expo 2016January 27, 2016 - Kharkov, Ukraine - Program-Ace team visited the VRLA Winter Expo, the largest Virtual Reality show.The conference VRLA Winter Expo 2016 was held at LA Convention Center on January 23rd, 2016, in Los-Angeles, USA. Our company was really excited about attending such fascinating event.

The conference was dedicated to the latest innovations and improvements in VR and related technology that were presented by industry leaders such as Crytek, Unity Technologies, Epic Games and Virtuix. In addition, the conference program included the presentation of progressive demos of new inspiring projects for Oculus Rift, Samsung GearVR, and Google Cardboard.

Program-Ace was represented by two Middle and one Senior developers who work on VR-related projects and were thrilled to get some insights about virtual reality trends, modernizations, and perspectives.

Audience and Participants

The VR expo has gathered more than two thousand specialists involved in different areas of Virtual Reality development. All of them have come to witness the latest demos and listen to the reports of representatives from leading VR companies and game engine developers. Among them were presentations of Cevat Yerli from Crytek, Ray Davis from Epic Games, Carl Gallewaert from Unity Technologies and many others.

Exhibitors and Sponsors

Dozens of respectful corporations that develop Virtual Reality applications, world popular VR platforms and industry giants supported the conference and became benefactors. Among them:

  • AMD
  • Samsung
  • Survios
  • 360Heros
  • Crytek
  • Unity Technologies (Unity)
  • Epic Games (Unreal Engine)

Almost two dozens of companies became exhibitors and was responsible for organization part, for instance, Virt, White Elk, Element Era, Puni, Sphericam and others.

Topics Touched Upon

One of the hottest subjects in Virtual Reality at this conference were interaction and controllers of the motion. Besides that, VR experts talked about the following:

  • VR first-person navigation
  • Active VR
  • VR simulators and their issues
  • Mobile VR
  • VR physics
  • social interaction
  • and much more.

In addition, qualified experts shared their thoughts about Virtual Reality perspectives and future development.

We What Learnt Through VR Winter Expo

Being a part of a perspective development niche, such as Virtual Reality, the Program-Ace team has been honored to participate in this extremely important event. The conference pointed out the main difficulties, perspectives and next development opportunities. In addition, our experts received valuable information about upcoming projects on popular Virtual Reality platforms and enjoyed a friendly atmosphere for sharing information.

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